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ape escape [ vs. great ape ]

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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus


ape escape [ vs. great ape ] EDRm1q3

Enemy Name: Giant Ape
Rank: A
Needed damage to take down:3  A
Description: A large silverback gorilla who stands at 5 meters tall, weighs nearly 180 kg and has a shoulder width of 3 meters.  Besides a mountain of black fur the large prime ape has a muscle mass that allows it to has strength of A tier.  Its natural speed is that of C tier, until angered. Once angered the ape is able to travel at B tier speeds.

  • Rampage: Slamming its fist into the ground repeatedly the beast creates a pit to appear before them trapping whatever  is 5 x 10 meters in front of them in a pit 2 meters in deep.

  • Rage: Upon taking HALF their damage threshold the beast enters anger filled furry now able to move at B tier speeds for 3 post. At the end of the third post the beast becomes calmed once more.

  • Crippling grip: the beast reaches out with both  hands grabbing its target. With A tier strength the beast crushes whatever its holding with enough force to break bones dealing A tier damage.

the coliseum— it had been years since she last stepped foot in this forsaken place. each visit had only brought back bad memories. even now it stirred things in her mind that she seldom wanted to remember. though this time, it was under more pleasant terms.

it had been a while since she had last seen her brother. he was another half of her she had been missing from her life for far longer than she wanted to admit. the death of their father tore much of their family apart. yet they had always remained together. her departure from reim had severed that and letters made it difficult to mend.

she was excited to spend time with him. though as difficult as it was to step into these blood soaked sands, she had done it before. he had invited her to a bit of practice— to fight one of the many beasts that are captive in their dungeons. it seemed easy. if it was anything, their companions would get a meal out of it. by the looks of him, pluto was due for a hunt.

her hand brushes through his mane, nails scratching him behind his ear as he brings his head down to meet her touch. "i wonder if he has changed." while he was her twin, she knew life would inevitably shape them both. for fate was not kind to them yet they rolled their fortunes regardless. "it has been two years. i do not doubt he has grown. yet i have seen you grow much from when i had first met you. i would not let it worry you."



ape escape [ vs. great ape ] Sesshomaru_sit_boy_by_metalric

Name: Pluto
Tier: A
Type: Normal | Legend
Species: Lunar Canine
Appearance: Pluto is a special breed of canine that was bred by Minerva Corvus and is exclusive to the hierarchy of the Corvus Clan. It has a voluminous white coat with a large grey mane, long ears and tail. They have red sclera with a blue iris and get their name from the crescent moon shaped mark on their heads. As a full grown male, he is a final height of 5 meters tall on all fours and 10 meters tall standing on his hind legs.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Synthetic Humanity
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast
Trait Description: Due to extensive breeding, and genetic manipulation, and experimentation by Minerva Corvus, Pluto has awoken his innate ability to assume a human form, albeit temporarily. Tapping into a genetic predisposition to the rukh, as well as an Alma Torran bloodline, Pluto changes his physical appearance to match that of a 6'7" human male, slim in stature, with pale skin, white hair, and crimson eyes. The body is clothed in furs and articles reminiscent of his canine appearance, while the crescent moon on his forehead now appears as a tattoo upon his chest.
Trait Effect: Pluto may briefly assume a human form, gaining the following effects:

  • Pluto's base damage is reduced by one tier, representing a slightly weaker physiology.
  • Pluto retains all of his traits.
  • Pluto can fluently communicate in human language.
  • Pluto can use any ability he has registered so long as his physiology allows it.
  • Synthetic Humanity must be activated by an external catalyst. Pluto's master must make contact with the beast and pay 40 magoi to activate the transformation.
  • Synthetic Humanity lasts for 3 posts, and has a 5 post cooldown.

Trait Name: Acidic Maw
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed an acidic saliva. The acid has similar properties to sulfuric acid. However, their bodies are covered in special enzymes that neutralize the acid so they do not harm themselves.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register acid based abilities for his mouthd and grants immunity to the specific acid used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional A tier damage in the form of severe acid burns.

Trait Name: Damage Resistance
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through training and experience, this beast has become more resistant to cuts and stabs due to it's rough hide.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to resist up to B tier slashing and piercing damage from basic attacks and abilities.

Trait Name: Necrotic Claws
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Over time through breeding, full grown members of this species have developed an ability to secrete a toxin through their claws that has the properties of necrosis.
Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register toxin based abilities for his claws and grants immunity to the specific toxin used. Any ability made using this trait will deal an additional B tier damage in the form of rapid decay.

Trait Name: Apex Predator
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can move faster than most mounts and beasts.
Trait Effect: The beast can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls.

Trait Name: Basic Speech
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
Trait Description: Due to his sudden transformation and the after effects of manipulation from life magic, the beast has gained the ability to speak.
Trait Effect: The beast can now speak using simple words and basic sentences.



Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

she nods, a light chuckle. "i am worried more he has surpassed me." a jest, but in all means, she was just as serious. her muscles have sat much too idle and her mind focused on simpler tasks.

pluto halts, sitting down on the dusted pavement. his eyes train forward before bowing his head. "my lady," he states, drawing her attention to him, then his line of vision. she steps forward, apprehensive; her eyes betraying her heart the moment they locked eyes on him. "apollo—," she breathes, footsteps pacing towards him as she reaches to take him in her arms. he meets her embrace with one as strong as she remembered. his lips plant chaste kisses against her head as he tangles his fingers in her hair.

