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Pirates Don't Leave Loose Ends. [Job]

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Julius Virgil

Julius Virgil
Job Details:
Job Name: Reliving Glory Days II/II [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Special Condition: One of the party members must have completed the first Job in this chain.
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Chain Reward 2,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The Old Drunk Man is at it again, but this time it's different. He knows the people were afraid of the Kou man, and he knows that's why he was kicked out of the Tavern the prior time. His stories all relate to imaginary fights against the Kou, and their cowardliness in battle. This clearly agitates the Kou soldier. Shortly after you enter the Tavern, you are there just in time to hear the man insult the Kou soldier directly, and a brawl erupts.

Help subdue the Old Drunk Man, who started the fight by agitating the soldier, and remove the Old Drunk Man from the tavern once again. The Tavern owner apologizes for getting you involved, and rewards you in a show of gratitude for taking care of the situation. The local City Guard can take care of the Old Drunk Man from there:

Enemy Name: Old Drunk Man
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
The Old Drunk Man is not as drunk as he pretended.
The Old Drunk Man moves at a speed of up to 9m/s.
The Old Drunk Man has picked up a chair, which he is using to deliver B tier blunt damage.
Stone Cold: The Old Drunk Man brings his chair down across the head of his opponent, dealing B-Tier damage at 20 m/s.
The Smackdown: The Old Drunk Man swings his chair about him 4 times at 20 m/s, hitting whomever is trying to stop him from attacking the Kou Soldier and dealing D-Tier damage with each hit, B-Tier damage if all hit the same target.


Help the Old Drunk Man in taking out the Kou soldier. You don't like their kind in these parts, and it's time to show them just how welcome they are here. Once you're finished with the Kou Soldier, help the Old Drunk Man escape back home before the guards get there. As a show of appreciation for helping him out, the man gives you a small reward.

Enemy Name: Kou Soldier
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
The Kou Soldier moves at a speed of up to 9m/s.
The Kou Soldier has a longsword, which he is using to deliver B-Tier cutting damage.
Soldier's slash: The Kou Soldier slashes at his opponent, dealing B-Tier cutting damage to the opponent.
Soldier's Parry: The Kou Soldier parries up to 2 attacks from his opponent, defending against an added total of B tier damage.

Equipment Brought:

Pirates Don't Leave Loose Ends. [Job] Giv6k6x
Name: Sakurajima Edge
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Lava (Heat + Strength)
Appearance: The entire sword is made of obsidian, but magma still glows inside of the weapon, as if it were confined to the sword's shape. The blade itself is about 0.91 m (3 ft) long, 7362 cm wide, 1.27 cm thick in the center, and is sharp on both sides. The magic circle is located at the tip of the blade, inside the glowing magma.

  • Molten Slash - The magic weapon is activated whenever the user feeds magoi into it. Once activated, the lava inside the sword consumes the blade and the user is capable of throwing lava .5m in thickness from the blade up to 8m away if swung in an arc, dealing B-Tier damage to anything hit. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

"Congratulations Julius," was displayed across a yellow linen banner. The pirate, in his time in Reim, had acquired a massive amount of friends with little enemies. He'd helped the community a whole lot and was well known within the city. In the King's Row Tavern, his temporary home, people from all around the city gathered and prepared a large-scale surprise party for Julius. They'd all watched him win a coliseum match. They were proud. Augusta, the tavern barmaid and owner’s daughter, set the little good-bye party up, knowing Julius would be travelling to Kou.

Julius himself had been walking home from some hard labor. His body was sore and his feet hurt like hell. The walk back to inn from the port was long and tiresome, and there was a higher chance than usual that he'd be robbed. His calloused hands were dug into his cloth woven pockets as he trotted down the street. Upon turning the corner that the inn had been on, he didn't hear a whole lot of commotion. Which was surprising since the inn had been a commonplace for the townspeople as soon as they knew Julius had lived there. He knew something must've been up. The people weren't usually quieted down by Augusta until the moon was high in the sky.

The pirate was quick to be suspicious, and expected something worse than what he got. As soon as he entered the front door, a loud cheering was heard. Julius returned all the smiles and laughs he got. The tavern was suddenly full of commotion. Julius truly had a good time for the time being. The Kou soldier, the merchant, and even the ship captain even attended the party. Everyone was having a good time, until someone came through the door. A familiar face, yet not a liked one in this tavern. He didn't look healthy, but he was suited up in a thick armor set. His sword at the ready. The Reim soldier, not so drunk anymore,  effectively stopped the party with the kick to the door, breaking the wood that held it close.

