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The Wandering Cat Namir [OPEN - SOCIAL - KILL-VIABLE]

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The Wandering Cat Namir

The blundering outspoken little Fanalis brat- Namir –found himself shored on the Western Front of Reim. He’d sailed across the Sea to see new lands as his exploration of the Dark Continent and instructions from his parents to head north had landed him here. So Namir was inclined to continue on this path. Perhaps he’d stumble upon his destiny, for not even he knew what to do with his young life. All he had were those simple instructions, ”Head North.”.

Knowing that traveling alone would not allow him to survive in this world; Namir devoted himself to becoming stronger. He wanted to become stronger than even his Father. He had to, or else he could meet a similar fate. Deep down in his heart, Namir hoped his family was still alive. That being said, as soon as Namir walked off from the Western port of Reim he rushed into a mad sprint; stretching his muscles and taking in his surroundings.

The metal strewn wasteland he saw was quite disparaging, but if this were an empire like he had heard men talking about on the boat, surely there must be some beauty too it like the rolling flat plains of his homeland. Namir was intent on keeping his little body in shape as he sprint a path forward, slowing down to shadow box a trained rhythm of 5 precise blows before bursting forward again in a full on sprint. With each advance of 30 meters or so he’d flip, dance around and throw the same rhythmic motion. He continued like this until he’d run out of breath.

Running and training was good cardio. Keeping a good spring in one’s step also made hunting on the fly easier. He was hungry albeit tired; Namir figured he’d hunt the next morning rather than spend his day tracking new prey in a unfamiliar land. For now he’d scout out this new territory while keeping his senses and faculties sharp. After all he still had water in his water skin and good couple meals worth of dried meat and jerky. Sadly Namir had eaten all of his sweets up so longingly wished to find a town or someplace that sold his favorite luxurious treat. His mouth watered while thinking about it, only to be sopped up by the dry salted meat he gobbled down his throat.

Namir was nowhere near done with his exercise for the day. He’d yet to perform his daily ritual of 2000 punches and kicks. So the young Fanalis wandered around, still gnawing at the tough meat in him mouth, looking for a tree for which to pummel. He soon found the target of his desire. A nice oak tree, from the looks of it the tree was dying, its leaves browning and falling slowly off; perfect for hitting practice. Namir took his position and for nearly 2 hours he systematically assaulted the tree with a flurry of blows in and on and off rhythm while slowly circling the rotting tree.

It was during this routine when the small ambiguous kid stopped for a moment to wipe his brow of sweat and granulated salt when he heard a voice call out. ”Boy, what is such a young child like yourself doing far out in these parts?” the voice called out in a harsh raspy tone. Namir turned to look and view who had addressed him…

Training Kebreya' Ja'e'e (Hungry Pride) - 566/500 Words
Move Training:
Name: Kebreya' Ja'e'e (Hungry Pride)
Tier: Tier “C”
Cost: 20 Stamina
Class: Offensive
Weapon Type: Bare Hands
Range: Melee
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: With a series of 10 blows, Namir lands strikes to a single target or multiple targets within 20 meters as he dashes around seemingly a blur of tan and red streaks, striking at the speed of 15 m/s dealing D-tier damage to each target hit.

Magoi/Stamina - 60/80

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Namir was caught off guard; this man that he was now peering at had snuck up on him, and with a Camel in-toe at that. He now looked over the two bodies before him as the grass in the distance fluttered in the wind. The gust of air caught the man’s robes and Namir saw before him a stern, older gentleman with graying brown hair slicked back and a full mustache and beard that grew to down toward his abdomen. Who was this man?

”Cat got your tongue boy?” the man came again, patting his camel as he led the shaggy furred brown creature closer to Namir.

Namir hesitated for only a fraction of a second and addressed the man, ”I’m Namir…. Something I can do for you sir?” the long haired Fanalis asked back.

”Ah, so you do speak…. I am Elda Ganimead, and perhaps I might have a favor to ask of such a powerful young lad if you do not mind listening to an old traveler’s plight.” Elda’s approach came to a halt a mere 10 feet before Namir.

”Uhhh…. Sure…. I’m not busy I guess. What can I do for you old man Elda?” Namir said with a sheepish grin on his face.

Elda smile subtly back at the boy, his countenance now displaying a certain level off worry. The old man trotted his camel over to the tee as he tied the burden toting animal to its dying bark. He looked discerningly at Namir for a moment before taking seat upon the lush soft grass and motioning for the boy to come closer so he could recount his day’s misfortune. Time seem to pass quickly as the man talked and talked, pausing only to take a sip of his near-emptying water skin. Though Namir could smell a sweet aroma pervading the air as the man spoke, perhaps it was wine the man was drinking.

After sitting there and listening contently, Namir surmised a few details; first, the man had lost one of his camels with very important goods on it to a pack of white wolves that preyed on these parts, being the somewhat feeble old man he was, there was nothing he could do. He had been more worried about bandits or thieves attacking him, and the least of his worries were wild animals. They surely must have been starving to approach humans. What he was asking of Namir was if the young Fanalis could help him fend off the wolves and help him retrieve his luggage. Elda even told him of a notice in town for the pelts of these wolves that would pay nice coin.

So with all being said and done, this was an opportunity for Namir to make some Huang and carve up some wolf meat to eat for tomorrow’s journey. ”Okay, sure I’ll help you Elda. Which way is it to these wolves?”

”It’s that away, between a pass of two steep cliffs and small forested ar-“ before Elda could even finish his directions, Namir took off with a spring, dashing quickly to find these predators who were now to become his prey. He left no time for Elda to even thank him for his generosity and time. The hunt was on!


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