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A Sacrifice [Solo/Request]

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Farah woke up early that day. It was indeed a pleasant morning. The sun of the Heliohaptian desert shone brightly and firmly up above in the skies, watching over the city as a mighty colossus. The red haired Fanalis woke with a single purpose in mind. He had been wandering throughout the whole city the day before, knowing the streets and people, asking for anyone who might have a job that he was able to help with. He heard about the usual ritual sacrifices by the Black Pyramid priests and priestess. Superstitious as they were, the people of Heliohapt had one of the most religious culutures, worshiping the gods of sun, death and life between others. He didn't care though about the beliefs of the people that the pharaos of Heliohapt believed, all he believed in was in money and the power that gets you money.

He made up his way throughout the crowded streets full of vendors, travelers, caravans and merchants. The bazaar was a place always blooming with activity, and just the day before he had proven this right. The young adventurer spent the entire day squandering the riches he had obtained as a gladiator of the Coliseum in Reim. He had to admit he hadn't had that fun since a long time. He met particular people he liked, the black haired man called Raizel and the red headed young Fanalis that rode a humongous beast. It was a pretty interesting pair of fella, and he certainly hoped they would see each other again.

When he finally reached the enormous landmark, he had to take a breath before such an splendid work of architecture and engineering. The Black Pyramid was a building that certainly seemed to be constructed by the gods themselves. All in all, the construction was breathtaking. Farah made a mental note to come and visit the place to learn more about it. It was true that the Fanalis was typically hot-headed, but he never missed an oportunity to learn more about the world. Finding the priests, they told Farah that the sacrifice they needed was a really agressive species of crocodile that lived near the place. They were the fearsome desert crocodiles, whom were able to kill humans as easy as a man eats bread. Either way, the priest told Farah they had developed a powerful poison over the years. He gave it to Farah as he immediately embarked to find the beast. It was not difficult finding an isolated crocodile, and Farah simply coated his scimitar with the poison. From what he could observe of the beast, he was still faster and stronger than it. Some said Fanalis were beasts, well, this would be a battle of them.

Dashing at 15 m/s towards the animal Farah instantly swung his blade like a lightning bolt as soon as it reacted to the threat. The scimitar slashed through the crocs jaws spreading the poison all over his system. It was clear that the drug was strong, as it immediatley slowed down the animal. What a let down... Farah hoped this would be fun for at least a while. Backfliping to its back Farah powerfully kicked the croc in the ribcage, managing to make it faint.

He easily rose the beast with one of his arms as he sheathed Kaysir Al-Fiqar. He took the beast to the temple and got his reward.



Name: Song of the Shah
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: Upon reach of a target, the user attempts to strike any given part of the victim at the rapid skill of 15 m/s, dealing C-Tier damage in the process.
Kaysir Al-Fiqar:
A Sacrifice [Solo/Request] ObW6Hmq
Name: Kaysir Al-Fiqar "Destiny's Victor"
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Sword
Appearance: Kaysir Al-Fiqar is a masterfully forged long curved sword, falling into the classification of scimitar. The hilt is 30 cm. long whereas the blade itself extends up to 1.20 m. of length, being thin of width in overall, not widder than 6 cm. Kaysir Al-Fiqar's has a beautifully decorated hilt showing the mastery of metalwork done during its creation.

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