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Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot]

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Job Name: Aseo’s Warning: Sequence II
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Reward: 100 Xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:Aseo’s Warning: Sequence I
Job Overview: After getting through the manor, and kidnapping the personal planner. Neph continues his plan by torturing the planner into giving him a list of names for the loan sharks that stole the research, and torched Montegue Drake’s farm. The second task after getting the information, is showcasing the planner's body in a gruesome way at the manor without getting caught sending his warning.

Enemy Name: House Guards x10
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: These house guards are personally trained by Jing Asehi, about all of them are the same size personally selected by the head of the house. Each one of them are equipped with short swords about 70cm in length capable of C-tier damage. They are garnished in the standard army wear with an Asehi Crest on their right shoulders plate.

  • Standard Slash: The Guards slashes forward horizontally, or vertically forward 5m dealing C-tier Damage
  • Guard: The Guards use the side of the blade to guard, or enter a stall with physical attacks up to C-tier.

items brought:

Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] Zji8GjOl
Name: Able Substitute
Tier: A-tier
Type:  Wand
Material: Black Steel, and White Oak
Appearance: A white oak wand as long as 1.2 meter long wand, with a core made of black steel. It has foreign markings on its shaft, a deer looking center, with antlers holding a pearl, he made with others in his makeshift family representing how their cracked, but whole
[b]Name:[/b] Able Substitute
[b]Tier:[/b] A-tier
[b]Type:[/b]  Wand
[b]Material:[/b] Black Steel, and White Oak
[b]Appearance:[/b] A white oak wand as long as 1.2 meter long wand, with a core made of black steel. It has foreign markings on its shaft, a deer looking center, with antlers holding a pearl, he made with others in his makeshift family representing how their cracked, but whole.

Descending upon his campsite, Neph finally reached his goal. Dropping the planner on the ground, limp body and all. The poor man rolled across the fresh soil, and Neph would give him a few extra kicks. Making sure he was still dreaming peacefully. “ Shall We Get Started, Mister Planner~ “ Neph said. A smile written across his lips. Crouching down near the unconscious man, he would run the back of his across his cheek. The soft warmth he felt made him feel sicken. He thought why was he healthy, and why should he change that. Standing back up, Neph created a quick seat out of dirt. Black rukh swarmed into being as he commanded them for this basic function. He was skilled with using this magic, but he wasn't back to Aseo’s former glory. For now as the seat spawned, he would throw the man into place, and lock away his limbs; his hands, and ankles. “ Wakey Wakey~ ” His venomous tone came out, whispering towards the man. It wasn't waking him, what did was Neph sending a light slap across his cheek.

Planner(Hao Pei): “ wh..what?!!? Where am i! what is this place! GUARDS, GUARDS?!? “

Neph: “ Quiet down. We have the night ahead of us. “

Neph gave him another light tap, before stepping away into the forest lining. Moments later, he would return with vines, interlocking them and ‘popping’ them making sure it was sturdy. He would scan over the man. A poor fool living, and working alongside those demons. Just thinking of the ring leaders of this whole family made his stomach turn. Stepping towards the man his eyes would enlarge, and his struggle screams would spew from his mouth. “ Hush little baby just say these words, tell me who killed my father or you'll experience the worst~. ” He would sing his own little tune. Neph figured putting to use what Taavetti had taught him would help here, and the man wasn't prepared either for what’s to come.

Planner(Hao Pei): “ I don't know what I've done. Please, I'm innocent!  Let me leave at once, I'll forgive you for this incident. “

Neph: “ What have you done? Awe must the stupid be woeful. Asehi Jing , and Ting. Two lowly bastards that made living in Kou awful. No. You wouldn't know, or actually you do. So show me your wonderful colors, and spill over your guts for me. haha~

Planner(Hao Pei): “ Spill my guts? You can't be serious, why am I on your radar. I have no clue as to what business you have with me if it includes them. “

Neph: “ Don't fret. Aseo sends his love, and regard. Fools gold to follow the wicked like them. Tell me about Montegue Farms.

Neph would send two slaps across his cheeks left, to right. Hovering in his face watching to see how fast his face bruised, and flushed red. The human body was just as fragile as the magicians.  Far less than any imuchakks, or fanalis. Neph even considered dungeon beast having better dexterity, but this poor planner was starting to already look battered. Even by sending three more slaps, stopping his left hand in front of his nose pitching it. “ speak~ ” neph warming up lightly with the punishment.

Planner(Hao Pei): “ Pl...please stop hitting me…! I wasn't involved with the farms.  They um… they um… “

The slight hesitation from the planner made Neph smile. This was going to be easier for him then he thought. As reached for his side equipping himself with his wand. Tapping it against his middle finger, holy magic would begin to gather and accumulate upon it. In seconds a 1m long jellyfish would appear on top of the planner's head. The jellyfish sort of looked like it was oozing down the side of his face as the holy light would sink into him as Neph hums triggering its effects. “ Speak your name. ” He said excitedly.

