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Rumors to the North [Travel]

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez
When Diego and Trixie arrived, Ishaq was waiting for them, smoking his pipe with a sad look on his face. "Hello, my friend. I see from that determined look on your face that you are ready."

Diego was stunned, he hadn't told anyone his plans yet. "How did you know?"

Ishaq chuckled and ran his fingers through his greying hair, "I think with all the training you did teaching Trixie to read your body language, I picked up on a few things." His expression sobered, "So, when do you plan on leaving?"

Diego looked from Trixie's anxious face to Ishaq and a sad smile settled on his face, "I was hoping we could leave in the morning."

Ishaq nodded, "I'll meet you in the morning, then. I'll be outside the inn with my buggy." He pointed to his shop, "If that's your plan, then we can say our farewells tomorrow, my friend. I'll have to finish a few orders before the morning, now." Diego's regret to ask such a favor leaked into his face and Ishaq dismissed it with a wave, "Don't worry, I do this for you."

Diego nodded and clasped the man's arm, "Thank you. I'll see you in the morning."

The rest of the day was spent saying good-bye to his friends. Diego was sad to have to leave the nice people he had met during his time in Heliohapt, but he planned to come back. The hardest goodbye was Ella. She wrapped herself around Trixie and begged Diego to leave the tiger with her, which broke Diego's heart. Trixie nuzzled Ella before giving the girl's cheek a lick and sitting by Diego's side, telling her she had to go.

Ella burst into tears as she walked up to Diego, kicking him in the shin. "MEANIE," she screamed, before going to her room and slamming the door behind her.

The next morning, Ishaq was good to his word. He arrived to the inn at first light, Diego thought it looked like the man hadn't slept. Diego threw his pack in the back of the wagon and hopped in taking a seat by Trixie. It was a sad ride to the port and Diego spent the time contemplating his decision. Ishaq made small talk with a distant look in his eye. It was a sad ride, but as they arrived into the town, he resolved himself. Trixie seemed to have a hungry look in her eye, ready to adventure and find what they had been training for. She helped him remember that it wasn't just him in this, it was both of them together. Diego smiled and ruffled the fur on her head, letting his hand idly scratch her. They had agreed to follow this road and he would keep his word.

With a final hug, Diego and Trixie boarded the ship. Ishaq waved, watching the ship drift out to sea. Diego waved until the man was too far away to be seen and made his way to the front of the ship where Trixie sat. An eye to the future and Trixie by his side, they began their next chapter together.



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