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The poison and the sword (plot/solo/job)

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Job Name:Kishimoto Village and Ganryu Village
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward:7,000 huang, 100xp
Job Prerequisites:none
Job Overview: These are two nearby villages are enemies that are only separated by a river. The Flame's Reach goal is to help one of the villages defeat the other and convince them to be a part of the Flames Reach.
Enemy Name:Kishimoto assassins x5
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:Former pirates that retired after gaining enough money to support their village. They are armed with smoke bombs, poisons and knives.
Smoke cloud:Throws a smoke bomb to create a 5m by 5m cloud of black smoke.
Poison prick:The uses stabs at the target to deal c tier damage and another c tier the next turn with poison damage.

It had been about a week or two since Gilles had last dealt with any of the five villages she had first encountered. She had last time burned both of the first two villages they had visited and decided to head back to the city for a bit. While she was in the city the Flame's Reach had attempted an attack on the guards of the city to rather convert or kill the guards in order to be a step closer to burning the whole city. She had managed to accidentally burn a massive amount of the city taking probably hundreds of lives but the flames reach did not complete their attack on the guards. They had been caught by the lieutenant of the barracks and the Dragon of Kou known as Tenma. Tenma had ended up killing Dusk who was the first flame of the Reach and had taken the high priestess's right arm. Despite all of this she had managed to escape with her life. Now she was trying to recruit more members while spreading the flames of her god as well to those that are unworthy. Also she had appointed Dawn and Husk to the 4 cardinal flames making them 2 of the highest members of the religious order now. They would be highly useful in their future.

Now they Flames reach was heading back to the area that contained the scattered villages with her full religious order in tow. The order now had 10 more members that consisted former monks and pirates from the first village that they had paid a visit to. They were here to continue their mission of burning and converting the heathens that live in these villages. This time it would end up being quite a bit different however. Instead of burning everything in site this time they were going to play two of the remaining villages against each other.  There were two villages that had greatly opposing cultures and beliefs which has caused a great number of conflicts between the two groups. The plan was for them to visit the village of Ganryu which was full of swordsman who had spent most of their lives here honing their skills. They would talk to the village and convince them to join the Flame's reach. THis of course was not the first method gilles liked to use when it came to recruiting members. She felt that it was best to test them with fire before hand to see if they are worthy to join or not. However not everyone would want to join with the threat of fire and she needed more believers to join her after her major defeat in the city. As long as they believe and follow her every word she will make an exception for these villages. So they were going to attack and burn the other village which was one full of rogues and assassin, a village of lies and murder. It may be tricky but gilles and the others were a bit excited to attack the Kishimoto village and bring the touch of their lord to them.

The small group of 18 cultists made their way into Ganryu village, this time in their attire instead of the circus clothes that they once were. They were getting strange looks at they traveled to the large house that was in the center of the village. They could tell by looking around that the village contained about 30 people total not including the small handful of children. The children were useless for the most part but the adults were perfect for members of their order of the flames. The leader of the village was an old man who was also the master of all of the swordsmen here since they learned the same style for generations.. HE would look at the strange group "Ah so I see that the circus has shed their disguise. How can we help you young lady?"" He would ask smiling. Gilles would grin as she speaks. "We ae the order of the Flames Reach. A religious order and I am the High priestess Gilles. We have heard of your constant conflict with the village of Kishimoto. We have come to offer our assistance in this matter. We shall get rid of your enemies if you accept out religion and become one with the Flame's Reach." The leader would nod occasionally as he listens. "We would be glad to have your help. We are not used to religious groups but we would be willing to lend our blades and join your organization." He would say without much hesitation. They had been unable to vanquish the other village for years so they would accept any help. That and their code as people who followed the way of the sword made it so that they would have to honor their helpers and help them in any way needed which would be accepting and joining their religion.

They would leave the city and head their way to Kishimoto in order to go about with their business. They would split up like usual with The hidden Flame spreading across the village and begin to start flames in locations that would spread the quickest. The High Priestess and the two cardinals, Husk and Dawn would walk into the middle of the village where they would come across 5 assassins that were already ready to take action up against their attackers. Gilles would grin as she steps aside, it was time for these two to prove their capabilities. The assassins will use a smokebomb to cover themselves and the two cardinals. They would then charge the duo when Dawn would raise his taff in the air casting one thousand cuts creating a cyclone of razor magic cutting up the 5 assassins that were near them. Gilles would chuckle seeing them so easily defeat these men so easily. They would quickly leave the town as there appeared to be no survivors this time. They would head back to Ganryu to complete their deal and add 30 to their ranks.


Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Dawn is a magician formerly of magnostadt who had become a priest going around helping out the tribes that Lived in the plains. Eventually he was tasked by the order of priests with torturing tribesmen and others for information and to force people to join their religion. He found that he enjoyed this and would keep torturing people for fun after he left the priesthood to go on a killing spree with the former pit fighter known has Husk. He focuses on using razor magic.
Weapons: A cane that is 1.5 meters tall and is mahagoney and used as a staff for the magician.

wall of a thousand blades: The user casts the spell by shouting the name and forms a 5 by 5 meter wall consisting of razor magic. Anyone that comes in contact with this magic will receive c tier cutting damage in the form of several small cuts.
Cheese Grater: The user makes a cutting motion two times with their staff sending two jets of razor sharp wind up to 10 meters that will slice off small pieces of flesh for 1 d tier each for a total of 1 c tier.
Guillotine cutter: The caster makes a cutting motion with the staff sending a meter long slice of razor magic up to 5 meters aiming for a target's limbs or head dealing c tier cutting damage.
One thousand Cuts: The user create a 10 meter tall twister of razor magic around themselves dealing c tier cutting damage to those that come in contact with it.


Gilles new vault Downlo16

Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Husk was a former pit fighter in the plains near magno. He was a personal fighter for a leader of a group of bandits that was trained as his person war dog. A war dog is a fighter that is the top of the groups fighting slaves. normally they fight for the entertainment of income of the bandits but they are also used to fight other bandit groups by having the war dogs fight eachother. War dogs can win their freedom if they win 100 of these battles against other war dogs. It took 10 years but he eventually won his freedom and decided to leave the group. After a couple of years of traveling he found he still craved fighting and when he met Dawn they formed a quick friendship finding a common interest in killing.
Traits: Hardened muscles(c): After years of fighting most of his life his muscles have harden to where d tier physical damage such as weapons or fists bounces off of his body.

Piercing jab:The user forms their hand into a blade like shape with they fingers together and hand straight. They thrust their hand out to plunge it into the target for c tier damage.

Suplex:The user grabs their target then bends back wards while holding onto the target to slam their head into the ground for c tier damage.

2 tiered punch:The user punched with the top knuckles of their hand followed by quickly closing their fist completely to form 2 hits in 1 punch dealing 2 d tier damage.

Guard:The user flexes their muscles and forms a cross guard with their arms to block up to c tier damage.

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