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Garret Kires

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Name: Garret Kires
Tier: D
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Hetero.
Age + Birthday: 19, 1st of June
Nationality: Zou
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence. Water type.

Personality: While normally outwardly friendly, at heart Garret does not have sympathy for others. It is his belief that everyone should take matters into their own hands, and that those who don't naturally deserve the hand they are given. Furthermore, as a consequence of his belief and lack of sympathy, he has developed a cruel nature over time. This most often manifests in his willingness to overlook starving children on the streets, wounded citizens needing assistance and other such situations. In few cases, his cruelty extends outside a passive nature and takes the form of a more aggressive manner where he might actively commit an atrocity, though this rarely shows and he does so only to further an objective. At times, Garret has shown an interest in guiding those who have also begun to fight against the oppressive nature of the White Rukh. He is still unsympathetic, however, and as such it is fickle on whether or not he wishes to show such guidance.

Towards those that earn his ire, Garret keeps a mental list of. While he focuses on objective based goals for his ambitions, he will take the opportunity to 'get even' with somebody who has slighted him if it does not create a conflict that would hinder his over-arcing goals. This could possibly equate to him holding a grudge for a long period of time until the time came that he was in a position of power where the other's influence did not matter.

Likes: Garret is fond of those who are independent, especially in cases when they are able to use a position of power to enforce their beliefs. This is simply due to the nature of such individuals conforming to how he believes the world should be.

He likes power itself, and the idea that surrounds it. Though this feeling borders on desire, it is not something that blinds him to his environment.

He has become fond of seeing others steel their will and fight the destiny of White Rukh, rising to take responsibility for their own lives.

Garret enjoys food, though traditional Zou food is his favorite. When he was younger, food was an issue, and he has all the more appreciation for it now.

Dislikes: Being lost, whether it is in a conversation, in travel or in what to do. Garret's strong belief in guiding and controlling his own destiny in life has made him dislike being lost, and uncertainty in general.

In much the same vein of thinking, faulty equipment and, more specifically, those that sell it have a particular spot in Garret's heart. It's not a warm and fuzzy spot, either.

Occasionally there will be those who do not choose to fight the destiny of White Rukh, but still beg for assistance. That type of reliance on others disgusts Garret.

Phobias: Garret's strongest fear is being in an enclosed area with others. It is more than simple claustrophobia, and stems from when he was younger. Due to a trauma he suffered at the hands of his uncle, the thought of being in closed-in space makes Garret feel uncomfortable. A normal sized room is not such a problem, but if it is possible to avoid the situation he will.

A much more minor fear would be his fear of warriors. While it is not enough to cause him pause, he takes their abilities seriously.

Aspirations: With the final goal of being the master of his own fate, Garret is always seeking to climb to the heights of power. Garret aims to explore his connection with his Rukh, and the strength and skill in which he can use it. His intentions are to gain authority and trust with The True Emperor, Gao Yuan Zu. With that trust, he intends to make a judgement on whether or not he should go further with his ambitions and ultimately aim for the Zou throne.

Face-Claim: Mephiles the Dark by Orin, an artist.
Weight: 77kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'10 (179 cm)
Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh
Special Traits: Garret looks rather plain, beyond any ceremonial outfit he might wear. It would be easy to say most people forget about him, unless he had done something particularly memorable.
Appearance: Garret has a small build, and looks fairly nondescript. While he is wearing clothing from his homeland, the Empire of Zou, he stands out due to the type of cloth and the looks that are drastically different. As such, in public he most often wears clothing from the country he is in. If concealing his identity is necessary, he will also use a cloak with a hood. When Garret walks, he does so at a steady pace while keeping his head level. There are those who look down while walking, but Garret only looks to the ground in order to make note of his surroundings.

History: Garret's story begins when he was just a young child, a story he was too young to remember. His parents were believed to be a part of a dissident group within the Empire, and were slain. As such, his uncle took Garret in while he was still a child unable to speak. Takegawa Ushio, Garret's uncle, was a man of few scruples and often partook in drinking. During this time, Garret was known as Takegawa Iatsu.

Iatsu never knew his parents, and due to this he was never truly bothered about the circumstances that lead to his parent's death. His uncle would never let him forget, however, who it was that had killed his parents; the Emporer Dao Shi Zu and his soldiers. Ushio often became enraged for reasons unknown to Iatsu, and often took it out on Iatsu. As Iatsu grew older, Ushio's drinking habit became worse and worse, though strangely the physical beatings began to decrease. In exchange, he began to switch between verbally abusing Iatsu, or warning Iatsu about Dao Shi Zu. During these years, Iatsu learned to hold back his tears and retain his poise. Instead of becoming wary of the Emperor, hatred began festering in him against Ushio.

One night, Ushio came back late in the evening, smelling of alcohol. He was obviously worried, but when he looked over to Iatsu, a strange look came to him. Ushio walked up to Iatsu and slammed him to the wall before hoisting him over his shoulder and carrying him to a room.

<3 hours later>

Ushio lay in his bed, asleep. Iatsu was still in pain. As his wits came back he became more and more upset. While cursing his life a strange feeling overcame him. A thought, almost alien, whispered through his mind. Simply kill the beast lying on that bed; he is asleep, and defenseless. Iatsu sneaked into the kitchen, taking care not to awaken his uncle. When he returned, there was a knife in hand. Iatsu slammed the blade down as hard as he could at his Uncle's throat. The blood began spurting as Ushio's eyes flew open and his hands desperately grasped about. Iatsu ran to the door, fearing whether or not his uncle would still be able to harm him.

