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The Ring of Fire (job/plot)

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The flame's Reach were currently meeting to come up with their newest course of action. They were back in the abandoned warehouse that they were using as their temporary base of operations. They were seated around a large, round table with gilles actually sitting at the center of the table. She had a bunch of maps of Kou placed out all over the table and was currently looking at them. "Okay boys this is what we are going to do. So currently we are trying to purify this city, however it is currently taking a long while. So while we are doing this we shall be traveling and visiting some of the small villages scattered throughout this country. We will burn and recruit members slowly spreading knowledge of our church and gaining strength for what is ahead on this path we are taking. We will of course be disguised at first as we explore  few of these towns before deciding on plans for each of them." At the mention of this Dusk would place down a box full of bright, colorful clothes. Gilles would empty out said box and put on the hat of a jester. "We shall go as travelling performers. Doing this shall reduce the suspicions of the villagers and make it much easier for use to gather information and find out about the layouts of the cities."

The members of the Flame's Reach would get dressed as they head out of the city. They were all dressed in jester costumes and various other performer outfits. They were walking to a nearby village since they did not currently have horses or any kind of transportation. The first village was actually two that were close by, Oda and Benkei. They were both close villages that were on good terms with each other. They would walk into Benkei and start performing for those that were walking through the street. They would do various acts such as flips and juggling. The group was talented in stuff such as this, so it was easy for them to pass as street performers. They would start listening and observing as the villagers. This village seemed to be a simple layout so the best path would to just have a straight forward attack. Also Since the villages were separated by a river than that would mean that they would have to split up and attack both villages at once. Besides that both villages were similar in layout since the other one was built by members of the first village long ago.

They would head to the next village after getting a good look at the first two. The next two were nearby as well and created by the same ancestors. However, these two villages were bitter enemies for decades. Apparently one village accidentally killed the other village's pig and since than they had been various battles against the two villages. So with here Gilles would try to pit them against each other and help one side demolish the other and try to recruit the surviving village into their ranks.

In the last village they would come across fit men who were apparently former soldiers. They were apparently soldiers that had sided on the losing side of the civil war that had recently ravaged this country. These men were ones that refused to join yoshi after they were defeated so they left to live here till they could get their revenge against the current Emperor. This would probably be they easiest to deal with since all Gilles would have to do is convince them to rise with them against Yoshi. After their recon they would leave and head back to their base in order to properly prepare for what was ahead.

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