"diana," he sighs, "it has felt like a million lifetimes passed in your absence."

it had. but she was blessed to be back in his presence once more. she pulls back, placing her gentle hands on each side of his face, thumbs grazing along his cheekbones. "i am here," she says with a subtle smile. "nor will i ever think to leave again without you." and she meant it with all her being. there was no place for her in this world without her clan nor her family. they were all that mattered.

he returns her smile, pressing a lasting kiss upon her forehead. "i wouldn't let you leave without any of us. you know very well the trouble you caused." ivory becomes a soft blush as she turns her head ever so slightly. her gaze flits down. "i apologize," she murmurs. her brother gives a gentle nudge of his forehead with her own. "i know."

yet it hardly excused her actions. neglection of her duties was not well for their clan, she knew that.

"stop frowning," he chides, nudging her with his head once more. "come, lets warm up before going a round. i want to see how strong my dear sister has become." his arms release her, resting on her arms before turning away from her. she gestures to pluto before following him further inside.




Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

"what are we going up against? a lion?"

a sharp chuff of laughter bursts from his chest. "just an ape. they're bigger than any i've ever seen. tough but really just fodder. i'd feel bad for them if they weren't so aggressive. they look like something minerva would bring into the world." she was curious to see what manner of beast it could possibly be. after the civil war, there was not much that could surprise her in terms of abominations. an overgrown ape was the least of her concerns.

they made their way into the prep room behind the gates to the arena. she watched as her brother fixed and fashioned his armor. it was much different from the other gladiators she had seen but she knew it was well earned. she catches him looking at her and she gives a raise of her brow.

"you don't protect yourself, sister?"

she shakes her head. "i have no need for it." nor did he. but he was always the more careful of the two. he scoffs, tightening his greaves. "are you ready or will i have to watch you put on ten more layers?" there is a teasing smile on her lips. he kicks a cloud of sand in her direction which she turns from, chuckling to herself.

it was then the horns sounded and apollo stood to his feet. "you ready?" he asks, stretching. "of course," she replies. pluto gives a chuff in response, trailing up to the door with her brother's companion in tow.




Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

the gates creak open, the gears holding their chains rattling and rumbling the arid ground beneath their feet. as though natural for them, her brother and his companion step through before them. she follows with pluto close behind. the moment the crowd sees them, they cheer louder than she had ever heard them cheer before. or perhaps not as loud as she wanted to remember.

he truly looked like their father in this space. it made her worry that he would meet the same fate or by the favor of the fates, they would be better. if this was truly where they were destined to be, she was not sure. as right as it felt for apollo, there remained unease in her heart.

the announcer coaxed their arrival with robust statements and energy in his voice that made the crowds boom in waves of excitement. all to see them decimate a wild creature, not even a true opponent in her eyes. still, it had yet to prove her wrong.

and when the other gates opened, she was convinced it would. a pair of apes, they were, one for both of them. but they stood much taller than any she could have ever hoped to see. though the beast did not intimidate her. if anything, fighting the both of them would be overkill.

1100 WORDS



Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

with a pair of pitched roars, they took no time in charging towards them. as she expected, her opponent was much slower than they were. but from the imprints its knuckles placed in the ground, she could tell it made up for that in its strength.

(1) it stops before them, slamming it's fists into the ground, creating cracks in the earth that she knew would give. "move," she commanded, jumping up and away from where the ground had shattered. pluto followed, allowing her to step back into the plushness of his body. effectively, the apes separated the pairs, nearly splitting the arena in two with shallow pits. a mistake on their part which the beasts would find out soon enough.

(2) she takes little time in lunging to the ape, tackling it with the full force of her body. (3) pluto readied himself from behind, catching the beast in his jaws only to crush down on it's body. (4) diana follows him up with a firm kick to its head.

(5) to his surprise, the beast howls, ripping itself free from the canid jaw that bound it. bloodied and nearly beaten, it was fuming with rage. she had half a mind to spare it, yet another to place it out of its misery. the acid from pluto's saliva had already begun to wear down its flesh into stinking piles of mush.

(6) the ape hobbles towards her, faster than before, taking her off guard as it grasps onto her arm. it had it in mind to throw her and under it's strength, she felt the bones in her arm begin to fracture. (7) she placed her fingers together straight and plunged it deep into its chest, ending its life with a swift pierce to the heart.

withdrawing her hand, she watched it slowly fall, weakening as the light drained from its eyes. pluto trots himself over, taking no time in devouring their kill which pleased the crowd to no avail. much to her surprise, apollo was still fighting, making a bit of a show out of his specimen. it was then she could tell that this was more of his calling than her own.

she was just a simple huntress.

but it was nice to be able to watch the rest of the show.

1475 WORDS

combat log:
1. the beast uses rampage.
2. diana deals a tier basic damage with a tackle.
3. pluto deals a tier basic damage with a bite.
4. diana deals a tier basic damage with a kick.
5. the beast enters rage.
6. the beast uses crippling grip on diana.
7. diana deals a tier basic damage by piercing its chest with her hand.



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