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Furcas The 14th Dungeon Summaries

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I encourage people to read the dungeon for themself cause it is a nicely written dungeon on every person's part.

Here is the Main Hall recap for those interested in the dungeon but don't read it often: Trently entered with his guild General. Main Hall filled with swathes of wealth (rare for a Main Hall in dungeons). Encountered a trio of sentient metal statues who were really just confusing and didn't give any clear good advice (they were friendly and didn't attack us). Sessho entered with his group of adventurers and fighters, along with a cat man. Sessho and his group began looting treasure while Trently continued on.

Xerxes, Knight King of Sasan then enters with his strongest men of A-Tier, equipped with Magic Weapons and Scaling. The cat man from Sessho's group attacks Xerxes, gets flown back by a clash with him, equips a golden saber in the end of the Main Hall. He gets a black hook mark on his eye upon touching the magic golden saber. He gets a power up from the weapon and starts clashing with Xerxes big time. Xerxes' men try to creep around the battle to not disturb their king's duel. Trently continues on to a stone pillar with Sessho and the others close behind.

Trently reads a poem on a stone, and decides to not pull any magic weapons circled around the stone plunged in gold coins. He proceeds on to the Midway and touches the gate. Sessho pulls a magic weapon out, a copper axe and gets a black hook mark on his chest. He proceeds on to the Midway and touches the gate. Zubaidah has entered a little before this with a captured Sasan knight prisoner and proceeds to the the stone pillar where weapons lie around and reads the poem. She equips a platinum polearm. Zubaidah gets a black hook mark on the back of her hand. The knights of Sasan read the poem and continue on, with one wanting to take and equip one of the weapons however.


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