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Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special]

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Vodarara had much to comprehend since he had returned with Asisiak from her ritual and invitation that he had accepted. He had many challenging trials and while he hadn't lost any of his companions, a number of Imuchakk that had come with him to repel the invaders on the ice had been slain in the fray. While they hadn't followed the huntsman's plans, it still bled on him, they knew the risks but Vodarara did recruit their aid for his own benefits.

He had got an egg at that time as he sat himself within his isolated lair. It was a large thing 1.5 metre ornate metallic and studded with gemstones but the Huntsman didn't know what to do with it, it ended up in his possession but he had no understanding of the item and believed it to just be an ornate rock, he didn't even know who he'd sell it to and it had quite the weight to it but it was pretty warm to the touch and as such it had its uses in his little abode as a heat source rather than having to light a fire.
Vodarara after all had little to no comprehension of magic, beyond it being bad voodoo. Even the lantern of the storm hung as a eerily blue-white light that produced a humble light into the abode. From its handle hung the chain that held the frozen tear, an object that seemed oddly cold but beautiful that Vodarara had to remember to gift to the Chief as tribute next time he was in passing.

In the past weeks, he had wondered if there was more than just hallucinogenic properties to the drink Asisiak had given him. He found his arrows striking with more force, something that took him time to adjust to after some prey fell into rather awkward positions to recover. This was caused by the blessing of the Djinn, Guison and its storm magic enhancing the potential of the huntsman's arrows but he was not yet aware of such magic. After all, he had never even witnessed the rumoured power that Asisiak could wield and believe it just to be local superstition about the Chief's natural prowess.


Vodarara would find himself attended during this time by a messenger owl. It brought him an order that seemed to have urgency in it as Vodarara tried to decipher what it meant. As he spent at least an hour trying to make heads of tails from the simple message. It was an order, an instruction from the Chief to clear a beast out of a cave and this beast was a creature referred to be the locals as a Cave Stalker or to Vodarara as a Blind One.

This was not all, she had outlined many tasks that the huntsman had to process and understand, he was to have the land cleared afterwards

Four metres in length, these thickly furred burrowers with half metal long claws. Such creatures were honestly the bane of the huntsman, it couldn't be trapped due to being burrowed and could attack from angles that the huntsman had little influence over.
It would be rather tricky prey, honestly the easiest way to handle such a creature was to poison it, allowing it to consume a toxic to weaken the creature and either dispatch it or let it succumb to such afflictions. A head to head battle was more a test of luck and prediction but having animals made such a battle easier due to the creatures heightened sense compared to the huntsmans.

If it had made its lair in the cave, it likely would be burrowing to the location and have created a mixture of tunnels. Seeker, the huntsman owl would not prove to be of any benefit beyond the initial travel as a scout. Though Shevika on the other hand would have significantly more use.

Vodarara began to construct a plan, Cave Stalkers were eyeless and thus his  blinding arrows would be effective, though his shriekers should prove more effective against the creatures improved senses of hearing. They weren't nocturnal hunters but rather random in their habits of hunting and this made them exceedingly dangerous to intentionally hunt.

It would have the advantage on this ground and Vodarara would have to hope he would reach the cave and the creature wouldn't be present at that time, he would hope to use its faeces and any desiccating carcasses within its lair to hide his presence and ambush the creature on its return.
It would most certainly be a melee fight due to the tight quarters of the cave, which would prevent him effectively using his bow.

In all honestly, it was a suicide mission to take on such a creature and the Chief wanted it dealt with swiftly. Vodarara couldn't guarantee even he would be able to slay the beast, yet alone get out of the fight without significant injury.

He would prepare his equipment, he would of course take Siyah his bow and its quiver with him, his skinning knife, the Kukri, Gauntlet and the numerous other useful tools that weighed the huntsman's frame would also come.

Shevika and Seeker, were his long-term companions and thus the Owl and the Rabbit-Wolf would journey will him on the return to the cave.
He had no reason to bring any of the weird tools with him that were there more out of the huntsman's hoarding mentality rather than his actual understanding of the items themselves, they would just be additional weight and thus they would remain in his lair.

