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Travelling to Tartarus [Travelling]

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Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion, now a zombie, having grown several fold in the last few months. Dealing with both the events of Kina as well as the ending of the dungeon of Ipos. He had lost his voice, having lost contact with the allies he had formed, and having to deal with the nightmares in Balbaad. His life had been tumultous to say the least, but he had heard that he would have a home in Tartarus. Perhaps he would be able to communicate with Noir through the Origami caller as well, but first he should reunite with Jynx before that. He had spent enough of his time with her and he still had anguish over the his failure in the dungeon as well as the curse that would follow him.

Hyperion wasn't quite informed on Tartarus, nor was he even the same person from before. He would have plenty of things to think about as he would travel. Without his magic carpet, his trek would take nearly twice as long. He would pay for passage from Ipos on a private caravan and security detail to make the trek to the desert with a few slaves to attend him during these few days.


Travelling to Tartarus [Travelling] UwPVdcs

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