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Breaking The Limit II [Training]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
The black haired girl tried to move her body, wanting to get up from her bed at the academy but something was not right. She couldn’t move her body at all like something was holding her and not letting go, Noir tried to see what was holding her but nothing was there. Suddenly her surrounding changed from her usual dormitory room into a pitch black color and was completely void. Nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard and she couldn’t even hear her own voice no matter how hard she tried to speak to herself. Is this… the realm of death…? The girl became calm for no reason like someone pushed her button to be calm, but she still couldn’t feel anything instead the silence that invaded from her ears and straight to her brain.

“YOU WORTHLESS TRASH!” Noir’s body twitched by the sudden yell that broke the silence, she was very certain that it was one of her slave masters favorite words. That was not a frightening moment for the black haired girl since she heard that kind of for so many times, but the worst was yet to come. “I rather mutilated you here and sell your meat! You are such a disgust, worthless scum!”

Another voice could be heard, this time was unfamiliar in Noir’s ears. Organ selling was the most frightening one for a slave, if the slave was found death; the organ would not even attached to the body anymore and worthless slaves were usually the victim of that dreadful business. The fear inside her quickly escalated as suddenly many hands showed up, it was not a normal hand as the color was white like a porcelain’s hand and it was very cold like corpse’ hand. The hands started to choke the girl, holding her entire body and not letting it go. As one of the hand was seen holding a small sharp knife, Noir gasped in fear and screamed even though her voice was not out while the hand made its way to cut her cloth, ready to cut open her skin. Noir began to curse mentally, cursing everything that made her suffer like this. She didn’t want to die in humiliation like this, not when she was already free. “Are you… really free?”

“You are a slave… for your entire life.”

No…I’m free… I was… The black haired girl started to questioning her own memories, every memories showed up in her mind increased her disgust and let it consume her own sanity. Curse you… curse everyone… Let everyone be burnt by the lightning strike…!

The blanket was harshly thrown to the floor by the black haired girl, she gasped for air greedily like she never even breathed before. It was the worst dream she ever had and the she could still feel her disgust to everyone, her killing desire emerged from her inner mind. Noir could even feel the satisfaction from her own gruesome thought and decided to create it as her own spell, as well as calming herself in the process. Noir noticed that her sweat made her pajama wet and quickly discarded it on the floor, she didn’t even bother to wear another cloth and sat on her bed while opening the window beside it. Nero lay beside the pillow, waiting until its owner took it and started to pour rukh into it as a media.

The girl started to pour her memories of her own dream to her wand, imagining the people becoming a lightning rod and being hit by the lightning directly. The thought became deeper and disturbing as she tried to suppress her own murderous intention and gripped Nero as tight as she could until her knuckle became as white as the hands that were in her dream before. The shape of that lightning and how it killed its victim was pictured very clearly in her mind, it made her shuddered to had a thought like that as the color of the lightning itself was not normal or black, it was crimson. Is that…the manifestation of my own insanity…?

Her heart began to beat faster because of her own thought; her fingertip started to trembling hard and the rukh around her whispered something to her and produced a small amount of red colored electricity around her wand. She couldn’t control the electricity as it grew into a large amount of electricity and electrocuted her hand, but she kept holding the wand until her skin pores dripped blood. “Ughh….” Noir grunted while bearing the pain and trying to keep controlling the electricity, “Damn… just… OBEY ME ALREADY!”

As quick as Noir yelled at the violent rukh, the once uncontrolled “beast” now was tamed and behaving properly by letting out a small amount of electricity. The black haired magician slowly whispered to the rukh and let them grew the same crimson electricity, making it easier to be controlled. She pointed at the nearby pine tree and whispered to the rukh once again to unleash its power, at the first try, the crimson electricity didn’t even scratch the tree. Noir closed her eyes and whispered again to the rukh in an audible voice, “Obey me… fight with my side…Parafulmine!

Crimson lightning strike that letting out a blinding flash struck the pine tree and burnt it completely, but that magic was consuming much magoi and made Noir panted heavily. The spell could be used to kill someone once she strengthen it in the future and the slave masters were the perfect target for this spell, but Noir didn’t like that. Killing people was not her first choice, but she would kill if needed.

“Look! The pine tree is burnt!”

Suddenly a voice appeared from nowhere, not sure where the voice was coming from, Noir quickly close her windows and blow the oil lamp off. Hoping no one didn’t notice that she was the one who burnt the pine tree so she wouldn’t get into any trouble tomorrow, then again, she was pretty happy by being able to learn a new magic. The only think she didn’t satisfied was about her dream before, she was not a slave anymore, she was free like a bird, but why that dream showed up again… after five years ago when she decided to accept her fate as a slave.

WC : 1056/1000
Ability Trained:

Name: Parafulmine
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster will produce a 1 cm in diameter and 15 meters long lightning strike that descend downwards to the target up to 30 meters away at 20m/s inflicting B-Tier damage.


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