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A Striking Start [Job/Solo]

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As Mori’s master had always said, a long journey must always begin with a single step; this just happened to be the young monk’s first ever. Sure, he’d trained all his life, but it was in seclusion, and he for sure was not expecting what this cruel world had planned for him. Not even halfway to his first destination, one of the Kou grandiose cities, he’d already gotten a serious case of the stomach rumblings. As stupid and eager as ever, he’d skipped the part where he was supposed to pack extra food for his journey, and he was currently suffering the consequences of such. His appetite seemed to be as unquenchable as ever as it almost seemed that every single step he took, his stomach would growl in frustration.

Sighing upon his path, Mori would search through his already scrounged bag another time, seeing if the invisible bread that he didn’t pack was there, and to his unsurprise, none was to be found. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and he’d have to just go without food until he got to the city.

Continuing his trek, he’d eventually end up at the outskirts of the main city, which various villages and rural farmsteads encompassed. Dramatically malnourished, he was sucking in his stomach so he looked like he was starving despite only being devoid of food for about a day and a half.

“Lord, I’ve really done myself in this time,” he would speak aloud to himself, as he continued to walk along with a slumped hunchback, arms extended, swinging too and fro to match the movements of his legs. Looking around every now and again, he’d look at the various fields of wheat and various other reserves of vegetation that they held, wondering if the owners would care if he were to just take a handful of crop and sod off if they’d care. Maybe he could mask himself as a crow or something of the sort..? No, he didn’t want to be known as a thief not even two minutes before he reached the actual city.

Clank, Clank, Clank

The sound of metal striking metal filled the air, the sound roughly clashing with the natural sound of the environment he was in. It was enough to make Mori perk up from his slumped state, and take a good second glance around, eliminating his malnourished blank stare. In the distance, he’d see smoke in the distance. What did smoke mean? FIRE! Someone was in trouble. It was coming from a hay hut in the distance, Mori rushed, his bag bouncing up and down upon his back as he ran full speed in the direction of the smoke. The metal striking metal must’ve been swords striking swords!

When he got there, however, he wasn’t greeted with the intense fight he’d subconsciously hoped for to test his skill, he was greeted by a simple blacksmith in a messy shop striking what looked to be a horseshoe that was being reformatted. At first, the blacksmith hadn’t noticed Mori, but inbetween his hammer hitting the steel, he heard the rifling of Mori’s backpack, full of gear. Wiping the sweat off of his big brow the blacksmith would welcome Mori as a traveler.

“What can I do for you stranger?” the blacksmith would ask kindly, yet gruffly, as if for all his life, he’d done nothing but inhale the smoke of his forge.

“I just thought there was a fire, and I came rushing to help,” Mori would reply autonomously, almost embarrassed that he’d made the mistake that he did.

“Well, there is certainly a fire, and you can still certainly help,” he said, before grabbing what seemed to be a wool cloth and wiping the rough soot off of his hands, making sure to get it all off of his fingers. Afterwards, he’d toss it at Mori, “If you clean my mess up for me, I’ll pay you a pretty penny and feed you dinner, you look starving.”

It was almost too good to be true, Mori couldn’t help himself but to accept the blacksmith’s kind offer, and the rest of the day consisted of Mori cleaning every nook and cranny of the blacksmith’s shop. The dinner turned out to be handmade by the single blacksmith, but it was good all the same.



Abilities Used:

W/C: 720/500

Magoi: 160/160
Stamina: 65/65

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