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Tying Up Loose Ends

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Axel Rover

Axel Rover

'I am coming for you Samuel,' thought Axel as he paddled his ship towards the country of Reim. Axel had never been outside of his home continent, but he believed that the situation at hand called for it. In his eyes, revenge meant everything, even if you have to give up the place you grew up in. not like Axel exactly had a good time in Zou. His whole life he had to fight for survival, and the fight sure was harsh. So harsh, he lost a mom, dad, and a sister. He even got betrayed by his on brother. Axel could never forget the day that Samuel left his crew for dead, including Axel, who was the only one to survive. Axel had no ideal why Samuel would do what he did that day, but all he knew is that his brother had to pay for what he did to him, and that meant death.

Axel only knew what Reim was like from books, and that was not much. He was basically going in blind. The only reason he rushed onto a raft boat was because he heard rumors that Samuel was in Reim. Of course, there was no way Axel could know that his brother was in Reim for sure. He could be in Heliohapt, making this a wild goose chase. Axel still would search everywhere though, before he moved on to the next country.

It had been days in the sea for Axel, and he was sure that he was getting close to the country. He was running out of food supplies. His stomach started to grumble, so he went into his bag and grabbed a snack, then proceeded to eat it. 'Man, I wonder what kind of food they have in this country. I will eat it all,' Axel thought, then formed a smile on his face. After a few more hours, Axel could finally see Reim. 'Finally! Samuel, you better run, become I am here!' Axel thought, laughing maniacally at the thought of how he would cut up his brother with his sword. Another half an hour, and Axel was at a dock that led him to the plains of Reim.

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