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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



Ever since the fateful day that Requiem Jynx performed his unholy summoning and brought Doxrus, the Dark Djinn of Menace and Malice into this world,  nothing was the same. hazard magic,  Jynx's blood as a dungeon beast, and black rukh began to spread among the inflicted territory of Heliohapt's capital.  Turning it into an Alma Torran special zone that promotes the changes inside of a person's body to become more like their dungeon beast origin located within their DNA.  This became a city of dungeon beasts, with Jynx immediately claiming their independence from Heliohapt and beginning the power struggle for territory. However, it's not all despair and violence, Jynx is rather cautious when it comes to visitors.   By not denying humans fully, this was Jynx's attempt to be open-minded, as well as promote the positives of being a dungeon beast and possibly having that process naturally happen for those who truly want to change. The main purpose of inviting humans is to facilitate the trade of the numerous amounts of goods, promote the redlight district and the wide amount of content that people may find pleasure in; circulating Tartarus's official currency (The Trade Federation Escudo) and have it gain power,  and the prison trade for the world's first supermax, the Stoneward Regional Prison.


The culture of Tartarus can be summed up in one statement "Be who you are." Due to the Alma Torran special zone with only a handful of transformations remaining permanent out the special zone,  people are allowed to dress and act accordingly depending on their species. The climate remains at a cool 55 degrees at later times and 70 degrees in the mornings and afternoons. The sun does not shine in Tartarus as it does in order places, it reflects like a twilight fashion, with evening light being as bright as it gets. However, this plays a great role in advertising the red light district, with numerous lights and sounds in the party section of the capital being inviting to others.   The attitudes of the people are a mixed bag, with some skeptical of their new lives as dungeon beasts and others accepting it quickly and welcoming the change. On occasion, some seem themselves as true patriots who are willing to go out of their way to inflict harm among the residents that are too accepting of the humans in the border, regardless of the rules. Technology is rather decent, moving more towards something that Tartarus has access to called Bio-Technology. It's a series of methods of obtaining and creating things that are possible through the use of a trait or special quality of one of the many dungeon beasts that live within Tartarus.  

There are some tensions from within Tartatus, possibly with the clash of different cultures and how the Dark Hand overtook all other forms of a workshop from within the state. If there is one thing that  Tartarus remains dominant about, it's the Dark Hand Religion. Idol worship of the old gods of heliohapt was to be fully rejected, with demonstrations of its destruction in public and raids of houses and rooms of those who are rumored to reject solomon's true will and purpose for them as dungeon beasts. Sometimes it's a false alams, but those who can't conform are heavily investigated in suspicions of maintaining loyalty to the gods who represent humanity and the fellow human companions that want to bring Tartarus ruin. Instead of harsh and unusual punishment, they are taught why it's actually dangerous to them and the purpose of unity.

Since it's a nation reborn through an idea of the world's dungeon beasts congregation into one capital, there are plenty of beings with pasts that are connected to a different part of the world. Reim, Kou, Kina, the plains, the fact that citizenship is free for dungeon beasts is what calls to them, and feels their curiosity as well as bringing their own style of clothing and food as well.

Official citizens of Tartarus are called "The Tartarans", or "Solomon's Chosen People". Their names are bases on
ancient Greece and Greek-like names.


With  Requiem jynx triggering the series of effects that led to the Alma Torran Zone, he immediately placed a foothold that led to claiming independence in Heliohapt's former capital. With his coronation and positioning of the capital close to the water, the Overlord Of Tartarus is continuously making powerplays to push for more territory while attempting to bring Kaiju into the world. The Kaiju are beings from Alma Torran that can also be seen as weapons of mass destruction, with the intent of their existence not only bringing status to Tartarus as formidable but instilling confidence and safety to their people.  So far, the power struggle has just begun with news of Jynx choosing his four lords of high status and learning of the first Kaiju's location.

Government and Citizenship


Tartarus's government is based on an Oligarchy, with the lord class during handling most of the responsibility of the countries political direction, and responsibility towards the minor dungeon beasts. The Overlord is the pinnacle of the Oligarchy, their handpicked trusted advisors amongst the lord class dungeon beasts are usually granted important titles and responsibilities that allows the country to function. Lord class dungeon beasts are considered royalty by right of thy dna, and are to be treated as such and respected. However, it should never be willing to be used and abused for personal gain, only compliance. Or better yet, it's frowned upon when the dungeon beasts hold the lord class to a higher calling of being able to lead.

Due to the complicated nature of the Kaiju, there are occasions where those picked by the Overlord can assign a Kaiju to that person depending on their responsibilities. There will always be a Kaiju assigned to protect the overlord.  In times of judgment at the Stoneward Regional Prison,  the government of Tartarus acts as a Demarchy. Random citizens of Tartarus are selected as city jurors to rule on the sentencing of others. This is how Jynx shows a sense of equality by making sure that a lord class is not always guaranteed in the involvement of the fate of others, and that other dungeon beasts have that political responsibility of inflicting capital punishment.

The Overlord must choose a successor that is a lord class dungeon beast if they step down or meet their untimely demise. If a successor is not picked, the Demarchy system will randomly select the jurors who will judge which lord is fit to be the overlord.  However, the overlord can be challenged by 3 types of people for the throne before their succession.

A Beyonder- Lord Class Dungeon Beast's whose abilities exceeded their limitations and evolved in some kind of way.

