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Fetch Water Quest [ Job | Solo ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

”Job Details”:
Job Name: In Search of Water
Job Rank: D Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP / 3000 Huang
Job Overview: The de facto leader of a tiny desert hamlet in the Heliohapt is desperate to provide water for his people. There is rumored to be an oasis near the village but every scout the village leader has sent has not yet returned. Be forewarned, a child reported seeing rumblings in the sand due southeast of the hamlet.

Enemy Name: Desert Worm
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Swallow - The beast opens up his mouth to swallow everything in its path, dealing D tier damage to those who get caught in its stomach.
Sandstorm - The desert worm slams its body into the ground, creating a whipping storm of sand to temporarily blind its opponents for a short while.

Jumanah splashed the water in her face with one hand sliding the hand over her face, leading through her hair before shaking her hair out a bit. She held her eyes shut gently as she sighed softly cupping some water with her hand and taking a drink from it. She reached over to a towel and dabbed her face dry gently. She then set it down and reached over to her mask wiping it down with a damp part of the towel and drying it off again before putting it back onto her face. She had gotten pretty good at washing herself and her face without opening her eyes for the last few years. She lifted up her head before opening her eyes looking forward at the  covered mirror on the inn room’s wall. She Imagined seeing her younger self reflecting back in the towel then one of a young teen that she was roughly at memory wise before frowning looking off as she got up from her seat. She repressing her thoughts as she grabbed her staff and made her way out.

She had to get back to work and she already had something lined up after hearing some stuff going on in a small desert Hamlet in need of water pretty bad. She had heard the rumors about scouts not returning from looking for water in their usual spot, and rumbling sand dunes in the southeast. It was likely a Desert Worm; she only knew of it due to almost being eaten by one when she was being transported to Heliohapt. They were nasty things but if the guards helping transport her could take one out she needed to be able to as well if she wanted to avoid recapture by anyone of similar strength. That and if it meant helping people out there from dying of dehydration it was worth a shot. So she set off straight to the southeast before the Hamlet.

If the worm destroys the cart shed, you need to collect the water. It would put the people out more for supplies but if she could clear things up, get the cart and anyone willing to travel with her they could all go safely together to get as much water as they could hold for the people. It took a while but soon enough when she reached that area that looked to have some sand dunes she paused listening quietly past the wind that blew by her ears. She shifted her feet down into the sand moor trying to feel for rumblings as she readied her staff. She slowly closed her eyes as she did her best to focus. Soon enough she felt the rumblings grow and they were pretty close too.

She then focused her magoi clenching her staff waiting for the right moment before the rumbling paused and opened her eyes as she casted Buzz with a scaling of 20 Magoi to widen out the area of effect watching as the Desert Worm shout out of the ground but bare miss her as it passed through the area of effect of buzz making its body seize up and fall hard to the ground around it’s hole. She could feel a sweat drop roll down the side of her head as she sees how close it was to her. She though shifted to face it again. She then charged up and Ear Pound for 10 Magoi before chanting out “May the rukh carry my staffs shout, and gift my target with pain!”

Sending out high pitched screeches making the Desert Worm convulse in pain. It seemed only a bit hurt before it seemed to get enough movement back to move again she spent towards her. Her eyes grew wide as she turned and started to run cursing in her head as she tried to focus on charging up some Magoi looking back as she saw the mouth of the Desert Worm encompass and eat her whole. She fell into the stomach acids and gasped in pain as she felt it starting to eat away at her. “You should watch what you eat!” She rose up her staff aiming it at where its head should be as an orb spread out quickly with extra damage scaled onto it.

“Or else you’ll eat something with too far of an explosive flavor!” She shouted firing off Sound Breaker Full force! Using 30 Magoi as it crashed into its head exploding with B tier Damage. Everything went limp in it as it fell to the ground shaking up its insides before it all spilled out from its left agap mouth spilling out Jumanah with it. She slowly raised up from the stomach acid on the ground, sighing. “I just took a bath too…” She grumbled before setting off towards the Hamlet. As she walked she scooped up sand here and there ripping it on her clothes and the goo on her to help get it off a bit more.

Soon enough she arrived looking on at the people who looked back at her with surprise of her scratched up appearance.

She smiled softly holding up a hand in the form of a wave. “I’m here to help with the water situation?” She offered only getting blinks in response before a few more moments passed and a few finally showed her the supplies they use to gather water. She set back off with the supplies to the location they said there would be water and collected what she could return soon after to the Hamlet. To the people’s relief she came back not further harmed and the supplies intact and full of water as well. She collected the money and helped out with distributing the water before making her way back to the area she was staying in. Lord knew she needed to wash off before going to that other Job she wanted to go to before the day was over… that and clean up some of these irritations and mild burns from the stomach acid she was dunked into.

( 841 / 500 Words )
( Spells used in Order Buzz For 20 Magoi -> 180 Magoi | Ear Pound For 10 Magoi -> 170 Magoi | Sound Breaker For 30 Magoi - 140 Magoi Left )


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