The only exceptions was a weird potion, the elixir he had first encountered in his ancient tower adventure with Tai, the huntsman had seen their effectiveness in treating wounds and thus decided to take it with him for safeties sake. Packing the potion carefully near the top of his pack and the Wolf-Marked Lantern which emanated light which would prove significantly more useful that torches.

WC: 996/1500 - B Tier Job

A Rangers Arsenal
Siyah (Bow):
Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] KJA5EcF
Name: Siyah
Tier: A
Type: Shortbow/Composite Bow
Appearance: This composite bow is 3ft long and 3 inches at its widest, it has a deep red tinge to it from the horn of the Rampaging Unicorn, with Fir tree wood and sinew to turn it into a composite, which increases the strength of the materials used making the bow more efficient in terms of power and range for its size.
Ammunition Appearance: A mixture of dry bone or treated and hardened wood is used for the main arrow shafts at around 22 inches long
A Hunter Knife - Knife (Hunting Knife):

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Pbucket
Name: Bone Hunting Knife
Tier: C
Type: Hunting Knife
Material: Bone
Appearance: The blade of this knife is 14cm in length with a handle of 10cm, the handle is leather wrapped to allow greater purchase of grip in the hand.

The primary job of this hunting knife is the final dispatching of wounded prey and skinning of hides.

Not All That Mundane Weaponry
Kukri - Knife/Bladed Weaponry:
Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] N1xOFpD
Name: Bone Kukri
Tier: C
Type: Knife
Material: Rampaging Unicorn Bone
Appearance: The Whole Knife is 41 cm (16 in.) in length, the handle being roughly 13cm (5 in.) and the blade roughly 28cm (11 in.). The Blade isn't a solid piece but two fused sheets to help reduce weight. The Blade is normally stored in a Leather Sheath for storage when not deployed.

Clawed Gauntlet:

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Claw_of_Thanatos-1
Name: Clawed Gauntlet
Tier: C
Type: Clawed Armguard
Material: A Ice Warden's Lower Arm
Appearance: The gauntlet has a length of 51cm's embracing in its length with its width being at most 14 cm's, the Huntsmans elbow all the way down to his finger tips of his left arm, the most armouring from the creatures original bone appears to be left around the elbow and the surface of the hand, to provide higher levels of protection to those areas.

It is secured to the arm on the underside by hide straps that thread through a few sets of scales on its underside.

Improvised Weaponry - Thrown Weapons:

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Weapons4
Name: Improvised Weaponry
Tier: C
Type: Improvised Throwing Weapons
Material: Knives, Hand Axes, Ice Picks
Appearance: This mirage of throwing weapons are used from Vodarara's spare equipment, to be used in combat to help deter the enemy, they vary in size and length from 4 inches towards 8 to 10 inches in length depending on the item.

The Pack

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Tier: C
Type: Normal
Species: Rabbit-Wolf Hybrid
Appearance: Shevika has now grown to 1.3m in height and reached 1.8m in body length. Her multiple tails and unique ears have yet to show any signs of change from their original features. She currently ways around 75 pounds.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Acute Senses
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Though still maturing, Shevika's adapted rabbit-like ears allow her to hear and detect sounds at a greater range and greater detail.
Trait Effect: Allows Shevika to detect small levels of sounds and their direction where they have come from when searching for sounds.

Trait Name: Natural Camouflage
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Animal
Trait Description: From both experience and from natural adaption, Shevika is naturally able to Conceal and Camouflage herself in Imuchakk. Making her hard to spot.
Trait Effect: Provides concealment to Shevika in Imuchakk biomes. (Current Camouflage Regions within Imuchakk, Tundra and Boreal Forest - Unaffected Regions are Mountains, Caverns/Caves/Crevasse and River/Sea)) Applying to Area's with snow within Shevika's vicinity, individual's may have the possibility of spotting other colours in Shevika's fur within reason as the creature is capable of camouflaging itself or dipping its ear's and tails.

