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Sparking the Flames of Resentment [plot/private]

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In a random port town in Kou a single hooded figure exited from a circle of glowing magic. This would be Endolf’s first time traveling via teleporting. He had to admit it was better than traveling by boat and dealing with all that rocking and unpleasantness in his stomach. But it was far more costly financially as far as he was concerned and even though he was able to afford it he doubted that he’d use it as his most common means of getting from place to place at the moment. Turning to one of the women that stood around the circle, now a series of markings upon the ground, he held out a bag of huang and placed it in her hand. Half to be paid to the people teleporting him from Reim, half to be paid to those bringing him to Kou. That was the agreement he had reached when he left.

With his debt settled he would turn, his cloak kicking up around him enough to show his boots for all of a fleeting moment before he continued forward into town. He utterly despised the Kou empire for his upbringing as a child. He made sure to keep his hood pulled up and his crimson hair hidden from sight as he walked, dreading the possibility that someone would attempt to capture him and force him into slavery once more once they learned he was a Fanalis. All around him as he walked a sense of unease and resentment seemed to weigh in the air with the citizens. He hadn’t been keeping tabs on the current events going on in the country lately, or ever if he had to be honest. He didn’t his best to forget the country itself even existed after the rather “unpleasant” childhood he had growing up in it.

He paused in his stride, coming to stand completely still in the middle of the street like a deer that had heard the hunter approaching. It had dawned on him, just why did he come to Kou in the first place? Sure he knew he had hit a wall back in Reim as far as training was concerned, he had actually set out to look for ways to grow more powerful in the other countries for exactly that reason. But why was it Kou that he had decided to travel to first? It hadn’t occurred to him when he said that was the destination he wanted to be sent to back when he left Reim.

Perhaps it had something to do with his own personal grudges against the country? His own personal issues? He shook his head, chasing off the ideas. He was here now and it would be expensive, or sickening, to leave so soon after arriving. He could find ways to train here, that much was a given. In fact, his last “teacher” had brought him with her to this very country before they parted was prior to their reunion at Ronove. He would begin walking once more, his goal would be for the capitol so as to try and see how much Kou had changed since his childhood, or at least since his last visit some time back.

He could hear whispers as he walked, bits and pieces of information that his better developed ears could make out. Something about the government and how it was oppressing it’s people? He couldn’t get all of the information from just those bits. He would find himself unable to proceed any further, in thought or his walk, as he would encounter a crowd of citizens at the town’s entrance with a wall of guards blocking the only way out of the small port town. It was clear something was happening in the country as he was once more able to hear something. The angry crowd hollered things at the guards such as how they were fed up with the government and how they wanted action now. From somewhere behind him he could hear a pair speaking between themselves, mentioning how the citizens of another town had already started to fight back against the country’s royalty.

The redhead’s eyes seemed to ignite with a blaze of emotions at the idea of going to war against Kou’s royalty. This would be it. This would be his chance to get his life-long vengeance against the country that had raised him as a slave. With his skills and equipment it would be able to get out of the town while avoiding the guards and crowds, but he figured it’d be better if he waited till the night had fallen. For now he would simply make do with finding an in to rest at for the moment.


Sparking the Flames of Resentment [plot/private] QtRTjIE

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