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The Wandering Wildcard Returns Home[Social/Open]

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Cassandra had returned to the nation of Balbadd. It had been a whole three years since he last returned to his home country. Things seemed to have been along the compared to three years ago. It put a smile on his face. Dressed in his usual armored attire, he walked the streets. As usual, the eyes of men leered at him in an uncomfortable way that he hated. Why? Why did he have to mistaken for a girl? He always hated that.

The Fanalis continued on his way trying not to let it get to him, eventually arriving at a tavern. He pushed the doors open, walking in with his armor clanking as he did so. Finding an empty table near the window, he sat down, leaned back and propped his feet up on the table as if he were in his own home.

He ordered a drink from the beautiful bartender who came by his table. Her large rack caused him to blush a bit. Sure, he looked like a woman, but he most certainly was a man, despite choosing to dress like one.

The beautiful bartender came back with his drink a few moments later, causing him to blush once again. He tried to shake it off by taking a large sip of his drink. Then a couple of rather burly men came up to Cassandra. "Hey, what's a cute young thing like you doing in a place like this huh sweetheart?" Cassandra, glared at the two of them. "I'm not a girl ya big dumb lugs, I'm a man, got it?!" Even though he said that, Cassandra's voice was just to feminine to be taken seriously.

The two men just laughed loudly at Cassandra's protests. "Ha! You almost had us for a second there honey, but there's no way you're a man like us. Its cute though that you want to play pretend." Now, Cassandra was pissed. He got up from his chair, and pulled his skirt up slightly, the two watched with perverted looks only to turn into looks of horror when they laid eyes on the bulge sticking out. They just walked away speechless with looks of horror on their faces.

Cassandra simply clicked his tongue. "stupid old perverted pigs." he muttered under his breath before sitting back down to finish his drink.

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The Wandering Wildcard Returns Home[Social/Open] Cassan12

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
A slight chuckled ensued from a man wearing a white robe over a black shirt and pants with his long silver hair slicked back into a ponytail sitting near the feminine individual. He sipped a bit of tea while glancing sideways with a slight smirk pulling at his pale lips, clearly amused by the scene that transpired. “I don’t blame them considering how you look and dress. Don’t see how you can really get angry at people who mistake you for a female.”

He faced the red-haired man as he twirled a strand of his silver hair around an index finger. “However, I do understand your frustration. I’ve often been confused with being a woman in the past. I doubt there will ever be a last time too,” he said before sipping some more tea. “Forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Neo Mortem, a doctor.”

Once again, he provided his alias whenever he introduced himself. The man’s real name was Adrastos Thanatos. He didn’t lie when he claimed he was a doctor, but that was just his public identity. In the shadows of society, he was a different person entirely. Only few knew the truth, and he planned to keep it that way.

“What brings you to Balbadd? Assuming you did arrive recently that is.”

However after a long time passed with no answer, Adrastos stood and left the tavern, leaving money for his bill.



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