Trait Name: Frozen Lupine Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika is able to significantly increase her speed for a duration of time
Trait Effect: Can move at the speed of equivalent speed of a horse in optimal terrain while in Imuchakk Biomes (Tundra, Forest) and Efficiently move in Mountain Terrain (Normal Wolf Speed).

Trait Name: Nimble Form
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Due to her nimble and fast nature, Shevika relaxes her form when being afflicted by blows and the like.
Trait Effect: Reduces damage taken by C tier (down to minimum of D tier).
Shevika - D Rank:

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Rabbit-Wolf Hybrid
Appearance: Shevika has now grown to 91cm (3ft) in height in height and 76cm (2.5ft) in length, though she is still maturing she still carries both rabbit and wolf traits and 3 tails of a 30cm (1ft) each.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Acute Senses
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Though still maturing, Shevika's adapted rabbit like ears allow her to hear and detect sounds at a greater range and greater detail.
Trait Effect: Allows Shevika to detect small levels of sounds and their direction where they have come from when searching for sounds.

Trait Name: Lupine Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika is able to move at the speed of a wolf and has the stamina to keep it up for a significant amount of time.
Trait Effect: Can move at the speed of a running wolf for hours in a day over bursts of minutes.

Trait Name: Natural Weapons
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika's Teeth and Fangs are capable of dealing C tier damage, if they can clamp down.
Trait Effect: Teeth and Fangs can deal C tier damage if they can clamp down on a target.
Previous Form:


Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Type: Non-Combat Pet
Appearance and personality: Shevika appears to be a small wolf/rabbit hybrid with multiple tails. Shevika is still a puppy and stands about 1 foot tall.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!


Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Ommu0QL
Name: Seeker
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Owl - Snowy
Appearance: Weighing about 2.4 kilograms, Seekers is around 26 inches long with a 53 inch wingspan. The animals feathers is in a coloration designed to provide optimal camouflage within its natural environment or other wintery, icy and snowy climates. Its primary method of movement is through its silent flight and its main ability to strike comes from the creatures talons though seeker is primarily trained to drop a basic projectile from its talon's rather than engage in a melee.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Natural Camouflage
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description: With Seekers adult plummage, Seeker now has a optimal camouflage for its natural environment. Be it on ground level pouncing prey or in the sky scouting out targets.
Trait Effect: Within Imuchakk and other similar Environments - Seeker is incredibly difficult to spot or locate. Making targetting or even attacking problematic. - Effectively making the small creature viable spottable from around 10 metres away when it is on the ground in its preferred territory.

Trait Name: Owl Sight
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Seeker/Owl
Trait Description: The owl's sight is highly adapted, its keen eyes allowing it to see out far.
Trait Effect: Seeker's eye sight allows the bird to see targets from far away allowing it to track prey from afar during day and night. (As per Owl RL)

Trait Name: Silent Flight
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Seeker/Owl
Trait Description: An Owl's feathers highly adapted to reduce the sound it makes in flight.
Trait Effect: Makes Seeker incredibly hard to hear while it is in flight.
Owl Chick - Non-Combat Creature:

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Snowy-owl-chick-close-110715-02
Name: Head-bound Owl Chick
Type: Non-Combat/Companion Pet
Appearance: The owl chick is around 16 cm tall and fairly plump around the body with dark grey puffy young plumage across its body, its feet are a creamy white with grey talons and its eyes are a piercing yellow.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!

Howling Lantern:

Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] Lwynxle
Name: Howling Lantern
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Storm (Wind+Lightning)
Appearance: The item is a silver lantern that is about 1 meter in height. There is a wolf figure and moons made of glass inserted within the metal. The magic circle is hidden within the lantern on the bottom section.
Cost: 10 magoi | 5 magoi

  • Lightning Sentry - By feeding magoi into the lantern, a ball of blue lightning will form in the center and it will begin to glow brightly and crackle. The lantern will shoot out the lightning from the center into the rough shape of a blue hound that is about 2 meters in height and 3 in length. The user may move the hound within 10 meters of themselves. However, the hound will only provide light within 5 meters of itself. It may not do damage and will dissipate if attacked.

