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Aseo Wishes I[Chain][Plot]

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items brought:

~Inner thoughts:

Neph: Let's get things in order. We shall depart on a two day journey to Kou. I suggest the best means of transportation via us. But feet work just the same in this situation. I assume you, Aseo have a plan of some sorts about what you want to do?

Aseo: Of course I have a plan. We just need to get there, get invited in using fake news, and kidnap, and take the ledger.. All one swoop! Nothing too big. Not for us at least!

Taavetti Aseo I feel you're too ambitious for this little sapling ability. He has naught’ combat training, so I advise sheath. Neph you're shameless weak of a boy. Haha~

The boy would be trying to garner a grasp of the current objective. He was merely the vessel in this instance. Aseo needed his saga to end. Such a bloody outcome in mind, and a vision one wouldn't tread lightly. But whose toes were they stepping on? Nobody, Neph was a new face, and little was known. Perfect for Aseo’s story to close, a vengeful week ending with a noble house, and yoshiro’s support gone. That's all he wanted out of this, and to finally bury his fathers remains. Been such a long time since a father could be mentioned considering there's two fathers from each person.

They needed to stop getting side tracked, and make sure their head was clear.

Aseo: I suppose you're quite unsure about the incoming task at hand. Don't lose faith henchmen, we shall be here with guidance.  Just call upon either or.

Taavetti: Neph believe in yourself, don't let any bastard trample over you! Listen to my commands, and you shall triumph victory, vavavav~

Both of them have given their sincerity in their own way. Taking in much of those little words. Neph grabbed his wand, and stepped from his current tint set up in his campsite. “ I shall not let you two down. I shall allow you two to rest, and become one with my rukh. Losers;p “ Striking his wings off to the side, knocking a little dust around himself up. Bending at the knee just a little, he breaks from the ground cutting into the winds. Neph would embark on his 1 week excavation of Asehi Manor.

Three Days Later~

Neph had reached Kou in two days given he was flying. Maneuvering became easier the more he flew the jade mountains in his absence in society. The streets have become filled with those affected by the civil war, and its subsidies! He couldn't feel, Aseo’s sadness for his previous hellhole home. But he could channel that anger elsewhere, and his crooked smile creeped as he found himself at Asehi’s Manor.

*Knock, Knock

Door Guard: “ Asehi Manor, Whom May I be speaking with today. “

Neph: “ A family friend of the young master, Aseo Asehi. I have news of his whereabouts. May I speak with the ledger man to carry my message to his parents?

Door Guard: “ One Sec… “

Neph had begun to wait as the guard instructed. He knew the building well, and knew his escape points. Having Aseo’s memories allowed him to know accurately how strong, and many guardsmans are in the manor. Such a small manor, and well guarded too quite troublesome if just knew who he was, suckers.  

Door Guard: “ You may enter! Step back. “

Once again as instructed he moved, and then entered. Leading the way were two guards, and it was towards the main hall. “ Might I know the current situation of Kou? I'm not entirely native to the country” He wanted to get some information, but the two guards didn't speak, and eventually stopped at a door. Both them crossing their hearts, and holding the handle of their blades. The same guard before spoke.

Door Guard: “ Enter. “

~Planners Office

Doors closed behind him while walking in. A brief scan of the room, Neph would see many maps, documents, and loose papers around desks, and tables. The man inside the room slouching over, held one ink quill and a note in hand. Neph noticed he was focused. “ Hello~ ” Waving his right hand at the gesture, and all the man did was snort, before pointing.

PP: “ Release your information on the young master for 5,000 huang. We shall accommodate you well too with our glorious family-spa located in mountains. This is your only offer, think carefully.

He quickly, and successfully got his point across. The boy saw exactly why Aseo fled from them after a civil war he got dragged in. What kind of house was tan by empty people, and status. Time for change, and Neph was ready. No time for being a little scared.

Neph: “ Aseo said. *ahem I won't be returning to this hellhole~ respectfully. Shall my vengeance be swift, upon your days.

Saying these words, and he stepped forward as if he would shake his hand. “ By accepting this deal, you don't know what it means to me. Aseo is traveling towards Kina. Weird guy, “ Sounding sincere enough given they have the best relationship. The personal planner stood there frozen for a second as well. Thrown by the quick reaction himself, but quickly collected himself. A businessman of course.

PP: “ Hmmm.. if it is true with what you say. We shall leave at once, let me find the paperwork quickly and get you settled.

As soon as the man turned to grab the papers. Neph hand reaching would speed up, and strike his neck knocking him out. A small thud, but not too loud , came from the dropping body. This would be the last person to see his face including those two guards. Neph tossed him onto his desk table, and searched his body.  “ Let's put the planner on him and get out of here. ” Looking over his body to no anvil of finding it. Rummaging about the room for 2 seconds almost, he was able to locate it on a wall.

Now with a knocked out planner, and itinerary the time to escape was there. “ Time to get rid of those guards. “ Neph would stand by the door, hovering his palm towards the threshold. Pores in his forearm would open, before a green cloud spread through the threshold. Since he was holding the PP he wouldn't be affected since he’s the center of the cloud.

The two guards on the outside would feel their stomach turning, and cramping. As the second trickled its effects came as quickly as it was casted given they didn't catch the rotten smoke. Their bowels calling out in agony, the door opening, as two wings basic strike left to right crushing them together for ‘b-tier’ damage. “ Shhhhhushhh.. “ Hovering his ring finger over his lips while doing that. Flapping his wings, he would bolt towards the exit. One arm carrying the planner, and his other free.

He would be leaving the guards body, but it was okay. He was going to get what he was looking forward too. Neph had cut through his old room as it was close to the planners room. A good way to escape as it would be first place to look, but by time he would've flown away. Not genius, but easy fail safe give. Aseo's old room was the same as he left it, and covered in dust. “ Adios,  Manor” He said before cannonball stomping out the window, before windbreaks and he soars through the sky.

He would get high enough to not be visible, but still allow him to see, or make out people on the ground as dots. Making the escape, and getting ready for part two….

word count: 1271/1,000
stm: 145/155


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