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The start of something new (plot)

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1The start of something new (plot) Empty The start of something new (plot) on 11/01/18, 10:41 am

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Silva was currently in his room at the hotel that he was staying at catching up on the latest news of that was happening in the world. The old assassin noticed that a lot of the news was about the war in Kou and how it was affecting the rest of the world. The whole world seemed to be in an uproar with this war happening and all of the other stuff that was happening such as the appearance of dungeons and people gaining power and loyalty through out the world. To the assasin it seemed like the perfect time for the underworld, people like him who were considered villains, to take thier place in the world.

For awhile now Silva had noticed that there was no organization between the thieves, killers and others of the worst of the worst. But he saw the potential of what could happen if the underworld gathered and worked together. No longer would they have to fear being persecuted and hunted down by people such as that so called hero of justice and her hound. If they work together they can cause chaos throughout the world and do whatever they pleased. They could slaughter villages, rob entire cities or even burn should countries to nothing but ash.

Silva wanted to create a group sooner but the time was not right. However with the world in disarray now was the right time. Time to build a gild where criminals can count on each other for help in thier jobs. Rather working all together or in small groups.

Silva wanted a symbol that would strike fear throughout the world. Something that was simple yet an archaic symbol from ancient times. At that moment Silva remembered the Zodiac. "That would be perfect!" He says to himself. They could each take names from the twelve Zodiac animals and where masks of the animals to conceal thier true identities from the world. He had enough money that he could buy a place here in Balbadd for them to make home until he could think of a better location. He wants there to be equal leadership among the twelve Zodiac while he would take charge when needed such as group gatherings or missions that required the whole group to participate in. The group would act for it's own reasons separate from any government or nation  as he thought earlier the members would act on there own unless they decided otherwise.

Silva gets up as he decided that he was going to start right way trying to find people fit to join the group. He will find those his dark desires who have no intentions of saving the world but instead watching it burn while they watch from thier own thrones. He gets up and leaves as he goes off to give birth to his idea.

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