"Where's Julius?!" the soldier with a thick rasp. Everyone stopped drinking their beers to the yelling. The pirate however had two women on his lap, beer running down one of their chests, and him using his tongue to like the alcohol off of h- you get the point. Julius was frozen for a moment. He didn't expect this. The merchant and the ship captain both stood up, both having hands on their swords, ready for some swordplay. Augusta, the barmaid was quick to rise and walk towards the soldier. She put a hand on his shoulder and stated a quiet yet sober, "Sir, you need to leave."

The soldier from Rein growled and raised a fist in anger. With a swift punch, the soldier put Augusta onto the ground. Caesar was furious, he almost had a heart attack right then and there. The barmaid clearly was given a black eye. Both, the ship captain, and the merchant drew their swords and were ready to attack, but Julius threw a kitchen knife at the floor in between them. It stuck up, and wiggled against the wood, making an irritable noise. They both looked back at the pirate curiously. Julius made a little signal and waved them off. They both got the memo and sheathed their swords, waiting to see how he’d handle this situation. They didn’t sit down however.

"I thought I left you in the streets, why don't you stay where I left you like a good dog?" Julius responded, putting the girls off of his lap and onto the chair he sat on. They both gave him worried looks as he threatened the man.

"It's time to fall Julius, you've humiliated me," the soldier shouted at the top of his lunges.

"I didn't humiliate you, you humiliated yourself." To that, the soldier picked up an empty chair and charged Julius with it. Everyone stood up and watched with worry as the man tried to smash the salty dog’s head in. The pirate smirked as he dashed to the left, making the soldier miss his strike. The soldier however doesn't give up and charges Julius once more, taking another swing. The pirate was smarter than to get hit by such a basic attack. He dodged the second strike only to lead the Reim soldier directly into vision of the Kou one.

The Reim soldier was quick to change his target. He charged once more, this time towards the soldier from Kou, who’d been leaning against the wall, drinking a beer. With a roll, he dodged away in time. The drunkard was angry that he’d missed so many swings. The chair actually got embedded into the wall after putting so much power into that last swing. In his bloodlust, the soldier forgot he’d had a sword that he could pull at any time. Not taking any chances, Julius drew both swords of his swords from his hips. Someone having their back turned in the middle of combat was too much of an advantage to give up.

Julius raised his lava-core sword and gave the open back of the soldier a wide slash, straying from his shoulder to his hip. The sword however, so hot, automatically cauterized the wound. It was deep enough to be fatal, but the soldier pulled through. The soldier yelled in agony as he dislodged the chair and performed the smackdown, knocking Julius away as a chair leg hit him in the chest. The pirate landed upon the floor. Which the soldier took advantage of and charged him. Julius made a split second decision and held his sword straight up and prepared to thrust it in a final attempt. The soldier from Reim, however, stupidly, ran straight into it, piercing him straight through the heart. His dying words were, “Curs-ss-se you… p-p-pirate.”

The crowd all started murmuring incoherently, looking to see if Virgil was dead. Julius answered that question quick.

“I’m alive!” reassured Julius as he pushed the dead body off of him and stood up. The crowd went silent for a couple seconds. They all cheered afterwards. The Kou soldier was nice enough to take the soldier out of the inn and throw the carcass in the garbage, where he belonged.

"Julius!" The old man yelled from the crowd. "We all have a gift to give to you for helping us in these times after war, thank you for your service." Caesar got up from the stool he sat on and approached Julius with a big bag of Huang. The pirate grinned in joy. The people all gave wide grins to old Caesar.

"I humbly accept," Virgil rejoiced as everyone cheered and started drinking. The rest of the night was peaceful, and tomorrow, the pirate would leave for Kou. Everyone left in Reim would hopefully be okay by the time he got back. He was ready for anything and was prepared to take the second step to complete his dreams. One day, he would be a respected king, and no one but lady death would stop him. For now, however, a couple beers would do.


WC: 1000/1000
Stamina: 235/235


Pirates Don't Leave Loose Ends. [Job] Untitled_by_sharandula-datjae3
Pirates Don't Leave Loose Ends. [Job] L_BLx42_O

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