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Down with the Flu [Solo/Request]

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Farah couldn't quite understand his state of mind in those moments. It was weird how his ruthless self had seemingly disappeared for that day, almost as if someone had pressed a switch that turned off his more aggressive and beastly persona. Either way, Farah was on some sort of community service spree... something that could be seen by some like a sort of atonement of sins, or simply a way to make up for the bad deeds he had done in the past as a way of therapy. Nevertheless the red haired Fanalis felt in the mood of helping people that day. He had just visited an orphanage full of children that had little to no visitors. The concept of orphans was something that made quite the impact on Farah's subconscious since he was made an orphan youn in his life. Both his parents were killed before his eyes over unfair statements, leaving the little Farah parentless into the world, ready to face it as a slave. For his good or bad luck, Farah was taken tot the Coliseum of Reim, instead of a mine to work opressed under an authoritarian leader. Instead, he had to fight every day and kill for his life.

Never mind that, the day was simply just too beautiful to let it go to waste with pointless thoughts of the past. This time he wanted to make something useful and good for humanity at the least. After he left the orphanage, the young fanalis male saw an advert pasted in the wall of an old house. The reading said like so: "I am in need of a strong young man that helps me with an ore shipment. Curse my luck, I am sick and cannot go there myself. A reward will be given to the one that does the devilery for me" The weird paper had an address beneath that, most likely showing the place where the writer lived. Farah used whatever he knew from his limited knowledge of Heliohapt to reach the old and rusty home. It was clear that an old man lived here, or at least a very lazy adult.

Farah's guesses weren't off, as he saw the old man sitting on his chair dripping from his nose like a water faucet. "Come over here young man... I need to see if you're fir for the job" This sounded weird for Farah, since the job didn't quite needed of much requirements if an old man such as him was capable of performing it. "Yes, yes, you will do. Here. Take this map of the place. Get the ores and come back for the delivery, this flu doesn't let me go to work" Farah simply nodded. There was not much he could actually say to the man. Either way, he readied the elder's horses and traveled towards the location in the small cart. After a couple of hours and a broken wheel Farah made it to the place. Thanks to his Fanalis strength he filled up the cart with ore rapidly and effortlessly, coming back to the man to claim his reward.


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