The Quiver, Not so Mundane:
Djinn: Gusion
King Vessel: Asisiak the Destroyer
Theme: Lightning + Wind (Storm)
Type: Quiver (Blessed Arrows) (B rank Material Quiver)
Appearance: Stitched of sinew onto sections of Raw Leather, Bone and Furs. This Quiver has a height of 51cm, a width of 27.5cm at its widest and 20.5cm at the bottom, the thickest sections of material are around 30mm.

The quiver stores the arrows of the huntsman.
Rebuilding the Sabertooth Warriors - Clearing Space [Special] 2c0dae14a7bff8c582f7900ffa20296a

Health Potion x 1




The huntsman made his travels, snow compressing underfoot as he made headway across the Tundra. He first planned to stop at a local settlement and would make the final preparations for his hunt.

He would also be able to investigate the option of bartering with the local Imuchakk to assist with the clearing of the area once the cave stalker had been dealt with. After all, the Chief seemed to want a rapid schedule that risked the huntsmans hunt and one man alone, especially a human one. Wouldn’t be able to clear the debris in the area that she wanted prepared.

The settlement had a sparse population and Vodarara doubted his word would lead anyone to working for free but he wasn’t so foolish to expect that. He had pledged himself to the Chief for many reasons and he was now her bow to wield.

The huntsman made his pitch through the instructions given by the Chief. As he declared his hunt to those he could gather or speak to in groups at a time. Once he had cleared out the beast he would offer hide, bone and other materials to reward the homesteaders for their work.
Of course, he would have to kill the cave dwelling beast first and that was going to be the biggest problem, he would make his move at first light to give himself as much time to sun-up to reach the cave, to make his hunt preparations and either return or wait out the prey.
At the very least if he got killed out there at least some people had the information as to where he was going and would be able to scavenge up his equipment.


The huntsman would set out towards the lair, his pack and the lantern strapped firm as Shevika moved alongside him and seeker flew on the winds on the sky. A fresh dawn was making its rise as the huntsman moved out for his final destination, his bow remained unstrung to prevent unnecessary stress on its arms.

As the day passed during his travels towards the cave, he came to see at least some significant changes had occurred around the cave. Such things were to be expected as the Cave beast would burrow through snow with ease and some even rock if given enough time to dig its route with its claws.
Snow had been clearly distorted, likely indicating the creatures burrowing routes near the entrance, while the ends would be collapsed or covered to prevent another creature entering them with ease.

Vodarara however, would not have expected others to notice these signs; those that lacked the senses of beast’s likely wouldn’t have picked up on them until it was too late. He was blessed with keen eyes, able to pick up acute details at ranges others would have just seen a blur.

While seeker remained in the skies, the huntsman would enter the cave with Shevika. He at least knew its original layout as he held the lantern in his left clawed hand, its bluish light adding light into the cave as he progressed deeper.
The cave had the miasma of blood and death to it, a good indication to where the creature had been bringing its prey. Broken rock was present on the ground, where it was not previously.

It was more than clear to Vodara that the creature had been burrowing rock as well. Which meant its burrows certainly drew into the cave.

Vodarara continued his way to its depths, carefully treading his step as he attempted to avoid disturbing lose rubble, his kukri remaining gripped in his right hand as he used the lantern light to progress.

Eventually, Vodarara would reach what he was looking for at the back of the cave. A collecting of carcasses, some with frozen flesh still to eat and others picked clean to the bone. Indicating through hand-movements he instructed Shevika to remain still as he moved closer to the carcass, sliding his kukri back into its leather sheath as he removed his pack from his back.

The huntsman would begin preparing a selection of his bomblets, he planned to lace them into the carcass and when the creature returned and feasted it would risk destruction of the bomblets and would expose itself to their contents.

