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Breaking The Limit[Training]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

As the light from the candle flickering in the room and the sound of the thunder roaring from outside, the rain poured down hard. The black haired girl slowly opened her eyes after a beam of light pierced her eyes; it was the light from the lightning.
“I see you finally woke up.”
Noir surprised by the voice, she saw Rufus, smirking at her while sitting on the chair beside the bed. She quickly observed her surrounding; this is not my room… She paused for a second, then the smell of herbs and medicine made her realized that she was in the ward.
Rufus offered her a glass of water while explaining to her, “You’ve been unconscious for two days, the professor found you lying unconsciously outside the academy with broken ribs and many other wounds, she spent a whole day just to heal you.”
After finished gulping down all the water down to her throat, Noir finally replied, “I’ve been…training…” Noir said to the red haired man, making the man surprised with the sudden explanation from the girl. The black haired girl got down from the bed and stood up, she touched her stomach and didn’t feel any pain at all, and it was already healed. Noir looked for Nero, her wand, and she found it below the desk, placed in a basket. She walked to the nearest window beside her bed while bringing her wand to see the lightning sparked in front of her eyes; the sky was a little dark since the dark cloud had been covering the sun. Noir wondered if she could see the lightning closer at the garden, the gazebo will be a nice place to watch since no one was there right now. Just as she wanted to head out, the red haired man spoke to her, “I assume you will be training some spells now at the garden?” Noir just stared at the man for a few seconds and walked away, Rufus laughed and followed the girl, curious to find out what the girl would do.
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As soon as she arrived at the garden, she ran passing through the rain that was pouring hard. Her clothes became wet but she didn’t mind at all, the hard rain was refreshing for her; she always liked the rain even though it was not as much as her love to books. Rufus followed Noir to the gazebo, still curious on what his junior will do in this kind of weather. The red haired man quickly sat in front of Noir, silently watching her observing the lightning, but slowly looked away when he realized that the girl’s clothes was wet and showing her skin. Rufus quickly took off his red colored vest and offered it to Noir, making sure she took it while saying, “Your skin is showing right now.” Noir took the vest and wore it; she continued to watch the lightning and enjoying the sound of thunder.  
“I trained 2 new spells at The Plains… that was fun…” Noir said, unusually opening a conversation with the man who sat in front of her. The result of her training made her excited; it was the reason why she acted unusual right now. Rufus smiled, he could feel that Noir was very happy with her training even though she said it with a mono-toned voice. “I wonder how you got all those wounds in your training though.”
Noir replied to his wondering thought by sharing her training experience to Rufus, it made the red haired man wondered more about Noir’s mentor. By the story that Noir told him, he assumed that the man must be a strong one. As if he would like to share his knowledge too, Rufus said, “I’ll teach you how to make a stronger version of your Lightning Shard magic spell, that… if you want me to teach you.”
Noir thought that this will be a best time to do another training, so she agreed to being taught by Rufus. She wondered what kind of idea that Rufus will share to her, and when Rufus share Noir the concept, Noir was capable to imagine to further concept of the new spell that she could learn. “After you imagine the concept, usually people tend to find the way on how to cast it. But you can just automatically cast it while imagining the concept; it’s as simple as that.”
Nor started to lift her wand and pointed it to outside the gazebo, closing her eyes while imagining the concept. She remembered that she didn’t need to think hard about the spell, she just had to feel it. Rufus stood up and sat beside Noir, “I’ll guide you.” He touched Noir’s hand, grabbing it gently and started to guide her.

“You should feel the rukh flowing, feel it gathering around your wand…” The wand started to glow a yellow light which was produced by the rukh, “Imagine the shape of the spell, the power and the speed…”  Noir breathe slowly, listening to the voice of Rufus only, concentrating to his guide. “You will be able to feel the rukh slowly growing… and when you can feel it…cast it!”

Noir opened her eyes and cast her spell, the rukh produced 15 bullet-shaped lightning and attack the bush, making it burn by theThunder Bullet spell. The black haired girl couldn’t believe it, the spell was far stronger than the spell she learned before. Rufus released Noir’s hand and smiled at her, signaling his satisfaction to successfully train Noir. “It’s like a bullet; I guess Thunder Bullet will be a good name for this spell.”
Noir smiled back at Rufus, letting out her expression to be seen while saying, “Lame.” It made Rufus surprised as he saw the smile, but he guess that the ‘lame’ saying part really didn’t change from her at all. Noir stood up as the rain slowly stopped pouring down, she took off the vest and gave it back to him, and then before she walked away, she said, “But I’ll use it… I’ll see you next time.”

Word Count: 1016/1000
Trained Ability:

Name: Thunder Bullets
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 1-30meters
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster pointed the wand and spoken the spell’s name, then the rukh will produce 11-15 bullet-shaped which will be 1 meter long and 1 meter in diameter for each bullet that will travel up to 30 meters away at 20m/s and causing B-tier damage on impact when it hit the target.

