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The 14th Dungeon, Furcas

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Furcas -The 14th Dungeon

The 14th Dungeon, Furcas Wind_knight

~The Djinn of Iron Will and Tenacity


The Gate
The 14th Dungeon, Furcas Dt21

    A resplendent tower of the finest silver. The massive grasping tree reaching out into the sky with wide-open arms. The tower stands alone in the vast empty land of areas long abandoned, now only filled with travelers. A beautiful beacon in the wastelands the intertwining mass looms over everything around, with those who arrive upon the massive structure findings a small, gate only the size of four in height. The heavy iron door which is inscribed with strange writings is embedded with precious gems, and plated with fine metals such as silver and gold. The door with no edges or signs of where to open beckons those who come close, calling out to onlookers, with a clearly bigger than any of the other writings resting in the middle of the door.

The Main Hall
The 14th Dungeon, Furcas 7fc212c5efa83f0947f68bb8854497f7

    Gold is all that catches the eye in the main hall. With walls of reflective silver and floors of dense iron is decorated with mountains of golden coins, fine pearls, chests filled with treasure. Opulent wealth in a room in which high above stone lions adorned with jewelry spat out more luxury items like a gushing waterful. With splendid wealth being the first sight underneath the fine platings and piles of treasure is a well-crafted stone room in which the only noticeable sign of is the obscenely large stone in the middle of the room, and the exit near the very end in which the maw of stone to leads to a solid iron door which would lead to the next room. The leading paths of expenses, exotic weapons, and wonderful accessories lead up to the large stone in the room's center, if one looked closer they’d even notice dull faded text in the extravagance.


  • Aurum
  • Argenti
  • Platnem

The Midway
The 14th Dungeon, Furcas 11-when-angels-die-dungeon

    A dungeon screams out to those in the midway, an endless stone room where the walls lead to a frame with no door. Filled with armor watching guard, weapons and chains which edged the scenery. The creak and screech of the metals through the room call out in the moonlight which shines from windows scattered around the halls, even along the floor. With a long and seemingly endless night, the room itself beckons to those who enter. The walls move and dance going from their thin halls and vast rooms, anything can happen in 6 strokes of nights.


  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Room 3
  • Room 4

The Necropolis
The 14th Dungeon, Furcas E7fff49cb0f8029bce036cda877f64a9

    Heat and Sound a powerful pair in the sprawling city of stone and metal that spread forth in the necropolis. A massive city 500m in size with pools of molten metal being worked by metallic citizens. Made from the attraction of metals the people here work in order to combine and utilize metallic alloys in work to improve their city. Houses of platinum silver, stone, and clay lead up to steps of grand proportion. The city itself climbing and reaching towards a massive anvil in the center of the city in which the source of the foundry city’s flame was. The rivers of melted and amalgamated metals pouring out from the sides like waterfalls, leading towards a small building made of rusted iron, with a solid black iron door straight in the center. Circling and swirling patterns adorn the door which would lead to the end of the dungeon.


  • City Sentinels
  • Wheels of Fortune
  • Ferrum Machina

The Chamber
The 14th Dungeon, Furcas 5c166ad0bda5a9a902e25215f66578f1

    Treasure nowhere in sight upon entering the final room of the dungeon. With floors of copper and pillars of platinum the wide hall leads to a massive iron throne decorated with a white veil. Light and dark danced across the ballroom floors, the towering windows playing with the sun that seemed to revolve around the building far outside. With golden chandeliers holding shining crystals and fine rubies hanging from the sky and winged soldiers of silver lining next to each and every pillar leading up the throne. With an intense smell of iron in the room, anxiety settled deep within the surface walls of the cold halls. It was a castle room with no occupants and no exits. It was a room for performance.


  • Idnium

Dungeon-Beast Transformations


One of metals' finest traits is its vastness in functions and types. With one of the finest examples being the metal of mercury. A being of intense flexibility and immense power the being is known as quicksilver by many. Manipulating it’s liquid shape this strikes and unexpectedly like lightning.  
[b]Trait Name:[/b]Mercury Golem Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Mercury Golem
[b]Trait Description[/b] (Detail the species a bit more in detail)
[b]Trait Effect:[/b] (Should include magoi and stamina values if changed, genuinely 2 perks with one downside can have more with balance downsides and such)
[*] Is treated as A-tier living weapon which can shapeshift and manipulate its mass up 3m and can be treated as a weapon for any of their abilities or classes (With the option for ranged mercury attacks but a flat ammunition rate of 15)

[*] Despite being flexible limbs can still be lost or separated in attacks, but a player can avoid most physical damage, if a limb is lost they can’t form that shape for 2 posts. If at least a limbs worth survives the player can regenerate in future threads

[*] Immune to most Fatal damage besides fire, acid with heat damage being twice as effective.

[*] Has magoi and stamina values of an Immuchak for racial.[/list]


A shadow of one’s former self now in the shape of a walking puppet crafted from metal. Walking and working with metals and magic in order to perfect their craft. A being with a durable shell and a repairable body the tirelessly toil away in order to craft a perfect tool. A forghoul, a ghoul of the forge
[b]Trait Name:[/b]Forghoul Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Forghoul
[b]Trait Description[/b] A person made solely from metal they carry the spark of metal magic deep within themselves. With a thick metal shell covering their inner frame this race of metal works with itself and with metal in order to make a perfect tool to help them in the duty and task they set for their life.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*] Has a shell B-tier in durability covering the body and all vitals points, requires destruction in order to damage or break apart the user's body in order to kill them. The armor can be repaired with metal magic.

[*] Upon creation must decide on a non-alloy metal to be composed off, a weakness to one type of damage will be chosen around the metal picked by the player.

[*] Can register an A-tier construct made from metal magic construct (anything from a weapon to a giant mech suit of armor) which is capable of doing A-tier damage and can register 1 A-tier ability and 3 B-tier abilities

[*] Has Human magoi and stamina pools for racials.[/list]


  • You must post within 72 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not, you are subject to being hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 72 hours, you are free to presume that your hit went through and killed it.
  • Only those who have participated in the crusade event are viable to enter the dungeon, players are capable of bringing NPCs or allies of C-tier or higher with them given proper plot.


[ FOUNDER: Character Name | PERMISSION: Free to Use ]
By comibining the forces of Strength and Lightning magic the user is capable of searching for metal particles nearby, and attracting them. By using magnetism and stronge force to gather the particles the user is able to bond them together in order to form solid objects made from pure metals, or alloys that can be formed with low-heat or at room temapture. All metal magic spells have a weakness and strength based on the metal that makes them up, meaning they are treated as one tier weaker or one tier higher in clashing with said weakness and strengths.

Passive: Furcas' Deliverence
Near and Far wherever Furcas would go his loyal steed stayed by his side. Even in passing and the warrior's ascension to a position as a djinn his steed stayed with him. With shape and form to protect him from harm or support him in his future endeavors. This passive manifests in the form of a horse connected to and in place of a lower body of the person in the djinn equip. Along with being the user's movement the horse lower half is as durable as the equip itself, capable of doing damage equivalent to the level of the equip. Able to block or clash with attacks by slightly altering its shape freely within a 2m size max or by being affected by the metal magic deep within the djinn.

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