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Tokoro Vs Silver Fox

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Walking into the back area Tokoro saw the medic staring her down. She blinked curiously as to why he was giving her a mild stank eye until she felt mild pain in her arms he led her attacks with and looked down to see minor bleeding on the cloth. Oops looks like she tore her stitches slightly. “Heh sorry sir” she said rubbing the back of her head before he pointed her to a seat making her sigh before walking over with an apologetic look and sat down. She let him tend to her wounds again though it seemed he didn't want to restitch anything yet given how they were not pulled too bad yet and knew she was going into one more fight after this. So he instead just changed out the bandages and wraps for her. Cleaning up the wound before flicking her forehead annoyed. She held her head with puffed up cheeks letting him attend to the others again.

She sighed but then put on her Wire Wolus to go with her Scythes this time as she waited for her turn. She would need to rest for sure after all this. Maybe she'd be able to get Tak to help her make some food since he was here for now still. And now her arms needed to avoid too much strain. When the time came she went up to the gates and made her way out as she was announced.

“You know her plenty by now please welcome Tokoro back to the colosseum grounds!!!” The coward cheered pretty decently this time seeming pumped for her final fight. She waving to the crowd a bit timidly before smiling a bit looking forward to her opponent as they were announced. “A slowly growing fan favorite form Balbadd is the Silver fox!” He declared as the crowd cheered. Tokoro blinked with a mild blush at her… outfit… yeah just her outfit. The woman looked her over before pointing to her.

“You move like an assassin… it would seem as though you may have decided something similar to myself.. I look forward to this match kid.” She said simply making Tokoro focus and blink. Wait was she an ex assassin too…? It would explain how she knew that Tokoro’s moves resembled that of an assassin. Though before she could inquire anything the woman was already coming at her using her Brave Fox. She looked like she was about to strike so Tokoro moved to Dodge and strike first with a Basic Attack from her blade but was faced with the woman's fan she whipped out to Parry Her blades quickly before quickly busting out a counter move. She slashing with her fans at Tokoro’s tendons with her. Paper-cut Causing her B - Tier Damage. She shouted and kneeled down in pain she had faced worse but this was still painful as she bled. She though watching the woman as she hopped up and spun to try and strike her with her Metal ball on her cloth.

“Like always the silver fox takes an immediate lead aiming to finish it with one final blow!” THe announcer said in awe as the crowd went wild. Tokoro looking up to her as the ball came towards her. She Tucking and rolling out of the way before slamming her blades through her cloth and into the ground to lock her in place Tokoro looking up to her raising her fan to swing down at her again and held out her hand aiming at her fan firing off her wires from her glove two wrapping around ehr fan while 3 others around her wrist she yanking her hand back to make her turn and swing her arm down towards the ground as Tokoro gripped it and held it down there as the wires snapped off using One ammo “An amazing pinning effort by Tokoro! This fight keeps getting better folks!” He declared excitedly as the crowd got further excited.

Tokoro now with her last free working limb focused before moving in to strike along the woman’s side several times in a row. Tokoro then using her I’m Not Touching you, I’m Hurting You. She striking along her side in 9 different points using the middle knuckle of her pointer and middle fingers causing a total of B - Tier Damage making the woman shout in pain and fall down as well holding her side as Tokoro rolled on her knees to grip her throat while still holding her hand down to pin her by her throat panting. The woman signaling her surrender. “And that's that folks!” The announcer declared the crowd going wild. Tokoro slightly blushing at the closeness she was to the woman before leaning back and letting her go, removing her scythes. The woman looking back to her rubbing her neck before nodding to her in approval and helped her back to her gate to get her injuries looked at. So maybe Tokoro didn't miss the whole fighting stuff too much… but she certainly would be back when she was all patched up and totally healed. This was honestly great practice she had been lacking for the past while.

[ 869 / 800 Words ]

”Weapons Used”:
Tokoro Vs Silver Fox 260b40c63e3007a9489115f0a042187d48647404v2_00

Name: Sheaki Deaki
Tier: C - Tier
Type: Chained Scythes/Long Dagger
Material: Standard metals
Appearance: Connected by silver 2.5 cm chains that are 3 meters in length enabling short ranged attacks. These scythes when flicked right can shift the hooked part of their blades back to make them function more like long daggers with a blade on the upper half of the front and the lower half of the back. The blades though will always be at a slight angle at all times though. The bottom/side blade segment is 10 cm in length, while the main/upper blade is 15 cm in length both being about 2 cm in thickness. The handle is about 23 cm in length and 2 cm in thickness. There are several pockets of empty space in the blades and ridges and spikes throughout it. The back half of the blade now have small holes in them to let out poisons loaded in the bottoms of the handles of the scythes. Along all of the blades are grooves about 1 m wide now to help glade along the liquid poisons to coat the blades.

