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Thordur stranded in reim

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Thordur was boarding a boat in balbadd, but after paying the huang for the trip he learned that the boat was supposed to go to other places first, however he was told that the boat was only supposed to go to Reim which was where he was supposed to get medicine for his quite extreme motion sickness and since they were the most technologically advanced that was basically the only place he could get medicine for its. Soon after hearing this however Thordur became outraged and smashed and broke a ton of things, Maybe he shouldn't have done that because he only ended up paying for those things, still quite pissed Thordur decided to go take a rest and fell asleep almost instantly. Soon after Thordur woke up he had a massive pukefest due to him bieng motionsick, but that did not stop him also it was thanks to the pukefest that he barely ate anything during the trip and spent most of his time in his quarters sleeping. Upon arriving Thordur hurried as fast as he could to the apocathaery but when he arrived and asked for the medicine, they actually had no medicine for motion sickness and so thordur became outraged once again breaking and brawling tons and tons of things and ended up bieng knocked unconscious in an alleyway by his own stupidity, but thankfully however when he woke up he still had all his money and stuff and nothing was gone. Very pleased with the results thordur decided to go back to the ship but the ship had already left him and he was later told that the ship would not come back because they were scared of him since someone had spread "rumours" about him breaking and brawling things and so thordur started raging once again and made nobody want to take him on a ship and so he was stranded in the city reim unless he wanted to walk all the way to balbadd which was certainly not possible since he couldn't walk on water. Thordur soon heard of the coliseum and decided to go and visit and maybe watch a match since he heard that there was a famous somebody fighting in the arena soon only to hear that there was already a match and the only tickets left would cost a fortune which was what he was told so it made him quite saddened but instead of raging he went to an inn and drank himself till he was completely drunk and passed out with the same results as earlier which made him lose nothing thankfully.
The day after he went to the coliseum again to watch some fights, there were two males fighting and they had two blades each one even had a pet, Thordur liked normal animals and quite disliked when they were killed, but sadly the fight ended with the man that didn't have a pet won, but when the man who owned the pet died, the pet went berserk and and attempted to kill the man, but the man simply stabbed the animal in the throat before it had the chance to injure him. Saddened after the unexpected developement, He decided to try and get a job, to cheer him up however it seemed that it was harder then normally in this city after all by the looks of it, it seemed that some funny events were happening. but then he got an idea to attempt to get a job as a beast tamer tamer apprentice but "no you're not ready" was the only answer he got from there. So after hearing that Thordur became quite sad and decided that he would someday get a pet of his own that he could nurture and become friends with but for now he realised he had to train himself for he wanted to become a "great fighter and pet tamer" and so he went every day to the coliseum barracks to train but sadly there were more difficult times ahead then he had realised.

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Thordurs vault

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