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Odd Jobs Part 1 and 2

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Part 1
Job Overview: The local university is doing an environmental survey in the area and would like you to go out and gather notes on the wildlife and plant life. Take the provided journal and take notes for the university about what you find outside of the city. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded!

Good afternoon students of Helihapt centre university I would like to discuss the university latest course we provide for current students.. we have Deer chopping, militarily tactics, snake charming not to mention our grand mining operations. Kauto was listening from a far as she was waiting to speak to the teacher currently speaking to his class. The teacher was wearing a grey pose like garment made of silk with a cross coming from his right shoulder to the lower centre of the garment. While Kauto was wearing a very basic dress covering her from he shoulders to lower knees with slight red tints and matching sandals. Her Hair was being worn down and was currently her natural brown/black colour she was granted at birth.

Okay kids shoot you know what you have to do... the teacher would make his way to Kauto and compliment her looks "You look lovely" he picks up her hand and kisses it before raising up [Kauto] "Why thank you kind sir...your eyes look fantastic"[Teacher]" I wish, ones a glass fake I lost the first at sea" Kautos face would instantly drop from a really jolly positive vibe of happiness to a quite disappointed look [Kauto]"I am sorry to hear that though em you didn't post a request to discuss pleasantries".

Quite right he would say as he handed Kauto a Journal to document the local wild life and plant life which would be key information for teaching his classes and filling out safety reports of the area. without saying a word she would smile and wander off making her way outside of town not really having a clue where to start. She would end up heading towards the nearest watering hole containing a small pond, three palm tress and a large amount of sand; her goal was to find animals within or using the pond not clocking that a Palm tree is a plant. Suddenly a unknown fruit would drop from the tree bang on her head "OOOH YOU STUPID TREE" she would get up and kick it in response only to her foot.

The beginning of a revaluation had begun in the mind of Kauto as she realised this is a plant ding ding. Instantly she would draw the tree, the fruit smack open the fruit and draw its insides before taking a slob of the insides and place in the corner of the page. she had successfully documented the plant life though their was no sign of actual wild life in the area. After about an hour of waiting she would decide to write down [Primary research failed] and would ask local merchants who travel these lands collecting information about such life. Night is when they truly come out. She had discovered a few key details about wild life through secondary means and documented it as such at which point she would report her findings to the teacher initially. "well today was a bust not a single eye secured" she muttered to herself [teacher] "Well next time I am sure your find some" Thinking she meant not finding any wild life.

word count = 520/500

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Part 2
Job Overview: Since the attack during the Festival of the Broken Sun, there has been an increase in the number of orphans. The children are sad and lonely. Visiting them and cheering them up by making them happy through laughter, singing and dancing, telling them stories, or other means, will be rewarded.

The teacher of the academy had contacted Kauto assuming she was a purely wonderful innocent without presenting any safety risk. given her directions to a local group of Orphans who had lost allot in their life due to the resent attack on the festival of the broken sun. Kauto was delighted to help young children improve their life's. It would take her about twenty five minutes and twenty two seconds to reach the orphans. Most of the orphans were quite young range from 6 to 14 but one was almost 24 years old and seemed was feeding off the benefits of the younger orphans without consideration though Kauto did not know this and she simply started to sing to them not that she was any good at singing.

Once they had all joined in the singing the day had became a large amount brighter for the youngsters which not only made their emotions raise but the local community was enjoying it and supplied money for food as payment. The oldest of the orphans would volunteer to go and buy the food with the money heading off. This is when Kauto saw the perfection of his eyes she would stop him just before he leaves "Your eyes are amazing" [Charly] "Em thank you missy." He headed of very quickly as his stomach had began to rumble. Kauto would shortly suggest to the youngers that she should follow him to help carry the food though her intentions had changed from the kind woman she appeared to be but to the dangerous psychopath insider which had been somewhat dormant throughout the morning of this wonderful day. It wouldn't take her long to catch him up and draw him into a somewhat secluded area before punching him down to the ground trigging a fainting response as she kneeled down to him and started using a spoon to dig out his left eye. The blood start spurting out though luckily for Kauto it went in a different direction. After 20 minutes of hacking at the socket she had successfully removed it but it was two damaged to be of any use ... "such a waste of a perfect eye". She would continue to pick up the food and return the orphans to serve them. Not a single orphan had asked where charly was or showed a shrewd of notice let alone care. Charlies fate did not lay with death but a young wizard would heal him before kidnapping him as a gini pig for experiments

Overall the orphans were happy they had been fed, had a pleasant song and even gain some positive publicity relating to their skill set with the local community opening doors for the future. Kauto had become slightly disappointed due to the failing to secure such a perfect eye it would of made the day so perfect. The day had ended with everyone returning to their slumbers of Heliohapt, exact from the poor old orphan charly who would never remember the woman who started this entire painful journey he was embarking on.

word count 510/500

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Kabuto is having a lovely day lovely evening without a single psychopathic eye craving raising to the service not that she is trying to bury it or anything. When she walks into a local bar field with snake charmers, fighters, random people who think they are cool and the cute bartender though the bartender had the worse eyes Kabuto has ever seen in her life a real turn off. [Kabuto] " Can I get a Pint of the moon shine sir? [Bartender] "If you sit down you might get one... what's a lass like you doing in here anyway" [Kabuto] Sits down as she waits for her drink "am I not welcome ?" [ Bartender] quickly severe Kabuto her drink "No no no we just don't get well females in here is all. [Kabuto] "Well isn't that nice".

an old guy walks into the tavern at first he seems normal without any faults and just orders a drink sitting next to Kabuto [Old guy] "Oi gets me some of your best Rummy tum tum!.. and A WINGMAN FOR THIS LASS" he puts his hand on her butt and squeezes. Kabuto simply moves over a seat so she is out of reach and just drinks her moonshine peacefully. [Old guy] "THIS IS YOUR BEST ITS BATHERIC ...I remember the days when I would look a bartender in the Eye and get RUM, not this sissy shit!" the crowd in the bar had became restless some even throwing insults at the old guy telling him to get lost.

Kabuto wanted nothing to do with this old guy or the people insulting him so she would simply, finish her drink and start making her way out of the bar "I see what you mean now" [Bartender] "I'm sorry its not normally this bad". She would slowly walk out with the intention of simply going her own way since sleep was on her man, but fate had other plans. The old guy would down his drinks and quickly follow her outside. [Old guy] "So lazy you want a bubby ride? if you know what I mean" he was literally drawling over her though she ignored and continued to walk off without a word. [Old guy] "Come on girl just one story and a walk home". Kabuto Lucy Prancer was a nice young woman so she endured the old guy and listened to him talk about the war in Reim facing Koe and how he had seen a young girl control the very blood of her foes. As they approached his home down an empty street; Very dark and dirty street when he would open his eye wide as he leads in to check out Kabutos breasts. [Kabuto] "That is a lovely eye you have ... I want it" she draws her wand and digs it into the corner of his eye hard continuously trying to pry it out of his skull, it would take nearly half an hour for her to get it out intact killing the old guy in the process who had screamed for the full half hour but no one could hear him and even if they did they wouldn't care. Kabuto would leave the corps on the ground to decompose not caring that he was dead. Would no one find the body due to the isolation of his house. "?

word count 555/500


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