  • Shift Daggers: This was here upon its initial creation though is now listed under tricks to keep track of it and it’s similarity to a normal trick. See above for details.
  • Poison Applicator: These scythes now have a dispenser incorporated into them and a place to load in vials hidden in the bottom of the handles. Once they are screwed into place then the handles can be twisted to release the vials contents into the blade to spread along the blades. It requires 1 post after use to reload and can only be loaded with officially approved poisons items. Once loaded the next strike that makes contact with the blades on a normal basic attack, will also do in addition the poisons effects. This though will use all of the contents of that poison and requires it to be a liquid. So even if normally a poison only needs 1 drop to work this will use all of the contents.

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Tokoro Vs Silver Fox Da9fbc6f060fb4a533dc746030ed9a20cbf7c5f1_hq

Name: Wire Wollus
Tier: C - Tier
Type: Wire Shooter / Claws [ Trick ]
Material: This weapon is made of standard metal found in metal wires in stringed instruments to allow durability and flexibility, The claws have been upgraded to a fine steel material built for durability and for cutting.
Appearance: This weapon comes in 3 parts, the standard gloves with 2 cm claw dispensers on the fingertips can can be used to break the wires off that she fires off if needed by using the sharp ends of the claws to do so, a 5 cm spool like disk on the back of the glove to help regulate the dispensing and retracting of the thread, and a 17 cm in length and 8 cm in width spool canister held on a belt on the mid back over the shoulder blades of the user positioned both vertically. Protective leather like pads with metal plating is normally worn alongside this where the threads are fed across to protect the user from the threads quick movement when in use.
Ammunition Material: Standard Musical instrument threading (Much like the wires on the thin E string on the guitar.
Ammunition Appearance: The threads themselves typically are 0.0254 cm in thickness, and come in bulk so the length varies based on how much ammunition she packs that day (as she grows in tier so will the amount of thread) and if the thread is cut by herself while in use. The wires add up each to 15 m per spool. She typically carries 5 spools of ammunition in total with her when sporting this weapon in holders along the lower back on a belt.

  • Claws: Currently this trick weapon only has one that is more obvious then some tricks, These are the claws on the fingertips that are usually used to dispense and split off wires. These claws now enable the user to use them as basic melee weapons along with their ranged abilities for C - Tier Damage. The claws are rightly 3 cm in length with a hook to them and 1.5 cm at their thickness points at the base tapering off to fine points.

”Abilities Used”:
I’m Not Touching you, I’m Hurting You.
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hit all 3 pressure points to work
Scaling: Scales for Damage
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10 Stamina | 5

    The user bends their fingers down to strike with their pointer and middle finger’s knuckles. She then strikes hitting three nerve points at once doing D-tier damage to that limb. When scaled for higher damage 3 additional points will be targeted for each additional scale.

Tokoro Vs Silver Fox Mai-kof13-stance
Enemy Name: Silver Fox
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier to defeat
Description/background: Formerly trained as an assassin in Balbadd, the Silver Fox decided to leave that life behind and began to travel the world. Having heard of Reim's legendary Coliseum, she decided to see it for herself. The Silver Fox was in luck too, a historic match was about to occur, the undefeated Decimus had been challenged by the King of Reim himself. After seeing the strongest warriors Reim had to offer clash head-to-head, the Silver Fox vowed that she would one day defeat Decimus herself. With two wins under her belt so far, she is working her way up to obtain that dream.

Abilities: The Silver Fox wields an collapsible fan that deals C-Tier damage. She wears a two meter long length of cloth, with a metal ball tied to one end, around her waist, that deals C-Tier damage when struck. She moves at 6 m/s and sprints up to 12 m/s.

Parry: Using her fan, the Silver Fox parries one ability that deals up to B-Tier damage away at 15 m/s.

Paper-cut: The Silver fox aims a twenty meter per second diagonal slash with her fan at an opponent's tendons to disable them, dealing B-Tier damage.

Rapid-Spin: Spinning her body at 15 m/s the Silver Fox hits an opponent with the metal ball, dealing C-Tier damage.

Brave Fox: The Silver Fox dashes forward at 15 m/s to travel up to 10 meters away.


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