Looking back, to his uncle as he opened the door, Iatsu hit something unexpected. A man, dressed in an official's uniform with blade by side was just prior to him opening the door, reaching out to do so himself.

"My, my. What have we here?" The official surveyed the scene, amusement evident in his tone of voice. "It looks like I've come to arrest and interrogate a dead man. How unfortunate." The man once again looked down to Iatsu as Ushio struggled and clawed at his throat, fighting for his life before lying down, lifeless. A faint smile grew on the man's face. "Well, child. You'll have to come with me, then, while I ask you a few questions. Don't be scared, now, come." Iatsu felt resignation wash over his body, as he was herded by the man. More and more, he cursed fate and what had been done to him.

When they arrived, Iatsu was asked many questions. Records were brought out and looked through. The man who took him there, Xiao Cai Rin, informed him of a governmental mistake; Ushio had framed Iatsu's parents for collaborating with the group of rebels in order to throw them off of his own trail. The questions went on for what seemed to be hours; where Ushio went, what he did, who he spoke to, when he came back home.

Xiao Cai Rin had just finished writing down the information he asked for when he looked up again with a smile. "Now, it is quite obvious, but you are without a place to live. I can sense within you a strong will. Swear fealty to The Emperor, and I will take you in and teach you the strength you will need in order to fight against fate and properly serve this Empire."

The words resonated with Iatsu. A strange feeling crept into his heart as he agreed to serve the Emperor.

The days passed quickly under the tutelage of Xao Cai Rin. They soon learned he had the ability to manipulate Magoi, with an affinity towards water. Iatsu's training focused on how to do covert missions for Zou, and to rely only upon himself for power.

Years passed, and Iatsu's training was completed. Xao Cai Rin had sent him on his first mission; to join the covert operations in the Reim Empire and cause disorder and dismay in order to slow down their expansion. He was given the name Garret Kires to operate under, and the papers necessary for his identification.

And thus Garret found himself in the Reim Empire, ready to continue his studies while undertaking his duties.

Role-Play Sample: The night's peacefulness was reflected by the silence. Only the sound of the waves by the docks, rhythmically swishing, could be heard. There was, however, a strange tension in the air. As if the city itself was waiting for something to happen.

A condensed haze appeared on the wharf. It was ovular in shape, perhaps eight feet tall and five feet wide. The haze compressed rapidly, letting out a sharp peal of thunder as two individuals stumbled from the center of the now dissipating mist.

"RUN! Go home and make sure everyone is safe!" The man spoke in a rushed manner. He was clearly wounded, as was the teenage boy who was spoken to. The man looked to be a red headed researcher, with a lab coat that was tattered and worse for the wear.

"Father..." The son was hesitant, doubt covering his face.

"Just do it." The tone of the voice was dangerous, and brokered no argument. It was the guttural sound of the father's anger that could be heard in his voice that ultimately sent the boy off. He began floating in the air and zipped out to sea.

The man's head turned quickly. He flew backwards, jumping, with a sudden burst of energy that no normal human could possibly possess. A gentle wave of light washed across his lithe body. "It's here." He mumbled to himself as the wounds he had, not a moment earlier, began to fade and patch up.

No sooner had he spoken than a dark pressure in the air began to assert itself. A black gap, what could only be described as a rent in reality, appeared above where he was standing just before. A pair of clawed hands, each the size of a chair, reached out of that very hole and began to tear at it. They forced it to become larger.

The man brought to bear a floating lance of white energy, preparing for what was to come. It cackled and sparked while it floated over his head, a single beam of light that lit up the docks.

The hole had become large enough for the creature to come through, and it was a horror to behold. A horned beast with a carnivorous set of over sized teeth, as well as a large body as dark and reflective as obsidian, forced itself into their world and let out a shout of triumph. The rent behind it quickly closed, and the creature's gaze turned to the man.

As soon as he saw the creature, he let loose the energy. It zipped directly for the head of the beast and struck. The being did not flinch. Instead, it let loose a deep laugh. "You continue to pester me, small thing." Its voice rolled across the night, shaking the nearby warehouses. The beast's thick leg muscles tensed, and it shot towards the man. The shock waves of the footsteps nearly staggered the the researcher.

Quickly realizing that things were looking grim, the man turned tail and ran. It was soon apparent it was no coincidence he had appeared in this coastal city, as he quickly made use of his earlier positioning to run towards an alley of the overcrowded warehouses.  An external energy coursed through the man's legs, a slight green glow flashed before they became bulky. The man's speed outstripped the creature that was chasing him.

The creature did not care. It barreled through the warehouses and began searching through the destruction for its target. The search was interrupted, though, as the sounds of shouts reached the otherworldly creature. The City Guard had come to investigate the loud noises and reports of a disturbance. "No matter. I will amuse myself with them, instead." The beast continued its rampage, beginning an indiscriminate slaughter. The City Guard stood no chance as the creature shed magical and mundane attacks alike, cutting clean through their armor and flesh with its razor sharp claws.

The researcher had made his escape.

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Don't forget to make a character vault and to get your starting staff/spells approved!


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