The black haired girl grunted as she sat up on her bed, it was a quiet, calming night and it was the best time to sleep, but she couldn’t. Noir wondered why she didn’t able to sleep; usually she would quickly go to the dream land soon after she was feeling sleepy. She sighed and decided to read a book as she immediately stood up and took one of the books from the bookshelf, bringing it to her bed and quietly read it.
The book mentioned the story about a human who wished to be able to fly after he saw the bird flying freely at the sky, he was a very miserable man that always been bullied by the townspeople at the place where he lived. The man didn’t have anyone; he was alone, very alone. No one wanted to befriend him as they couldn’t even hear him speak, because of that, no one wanted to hire him to work. He lost his voice since he was a little boy, his mother was the only human who loved him but sadly, she was gone long. The man would scream every night only to stimulate his throat, hoping to get his voice back but his act bore no fruit. One day the man walked up to the hill, the only place where he could get peace. He saw a couple of birds flying happily at the sky, he saw birds almost every day but that day, he got this kind of urge to be like the bird. He wished to be free; if he could fly like the bird then he could go to another place where someone might accept him no matter what. The man cried and prayed faithfully, he wished to Allah so he could fly or just turn him into a bird. After that, the man ran to the cliff while looking down to the roaring current at the sea, he swallowed hard and flapped his hands. He jumped off the cliff, but alas, he didn’t able to fly and fell down to the sea before the stone hit his head. But his prayer came true as he was born again as a bird, flying happily at the sky.
Noir’s wondered if she able to fly too, her wish was not the same as mentioned in the book, but this was Magnostadt, the city of magic. She grabbed her wand which was placed at the desk beside her bed and concentrate, but nothing happen. The yellow magician wondered if she should actually jump from…nah… She was not that kind of risk taker. She started to imagine the rukh letting her fly, granting her wish to be able to fly. Noir started to feel the rukh surrounding her; she could hear the rukh and letting it guide her just like Rufus did before. She imagined the ability to lift herself and then opened her eyes to see the result; she did it as she was floating on the air right now. Satisfaction filled Noir’s heart as she tried to control herself to float a little higher, but due to the lack of control, she float to high and hit her head at the ceiling. Noir giggled happily and opened the window at her room as she flew outside while using the Gravity Lift that she just mastered.

Word Count: 559/500
Trained Ability:

Name: Gravity Lift, Stage 1
Tier: C
Cost: 20 on cast; 10 sustain
Element: Gravity
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: A magician lowers the influence of gravity around their body. This gives them the ability to lift off, hover, and soar through the sky at a maximum speed of 5m/s. They can control the force of gravity around their body at any given moment, able to slow down, speed up, or stop flying completely.

Now that Noir had mastered the Gravity Lift, she could try to train herself to master the Group Gravity Lift. She could lift anyone else if she wanted to by using this spell and it might be useful in the future if she should do any mission with someone else. Noir landed herself on the ground, it still wet because of the rain and she carefully landed there as it was slippery. Noir could feel the cold spreading from her feet to her body; some people would consider her as a crazy one if they saw Noir walking in the middle of the night on the wet ground without any footwear. It was like playing around for her, she didn’t have much memories of her childhood playing around like a normal child except being a slave.
Time to start another training for her, she wondered about how she will create a concept for the new spell. She thought that she will be controlling the people to fly, but it will be a complicated one and will deal her a hard work.  Maybe she could just ‘give’ the ability to fly to someone, but it will be success if the person can control their body to fly.
Noir finally decided to just ‘give’ the ability to fly rather than controlling people to fly as it would be too much work for her. Suddenly she heard a sound from afar and light flickering from the forest, she wondered who was the other crazy person and followed the light. Noir saw the man who helped her earlier, pointing his wand and casting a spell. The man couldn’t seem to get the spell properly as the light keep vanished, he lifted down his wand and looking frustrated. Noir never saw this side of the man before; she thought to leave the place to left him concentrate, but the man spoke, “You can just come out…”
Noir’s body twitched and she calmed herself, not wanting to show that she was surprise. She came out unwillingly and Rufus laughed at her, he knew that Noir was surprised. “Hahaha, as you can see, I’ve been training too. But I still couldn’t cast this certain spell…” He took off his shirt that was wet because of his sweat and took a seat under the tree, he patted the place beside him, signaling Noir to sit beside him. Noir sat down quietly; both of them didn’t talk for a few minutes until Noir broke the silence. “After I cast this spell, you should control yourself.”
Noir concentrate herself and casted Group Gravity Lift, the rukh began to surround both of them and lift them up. The red haired man surprised at the sudden floating, but quickly making himself to get used to it. “You can lift, hover or even soar…” Unfortunately, after Noir said so, the spell wore off. She wondered what was wrong with the spell, then thinking quietly about the problem. “You know, if a problem appears, you should hear what the rukh will say, they will guide you.” Rufus gave her a suggestion.
The yellow magician closed her eyes, tried to concentrate and letting the rukh guide her just like before. She could see the yellow tinted rukh flowing, it surrounded her and whispered to her. Noir slowly opened her eyes and casted the spell, placing her trust at the rukh. The moment she casted the spell, both of them floated.
“I would like to give you back your own suggestion.” Noir said to Rufus as they float, making the red haired man laughed happily, maybe he forgot about it himself. In the end, Noir succeeded to train herself and mastered the Group Gravity Lift, thanks to the rukh and also the advice given by Rufus.

Word Count : 630/500
Trained Ability:

   Name: Group Gravity Lift, Stage 1
   Tier: C
   Cost: 20 on cast; 10 sustain
   Element: Gravity
   Class: Supplementary
   Range: 5 meters
   Duration: Sustained
   Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
   Description: A magician lowers the influence of gravity in a 5 meter area around their body. This gives anyone in the area the ability to lift off, hover, and soar through the sky at a maximum speed of 5m/s. The user can control the force of gravity around their body at any given moment, able to slow down, speed up, or stop flying completely.


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