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Embrace of flames (job/plot/solo)

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Job NameCome and tast the kool aid!!! Pt2
Job RankD
Job LocationKou
Job reward3,000 huang, 50xp
Job prereqPt 1
Job description Now that she has gained a bunch of people's interest it is time to test them and root out the wicked from the warriors.
Enemy Name: disguised Guards x5
Damage required to defeat: D
Description:Simple guards in regular clothing and armed with knives.
Abilities: knife throw:Throws the spear 5 meters to deal d tier damage
piercing strike: Thrust the knife to deal d tier damage.

It was the following night after openly preaching and trying to recruit followers. Gilles and her knight Dusk were hiding in the darkness waiting and attaching as the possible followers began to gather. Rather one by one or in small groups they would begin to gather. Soon there was probably close to 50 people gathered making it become quite an impressive group. Gilles would smile and look at Dusk, "Look at them Dusk. These are all people willing to be tried by our god. Willing to be engulfed by his embrace and rather turned to ash or burn anew in the ashes of those that fail, just like you my sweet knight." Dusk would grin as they didnt realize the pain that was waiting for them. "Try to stop any that try to escape Dusk." Dusk would not as he hobbles around behind the crowd as Gilles would walk up a makeshift stage that was in front of the crowd. There was a small bonfire in between the two.

"Welcome my friends! I am Gilles priestess of our god and his voice for those that dont hear him. I thank you all for gathering here. All of you that are here are interested in following our god and being reborn by his touch. I need one person to come up first for his embrace."no one was coming up till one person decided to volunteer and be the first. "witness as this man in embraced by the touch of our god"  She says as she shoves the man into the fire cause some squeals and light screams from the audience as the man's body writhes in agony till it stops moving completely. Gilles would frown and look out towards the crowd. "I know this looks terrifying but this is what happens when you are a wicked being. You become firewood for his fire.  But he will be reborn as a better person one day. NOw next!" This time there was no hesitation as another man walked up. the group of somewhat shady characters that were in the larger group grinned as they knew this man had casts a spell to be fire proof. She would smile as he walks into the fire for a few seconds before coming out revealing that he was completely untouched. Gilles would frown once again and shoves the man down kicking him till he no longer moves. "This man was untouched by the fire. That is true signs that they are agents of evil. They shall be punished as they are nonredeemable." This time the crowd was starting to become uneasy. however the ones that truly wanted to be a part of this cult now knew what they needed to do. 7 of the remaining would come up and walk into the fire and walk out after putting out their flames, each of them revealing burns. This group wasnt connected but they were all criminals and creatures of the underworld. They saw this cult as a nice situation and wanted to join. Two of these men were more willing to speak then the others. "I am so glad to be a part of this. This is such a great monument for our lord. High preistess Gilles, I am Marcus, a former priest willing to serve our lord.""I am also a former warrior and glad to join the cause." gilles would smile giving them their masks and new names "You will now be Dawn as you will show the begining like dusk shows the ending. And you will be Husk showing the emptiness of fate."
Embrace of flames (job/plot/solo) Downlo10

Embrace of flames (job/plot/solo) Downlo11

She would give the other 5 names and try tomove on to the rest when 5 would reveal themselves "This is the guards no one moves!" this causes the already scared group to start running and gilles would look at the 7 new members, stop them! Dusk and I will stop the guards. Dusk!" Dusk would move towards three of the getting surrounded by them. one would knife throw at Dusk who uses block to stop it with his crutch and uses spin to win to spin violently hitting all three of the guards killing them. Gilles would use hair armory blade to create her hair sword and cuts through the remaining two guards. After things calmed down Gilles would see that the 7 caught the remaining crowd and nods as they start tossing them into the flames, none of them had survived like the first 7. This would be the end of the first part of the night.

WC 500+/500

Stamina 110/120
Hair Armory:Blade
Tier: d
Class: Body Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hair can be destroyed easily by bladed weapons, acid or flames.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

The user has their hair wrap around their left arm and hardens into the shape of a .5 meter long sword extending from the users arm. It lasts for 1 post and deals d tier damage

Name: Dusk
Description: Dusk once
Was a proud warrior of the Kou army. That was until one day when it all changed, since this day fourth Dusk followed Gillies into battle being the shield to her sword. The man wears shinobi styled clothing and a white demon face mask these days. Though missing a leg the warrior does not let this discourage him, while he must hop around and often gets knocked over he always finds a way to get back to his foot. This man knows no bounds to the fall of committing vile acts, while he is just starting down the path of someone who has fallen, the longer he stays on this road the less of his humanity remains forging him into a great killing machine. Dusk stands at 2 meters tall and weighs in at about


[*]One Leg One Stance: Learning how to deal with the disadvantage of only having one leg when it comes to being a front liner, the user is able to always find a way to roll back to their footing and stand up again. The user is unable to be knocked down unless hit by an ability higher than C tier, or if is pin/held down by someone/thing.

(D tier)Weapon Proficiency Crutch: The user is able to turn a handicap into a viable weapon. A crutch with a round shield attached is simple to use as a normal shield to the owner of this trait. They may treat any Crutch with a shield as if it were a normal shield.


Curved blade: A 1 meter long sword with a slight curve in the blade, something typically found with assassins from Kou. The Sword is equal to that of the Owner. (Useable by NPC Dusk Only)
Crutch Shield: A normal wooden Crutch crafted to fit the brave warrior fitted with a round shield near the hand grip of the crutch. This is treated as a normal shield for Dusk and functions as normally as a shield would for combat. The Crutch is 1.5 meters long while the shield portion is 80 cm in diameter.


Block: The user lifts their shield to block an incoming attack that is of D tier ability damage or less.

Parry: The user swings their blade making contact with an incoming attack with their sword parrying it as long as it is D tier Or lower.

Spin 2 Win: Stretching both arms out the user uses the lack of balance in their favor as they swing both arms at once spinning about like a battle top his, both sword and crutch shield dealing D tier damage for a total of C tier.

Rolling out: The user leans in any direction using their single leg to spring like a spring moving 5 meters in that direction by performing battle roll before getting back to their foot.

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