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Traveling to seek help[Travel]

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Bass Mikiaru

Bass Mikiaru
Bass had hit a bit of a wall he was seeking outside help now. He either needed someone to train him or just get inspiration from somewhere else. He thought of Traveling to Reim and perhaps seek out a veteran or retired Coliseum fighter to help them. Though he figured these fighters would likely wish to be paid for such services offered. He simply just did not have that kind of money being a simple hunter. Perhaps he would have to go even further. Perhaps he could travel to Kou but no... His family had fled there for a reason and though Balbadd was not his native home, it was his home and so he needed to do right by it. Help from Kou would only make things worse. It was time to head to the home of Magicians and seek out one of the Mages who would be willing to lend a hand or at least give wisdom. Surely they would be the most willing to stand and help someone in need.

It was time to set out after gathering his bows and daggers. Ensuring his things were secured to the horse properly he gave it a good shake. When nothing fell he smiled and climb up onto the horse patting its side once he was one.

"Thanks for your help girl, please see me through this journey and I will do the same for you" He says with a smile. He was ready to set out, and in a few minutes, the city was in far view. He hated to leave things as they were but he would get back to it.

The first three weeks of travel were not bad, he was on famaliar type of lands. It was the following 3 weeks where the terrian shifted that proved to be dificult. With just and old map and a few helpful travelers Bass had to locate this grand country. There were times where he was not sure he was going to make it or even find water, howecver once he had helped a traveling shop with Bandit issues they were more than helpful and even gave him a few supplies.

Then he could see it, the sheer size of it was scarry. To Bass it was scarrier than the Plains he had gone through. He had a very unwelcoming feeling coming from the city.



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