It wasn’t exactly clean work as his gloved hands began to manipulate torn flesh and he began the painstakingly delicate process of preparing holes to plant the bomblets, being careful to avoid disturbing the carcass to obviously and also to avoid injuring himself on the aged flesh that could easily put him at risk of infection if he wasn’t careful.

Time would pass as he worked through this process, occasionally checking his environment through sight from the lantern light and sound from his ears and the reaction’s of Shevika… Vodarara would not be able to complete his original plan however, disturbances from the rubble covered tunnels.
The beast was likely close as Vodarara moved himself to be more central to the room, giving himself more light cover and putting himself further from the cave walls.

The huntsman's eyes ticked around the chamber, his breathing slow and collected. He was the prey in this situation and the creature had the advantage, it knew every hole and route in and the huntsman didn’t.

The huntsman immediately moved to lower his breathing further to Hide Presence, he wanted to make himself less visible to the creature as he moved to place his hand to the ground. If only he could feel out and reach out into earth and force a stalemate with the creature.

He would unfortunately not get the time as he felt the first lump of rubble bat off the back of his boot, he was outmaneuvered and in a near instant the creature had lurched its head out and clamped the back of the huntsman’s leg with its Gnashing Bite, it attempted to drive him into the wall as its teeth sent flares of what felt like fire over the huntsman leg as it lacerated his flesh.

Using its momentum, the creature would drive the huntsman against the side wall of the cave with its weight, planting Vodarara face first into rock and driving the air from his lungs. Shevika would launch her own strike as she attempted to drove her teeth into the Cave Stalker, the creature would writhe as it released its clamped teeth and wheeled swiping with its claws at Shevika whom the aged creature easily landed a blow on as Shevika’s nimble form helped her absorb some of the force.

As this was happening, Vodarara spun himself around on the rocks as he grasped for a weapon to throw from his equipment as he launched one of his improvised throwing weapons clean into the creatures maw, catching in the back of its airway the climbing piton effectively closed off the creatures airway, as it closed for the kill.

The creature clattered forwards, its strength dwindling as it attempted to Double Paw the huntsman, Vodarara had little choice but to meet the creature head on the see whom would kill the other as he Slash and Dashed towards the creature, Kukri in hand swinging from the right and Clawed Gauntlet swinging from the left.

Both creatures blocked each others blows as their momentum came to a halt as Vodarara swifted his grip dropping his kukri and drawing his hunting knife driving the knife into the creatures chest as its weight pushed him down using its weight to push the blade home into the creatures lung.

This proved enough as the creature’s body went limp as it passed out from the lack of air in its body and it would slowly succumb to its death. As he attempted to get himself out from under the creature.
WC: 1319

Total WC: 2300

Stamina: 210/250
Magoi: 250/250

Vodarara - B tier lacerations to the leg, other injuries from impacts.
Shevika - C tier wounds from Claws

Cave Stalker - Dead - hits - Improvised Throwing Weapon (C tier), C tier Shevika's Attack, C tier Hunting Knife stab.

Ammo Used - 1 - Improvised Throwing Weapons (C tier damage)

Slash and Dash, Scale Hitx1:

Slash and Dash
Tier: C
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive/Supplementry
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Slash and Dash requires the attacker to be making use of a bladed or clawed weapon and have the ability to move.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina

    This attack method uses momentum and a weapon to aid with covering or extending the use of movement, being used either help create gaps or to close. The dash can cover up to 5 metres in a given direction, followed or led by an attack by a weapon.

Hide Presence:

Hide Presence
Tier: D
Class: Ranger
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Requirements/Drawbacks: The huntsman must be stationary as concentrating on slowing down his breathing and minor body movements.
Scaling: Duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina

    The huntsman finds himself some cover and begins to reduce their bodies rate of function, decreasing their heart rate and breathing rate, doing so allows the to begin masking their presence from those around them, it could be combined with finding cover to help make them harder to detect.


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