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Continuing the Construction

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Job Details:
Job Name: Rebuilding a Great Nation: Temple
Job Rank:D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP and 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: None
Job Overview: The Great Pharaoh has sent out a call to all able bodied men and women to assist in the reconstruction of the Capitol of Heliohapt. After all, there are only so many slaves and only so much they can do alone. The recent calamity has left half of the city in ruins! Help the volunteers and the slaves make some headway on rebuilding the mysterious Temple.

After three (3) Completions of this job, the temple will be restored to its former condition.

Knowing that the job of rebuilding the temple was no where near done, Kaveh returned the next day to the reconstruction site. As the magician approached the place where the slaves and volunteers were meeting to begin working, he was greeted by the same overseer as the last time. After a short briefing of safety and whatnot, Kaveh removed his cloak and got to work. He, along with a few slaves, started to push the large clay blocks up ramps to where they would be lifted and placed into position. Kaveh knew that, as a magician, he wouldn't be as useful in this part of the job. Without a second though, Kaveh left and made his way towards other black clay blocks to help move.

The black clay blocks interested the magician themselves. Sure, they were just dyed a different color before they were solidified, but Kaveh couldn't understand why. What was the significance of having this temple black? Perhaps it would be something that the red magician would never know. Either way, it was a good thing to keep him around. He wanted to know as much about this temple and its secrets that he could. Of course, Kaveh was like that about most things anyway. Always wanting to know what was going on and why things were the way they were.

Unfortunately, the young magician didn't have time to think about it before he was able to finish his working. He did his duty and continued assist the slaves moving the blocks of clay up the somewhat steep ramps. The sun began to set again and Kaveh stood to the side. He was dripping with sweat from the day of hard work. He wiped his brow as one of the slaves brought a small book up to him. Kaveh gave the booklet a weird look before taking it from the slave. It had strange characters on the front of it and within. He was unsure of the origin of the characters and figured it to be some kind of gibberish. Even so, the magician smiled at the slave and took the book, "Why thank you!" The magician stuffed the book into a pocket, intending to not have any use for it again.

The magician stood up and picked up his cloak. He slowly put the piece of fabric about his shoulders and turned to the overseer. He approached the taller, tanned man once again, hoping to get a bit more information from him. Kaveh stood next to him for a moment, watching as the slaves continued to work by torch light. So THIS is how construction has been going so quickly. He thought to himself. It wasn't long before he looked back up at the man and cleared his throat, so to grab his attention. "So... what's so special about this temple?" The overseer looked down at him and scoffed a bit. Kaveh's facial features was enough to show that he wasn't born in Heliohapt, but his uncertainty of the pyramid put it over the top. "Our Pharaohs are laid to rest here. This temple holds a deep meaning to all of us. It links the living and the dead. It is the home to our gods!"

Kaveh looked up at the man with a bit of confusion. He looked back to the remains of the temple and blinked a bit. If they hold it in such high regard, why did they let this happen to it? Hm... Well I guess that's why they are working so hard to restore it. He thought to himself. Instead of questioning the situation any further, Kaveh thought to return home for the day.
Word Count: 600/500

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