A Dungeon Beast King candidate - This is the only case where they don't have to be a Lord Class Dungeon Beast, initiating their right of conquest due to being a king candidate. Their might is tested against each other and if the Overlord loses, the rights of ascension are given to the victor. If the overlord wins and the opponent is not killed, he cannot challenge that Overlord again throughout the remainder of their tenure.

The Successor - If there is a named successor that wants the throne prematurely before the appropriate ascension, the overlord must "humor them" in a test of combat. As usual, if the overlord wins, he remains in power and has the right to change his named successor. If the overlord loses, the path of ascension is enacted immediately and the previous overlord retires.

The Overlord: Requiem Jynx

The Four Beast Lords:

Akhen Sobek, Lord Of BeastsTartarus B1c1cb250a18d306881e41ec52fc27ff
Description: A Heliohaptian Member of the dark-hand who joined as soon as the branch was opened. Not only a loyal enforcer he had worked his way up so that he could be there to defend and fight at the most important of times. He had actually been guarding the chamber on the day of Doxrus' summoning and was one of the few survivors.

Felix Atticus, Lord Of Skeletons-Tartarus Latest?cb=20190904225109
Description: Once a lowly member of the dark hand since their days in Reim, he had risen to command others as he follows Lagi and his men wherever they have gone. His undying loyalty to the dark not unnoticed even as he was turned into a Skeleton Lord. Desperate to prove the loyalty he has already defeated and taken the head of heathen skeletons turning them into his bickering shoulder guards.

Henzin, Lord Of Dryads-Tartarus Fb9513006578184bb63df80ebe142bdd
Description:Once a wandering Plainsmen he had joined the dark-hand during Lagi's time there, but claims to be working for Lagi himself directly. A doctor and body manipulator he fully embraced his new nature, using his body and its properties to further his own training and aid Lagi wherever his Lord may wish for him to use his skills.

Masika, Lord Of Mummies-Tartarus 7c8d8c731c3cb7149d09018ce9888c93
Description:Once a magic slave of Magnostadt descent who was born into servitude due to their mother's debt to unsavory men. Having cursed her fate from a young age she was on the outskirts of town when the wave had hit, being transformed into a powerful undead who can still use their magic. When the members of the darkhand came through explaining what happened she soon snuck her way to the capital and after coming into town with a wave of Dungeon Beasts she had recruited resolved herself to work directly for the man who had granted her this gift.  

City Services

The Dark Hand-
One of the main city services offered to Tartarus is facilitated by the Dark Hand. Ever since Lagi has defeated the master and became the king candidate for it's power, the dark hand has become the dominant religion in heliohapt. The new goal under the new leadership of the dark hand is to provide a new future for dungeon beasts as "Solomon's Chosen. "

- The primary goal is to further the progress of Tartarus as the official home for dungeon beasts
- The secondary goal is the salvation of humanity by allowing them to "Evolve". Now that Dungeon beasts have increased in volume, finding ways to make more of them is also a goal.
- The third is to have a form of influence in as many ventures as they can.
- The fourth is to convert those to the dark hand religion and acknowledge that dungeon beasts are the closest to Solomon and will inherit this world when the time of man is over.

The Tartarus Trade Federation:  Legalized black market goods that are made available for purchase and use. As Long as the federation is in place, black markets can operate legally and out in the open inside of Tartarus.  You can even purchase a prisoner's "time" as a form of indentured servitude, but the process is a little more complicated.

Grand Oak Clinic:
Dungeon beasts have free health care, please visit one of the many Grand Oak Clinics to get treated. The head medic and overseer of the medical facilities is the Lord of the dryads himself, Henzin.




Dungeon Beasts gain automatic citizenship to Tartarus, with the first overlord declaring it to be the birthright of those among Solomon's chosen people to have a place to call home. All humans must submit to a clairvoyance magic-based background check to anticipate intent and avoid treasonous activities towards Tartarus and it's residents.  Even after that, they can only stay a maximum of six months per year. After reaching the capital city of monsters, there will be numerous opportunities and chances of becoming a dungeon beast and accending their humanity. At B-Tier, a human can explore their DNA through the doctors at Tartarus to see where their origin naturally links to. They can then do the following plot thread of exploring themselves to a high concentration of radiation to trigger their transformation.  At B-Tier and lower, the scan might read of a minor lineage and the human will be unable to quest for a lord class. At A-Tier or higher, the scan will read back to their lord class lineage that they will be able to quest for.  The citizenship for dungeon beasts is absolute, as well as the trust of their brethren due to them being the minority. Hard crimes including but not limited to treason, espionage, or violent offenders without a righteous act of self-defense among dungeon beasts/humans still containing a valid and legal stay are met with jail time.  This is judged accordingly depending on the lifespan of the dungeon beast and what the crime was.

Omega Challenge

Prison Break: The Stoneward Regional Prison (Formerly the Black Pyramid) is the world's first supermax that is designed to handle the imprisonment of dungeon beasts and their amazing powers. However,  a stress test is in order. The challenger must serve a minimum of a month sentence, and escape within the last week of their sentence. Some of the hidden defense mechanisms of the prison remain a secret, but what has been revealed is that the hermit dungeon beasts have constructed a collar that deactivated the racial abilities of its wearers.

Become a Beyonder: -Requirements unknown / Must be considered as a Lord Class Dungeon Beast first.

*Mechanical Benefits: Player can become a dungeon beast for free. Dungeon beasts can get a free rank up to the "Lord Class", version of their dungeon beast transformation.*

Lord Class Distinctions
1. To create life
2. To deny death
3. An advanced magic type granted by the Dungeon Beast

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