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Fire Festival (job/plot/solo)

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1Fire Festival (job/plot/solo) Empty Fire Festival (job/plot/solo) 25/07/20, 12:29 am



Job NameCome and tast the kool aid!!! Pt3
Job RankD
Job LocationKou
Job reward3,000 huang, 50xp
chain reward50xp
Job prereqPt2
Job description Now it is time for the initiation process. The initiates will become full warriors by spreading across the city and burning the homes of those they hold dear. It will be up to Gilles and Dusk to make sure that they are not interrupted.
Enemy Name: Guards x10
Damage required to defeat: D
Description:Simple guards in guard attire and armed with spears.
Abilities: Spear throw:Throws the spear 5 meters to deal d tier damage
drill spear: Thrust the spear while twisting it to deal d tier damage.

A couple hours after testing the 50 something people that gathered things had calmed down and were advancing to the next step. Just like with Dusk, Husk Dawn and the other 5 would have to burn any connections that they had in this city. It turned out that all of them were travelers and not actually natives of this city so they had no real connections here. This was fine however, they would just have to burn something they are lest attached to. She would have dusk pull out a map of the city and marks 7 different locations throughout the city."You, my new warriors will start fires in each of these 7 locations. The plan is to hit locations that will take out several buildings before being stopped. All you need to do is start the fires then run do not watch. There will probably be guards trying to stop you but that is where Dusk and I will come in. We will fight the guards while you 7 start the fires and escape. I am sure you can handle yourselves but the guards have been vigilant against me so I feel it is best just to be safe. Now go and spread the touch of our god." At this the group would gather supplies then leave. Gilles and Dusk leave to other sides of the city to protect more of the members.

Gilles had chosen tall buildings to get a better view of the area, while Dusk chose a shadowy alleyway. Gilles would spot the glint of metal as the moonlight hit the blades of spears and the metal armor as 5 guards were hurrying towards one of the 7 who were in the process of setting the fire. She would smile as she climbs down the building and faces the guards, standing in between them and the warrior. ""It is the Pale Woman! stop her! one of the 5 say as they quickly surround her. Gilles would create a blade of hair around her left arm preparing to fight as they swarm her. One of the guards would use drill spear and she would dodge it causing the spear to be driven into a guard behind her. She would laugh as she charges the man in front of her, the other three would lunge thier spears at ther and she would jump onto rhe shoulders of the one she charged making the spears pierce him. She would then turn and face the other 3 slicing them into pieces with her hair blade.

Dusk would see another 5 guards and moves to stop them. Unlike Gilles, Dusk would not give them time to react. He hobbles up to them Once he is close enough to them using spin to win, spinning on his onw leg sqinging his crutch and sword striking all 5 of them down in a flash grinning as he sees them in pain.

SHortly after 7 fires would be started almost simultaneously throughout the city and it would take them a couple of hours to be completely put out.

WC 500+/500

Hair Armory:Blade
Tier: d
Class: Body Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hair can be destroyed easily by bladed weapons, acid or flames.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

The user has their hair wrap around their left arm and hardens into the shape of a .5 meter long sword extending from the users arm. It lasts for 1 post and deals d tier damage

Name: Dusk
Description: Dusk once
Was a proud warrior of the Kou army. That was until one day when it all changed, since this day fourth Dusk followed Gillies into battle being the shield to her sword. The man wears shinobi styled clothing and a white demon face mask these days. Though missing a leg the warrior does not let this discourage him, while he must hop around and often gets knocked over he always finds a way to get back to his foot. This man knows no bounds to the fall of committing vile acts, while he is just starting down the path of someone who has fallen, the longer he stays on this road the less of his humanity remains forging him into a great killing machine. Dusk stands at 2 meters tall and weighs in at about


[*]One Leg One Stance: Learning how to deal with the disadvantage of only having one leg when it comes to being a front liner, the user is able to always find a way to roll back to their footing and stand up again. The user is unable to be knocked down unless hit by an ability higher than C tier, or if is pin/held down by someone/thing.

(D tier)Weapon Proficiency Crutch: The user is able to turn a handicap into a viable weapon. A crutch with a round shield attached is simple to use as a normal shield to the owner of this trait. They may treat any Crutch with a shield as if it were a normal shield.


Curved blade: A 1 meter long sword with a slight curve in the blade, something typically found with assassins from Kou. The Sword is equal to that of the Owner. (Useable by NPC Dusk Only)
Crutch Shield: A normal wooden Crutch crafted to fit the brave warrior fitted with a round shield near the hand grip of the crutch. This is treated as a normal shield for Dusk and functions as normally as a shield would for combat. The Crutch is 1.5 meters long while the shield portion is 80 cm in diameter.


Block: The user lifts their shield to block an incoming attack that is of D tier ability damage or less.

Parry: The user swings their blade making contact with an incoming attack with their sword parrying it as long as it is D tier Or lower.

Spin 2 Win: Stretching both arms out the user uses the lack of balance in their favor as they swing both arms at once spinning about like a battle top his, both sword and crutch shield dealing D tier damage for a total of C tier.

Rolling out: The user leans in any direction using their single leg to spring like a spring moving 5 meters in that direction by performing battle roll before getting back to their foot.

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