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Making Ends Meet [Job/D-tier/Private]

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Job Details:
Job Name: The Purse Snatcher [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A man with features of Reim has targeted a woman from Kou, taking her money and belongings after he bumps into her. She calls out for help, and points to the man.

You may:

Obtain the valuables by capturing the Purse Snatcher or forcing him to drop them in order to run away. The Kou woman will thank you profusely, providing you a reward as a token of her gratitude.

Enemy Name: Purse Snatcher
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Purse Snatcher has a knife used to deliver D-Tier damage.


Help the Purse Snatcher escape the City Guard by incapacitating or killing the guard that attempts to apprehend him. Regardless of whether you dislike the presence of Kou people in Reim, or if you simply want to help a thief out, the Purse Snatcher shares with you a portion of his 'earnings' in gratitude for your assistance.

Enemy Name: City Guard x 2
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

When one finds themselves having been away from work for awhile they often find themselves a bit rustier than they were before, and for Nicor that was no different. He had spent too much time away from home, he had gone to Kou during the war hoping to make money but instead found himself returning home after a couple of years after the war having been lost in a high stupor. After he had received a letter from his mother asking how things were going he finally forced himself on a ship home and found himself living in a shack near the harbor, deciding not to move back in with his mother to motivate himself again. it was weird to be back in Deumania, his home region in Reim, it had felt different but so did everything when has spent so much time without growing, like he had been stuck in the same place he had been before he ever decided to go out into the world.

Hoping to make more money and get himself back into shape he started picking up jobs around the region, traveling when needed but trying to stay within a day or two's travel of either his own home or his mother's. This was rehabilitation of sorts and he needed to get himself back on track, but he couldn't risk putting himself in a scenario where he couldn't retreat to safety.

However, he was extremely lucky with the job he had this time as it happened to be near the port he called home. A purse snatcher has been heard to be prowling an area, and while he wasn't directly hired he knew that if he stopped them he could make some money off of catching him.

Now Nicor was leaning in an alleyway watching as people walked by through the night market or were on their way home, his crossbow was in his hand as he seemed ready to burst into action when it was needed, even as he spoke to himself. "Petty thieves, don't they know it's easier to get money from the rich by charging ridiculous prices for your services."

Though as he spoke to himself he would not break his focus from a Kouen woman who just entered his sight, and what looked like a robed man trailing her despite his efforts to seem like he was just going the same direction. The way he slithered and matched pace to keep within eye distance but also stay just out of vision, he might've been rusty but he would never lose his tracker's eye.

It was as he started to move that he saw the thief make his move as he rushed in pushing the woman and taking her purse before he started to run into Nicor's direction. However, as he saw the towering man slip out of the alley he suddenly turned heel before he could notice that he was brandishing a crossbow. The thief ran and kicked the lady as he jumped over her and Nicor just scowled as the noise left his ears and all he heard was the sound of the hunt, the crossbow bolt clicking into place as he got ready.

"Sorry bud, but despite my size close range isn't what you should be worried about, but I'll still deliver a stunning blow, I promise you that." He spoke with a soft chuckle to himself as he got down onto one knee and pulled back the string an additional notch as he prepared a stronger shot, holding for a moment as silence filled his ears and his eyes lined the sight until, finally, he fired an Overdrive shot. The firing of the crossbow cutting through the air as the loud noise of the firing mechanism would fill the air and alerting the purse-snatcher too late as the bolt pierced his leg knocking him to the ground.

As the sounds of gasping citizens and the cries of the wounded criminal brought Nicor back into the world around him he laughed to himself again as he approached the stolen goods. "You know I'm sorry it had to be this way, but one of has to get paid, and I'm the one who brought a ranged weapon."

With his final taunt, Nicor grabbed the goods and brought them over to the Kouen woman who he explained that she should follow him to the guard barracks so they can turn this guy in and so that she could possibly pay him for his services.

Post details: Chose to fight Purse Snatcher, took down with C-tier ability damage from overdrive ability.

WC: 755/500

Stamina: 80/100
Magoi: 100/100

Ability used:
Tier: C
Class: Ranger
Type: offensive
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must get down on knee, or into some other position and focus the shot before firing. Takes more time then normal to load and prepare.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina - 10 to sustain

    Nicor gets onto one knee and pulls back the string normally before slowly pulling back to a specialized notch which takes some effort before loading and firing a bolt with much more force than a normal arrow to travel 20 meters to hit a target and deal c-tier piercing damage

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