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Start of something new (job/solo/plot)

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The guard captain had been unconscious for the past couple of days now. He had used up a lot of energy recovering and fighting the wounds that covered various parts of his body. He was now slowly opening his eyes feeling pain all of his body. The first thing he would see was a pale woman with stark white hair. She was grinning at him, a playful excitement glittering in her eyes. He would instantly remember that she was the pyro that was going around burning people, just thinking of those charred remains filled him with anger. He would begin to struggle and realize that he was tied down, his arms to the wall and his legs were tied down. Wait, his legs...he would look down and see only one leg laying there, the other was just a stump. He would start struggling again, shouting this time "Where the hell is my leg???" Gilles would shush him trying to quiet the man. "Shhh it will be okay, you can learn how to fight without that leg, you will be like a new person without it, a better person.""what are you talking about a new person?""I am a warrior of the fire of god. And you have been touched by the lord's fire and have been spared. He has chosen you to be a warrior as well, to make this world a better one. It is your calling." "You are nuts, I will never serve your so called god and i will never work with you. You killed my men." Gilles would get up and grins, "It is okay. you dont have to like me now, that is the old you. You are still in the process of changing, but soon you will do everything out lord says and follow my command." She would say as she leaves the shack.

She would return with a box that would rattle with each step. She would set it down and the first thing she was a metal can full of water. she would set the can on a metal stand and start a fire underneath. Once the water was done boiling she would pull out the second item, a dropper. She would fill the dropper with the scalding hot water then grab a needle and string. She would sew this eyelids to his face and then grab the dropper as he watches in terror. "Rather you will join me willingly or i will break your mind then you will join me." She says giving him a moment to respond, his response being spitting at her face. She would wipe it off and start spouting out words about her god to him as she holds the dropper over his left eye and releases a single drop of boiling hot water onto his eye. He screams out in pain and starts writing trying to break out of his bonds. "You feel this pain. This is the pain that fate puts you through. This is your fate unless you decide to go against it. Curse fate as I have and the pain will go away." She would say as she released another droplet of water into his eye. She would repeat this several times over before switching to the next eye being careful not to actually damage them.

While he was a captain he was not exactly a strong man. He cared about his troops which is why he was able to get such a high position. However it was also his troops he was thinking about. Was it their fate to die like fire hood in that shack, was it their fate to die at the hands of this psychopath? He didnt want this fate. He did not want to spend the rest of what life he had left in pain. So he would most definitely start cursing his fate, Why do others get to live pain free lives when he was here spending hour upon hour in constant pain and without a leg? He would make it his vow to make sure others feel pain like the kind he is in. his rukh would scream silently as it changes into black rukh as he fully curses fate. "Fine woman enough! I will join you as long as you let me spread pain to people like you have me" She grins smiling as she loosens his bonds letting him go. It was now time to move to the final step of his transformation as a warrior of the flames.

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