Hao Pei: “ The names Hao Pei. I kindly appreciate you healing me with that strange fish! Please… please let me go! Aseo has long since left this family, and been thought dead. Just a bastard, dying in a bastards war, and all for naught! Jing, and Ting were out of their minds to bring him home. “

Neph: “ Quite the tale of that bastard you have. Not much story, and lack of punch. Hao Pei, you must know of all involved besides Ting, and Jing. Be kind enough to share with the consul.

The healing light would fade, and Neph soft cheerful smiles would drop leaving nothing, but a look of disgust for what he had to do. Not much would interfere. He would pet Hao Pei, hoping his answer would be sweet, and something he didn't have to prowl out, but that's no fun.

Hao Pei: “ You dislike Aseo too? He was a poor fortune man. Never looked promising for him ever since we took him from the farm of his own accord. Never knew he would resort to hitmans after his disappearance! To my knowledge… “

He was getting right to the part, but Neph was bored and one wing swung down down towards him. Lunging a feather into his upper thigh near the hip bone. Deeply locked inside him as the pure white turned crimson bright red off the fresh blood. A small chuckle would speak from Neph, as he left the feather alone sitting there lunged.

Hao Pei: “ w… wa.??!?? whatttt the f**ckk!! My leg!!! why!! You just healed me!!! Why !!!! “

Neph: “ Stop your screaming. You didn't give me my answer, but rambled! Speak on names, or forever lose your tongue.

Hao Pei: “ These Two brothers! Gao’s! Please, leave me be. Heal me once more, oh please be merciful. “

For a planner he begged, and only for light wounds at that. Neph felt like more pain was needed, and a show for Asehi to know what's to come! Without second thought, he reached and retrieved the feather from his leg. “ Gao’s ? Gao who? “ He said as the blade left the man's waistline, and thigh. Neph stepped a few meters back, about 5, or so.

Hao Pei: “ Gao Wu, and Gao Hei! Their loan sharks are in company with the Asehi’s. You can find the farm's records locked away there. Please spare me! “

Neph loved a talker of all things. He was keen to torture, but it was fun to him a little considering not much was needed to accomplish what he wanted. Swinging his wing down again, firing another feather into his chest, Hao Pei would feel the intense explosion of light around his chest. Blowing off the already wounded leg, and snagging off a few fingers, and half a hand. “ Tsk… Tsk… this isn't looking good for you. Let's take you back

Hao Pei: “...please… kill me… please…”

Neph, would release the chair holding the planner. Blood leaking across the dirt, puddling beneath him as he crumbled into Neph’s grasp before launching into the skies. A trail of blood left their spot as he flew towards the Asehi’s house. Traveling as fast as he could considering he wasn't trying to save the man's life once more, or actually kill him from zipping through the skies.

word count: 1200/1000

magoi: 300/320
stm: 135/155
ability used:

Healing Styles: Second Amendment

Tier: B-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: He must tap his wand against his middle finger to summon the 'Jellyfish', and hum a tone to trigger it to heal someone.
Scaling: Healing: The tier of healing dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested. This may also be considered Damage scaling. (Caps at A-tier)
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 3 post
Cost: 15 magoi | 10 sustain

    Neph would cast a spell that could conjure a 1 meter long Jellyfish, infused with healing ability. The Jellyfish will heal a person by vanishing into their body, healing C-tier damage. The Jellyfish would last for 1 post before the user gives a command in the form of humming to heal someone and it could be destroyed with C-tier damage.

Feather Arrow

Tier: D-tier
Class: Body Manipulation
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Swinging one of his wings towards his target.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 stm | 5 magoi

    Neph would charge light magic, and increase the keratin in his feathers making them explosive, and razor sharp. Before swinging a singular wing towards his target, flinging a feather 10m towards them for d-tier explosive damage w/ 3m blast radius upon impact.



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Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] 52-ADE66-B-93-D2-40-AC-9571-EF82-D3-DA78-D2
~Neph Axca~
Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] 5-E8-D9772-5936-4-ECD-AC02-55939-A629576



After about an hour of flying, the planner barely had life inside him. Too much blood loss consumed him, and he was grasping for his last little bits of life. The Asehi manor was just in sight, and Neph was taking them down for the entrance. “ You said save your life, and I will bring you back. I say warn, and lay your life down. You should do good to abide by my saying. ” Neph said, before kicking the planner in the back, tossing him towards the door hard enough it busted open. Even before guards would rush to get the near dead planner, Neph would have taken flight leaving as like a comet of light with feathers softly trailing in his wake.

It was time to recoup, and start again but on two new enemies. Neph headed back to his base camp, and not the simple surrounding he chose to nearly kill Hao Pei.  

[end to sequence]
word count: 1360/1000


Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] 423-BF605-76-D0-4-D75-80-E7-B83-DB1711-D97
Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] 52-ADE66-B-93-D2-40-AC-9571-EF82-D3-DA78-D2
~Neph Axca~
Aseo Wishes II [Chain][Plot] 5-E8-D9772-5936-4-ECD-AC02-55939-A629576

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