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Tatara vs Silver Fox

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Silver Fox:


Hanesisi lead the young warrior through the coliseum walls once more. They felt isolated, alone, and desperate to further their achievements in the coli through, Tatara more so she did. In and out of the surrounding warriors, magicians, assassins, gladiators etc… they made their way through the cluttered barrack walls to the southwestern gates. Another day, another chance at death's door. Tatara enjoyed rolling the dice of life, and his mother saw the fires of hell in his icy glare so she knew to make her son one of the strongest, he needed to face trials and tribulations. Hanesisi, held a newly acquired weapon for the boy.

My son, as we prepare. I prepare for you as well. Found in a poor end shop of weapons, I obtained this dull looking sword. Here take it for this fight now. “ She held the sword close to her heart, and then handed it to her son. Tatara, mouth remained still as his hands felt and examined the blade.

It was afternoon-ish. The clouds settled along the skyline, and created a irry mood amongst the merchants around the coliseum, but not among the crowd roars. Just like caged lions they screamed for the afternoons battles, and many went by as Tatara found time to himself to reflect and mentally prep for his fight against a new opponent. The scheduled time was for sun fall/breaking dusk basically. Perfect for a fiery show. Lit to the heavens in torches it would be. Hanesisi, had disappeared for the remaining time period, and he would remain within the barracks off to his own business.

Tatara, in his own head. The feeling of the new horizon choked him by his tongue. A bubble in the back of his throat, capturing his breathes as he inhaled. Silver Fox, a known retired assassin turned coli-fighter; She is fierce and fast with her fans as a main weapon. This is all the information he was able to obtain from the teller, but for him to test her true capabilities, he would need to rely on his resilience. Not just using that will be effective enough for her though, she's an experienced combatant unlike him. Tatara, knew she was no animal, but her name is ‘silver fox’ so why not think of her as an animal. An animal equals a hunt in his eyes. “ I am focus now. She’s an animal. “ He say, cracking his knuckles and rubbing his knee.

word count: 403/800

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The red hue of the sun setting along Reim had come, and the roars of the crowd have turned beastly as they knew a show was coming. The commentator with his daily routine of announcing the gladiators was readying his rounds. Standing in the middle of an unlit ring was the commentator, clearing his voice. It echoed even amongst the loud crowd, until the quick burst of inhaling air happened. As soon as his mouth closed and bubbled up with air, the torches lit instantaneously also his voice booming.

Commentator: “ The dusk battle of  B E A S T, is about to unfold before us!!. The boar head wearing young man of pale stature named Blue Devil Ox~. His origins unknown but his strength most certainly known! Single-handedly using his bare hands against the COUNTER RUFI!!. Lets see how our young champion take on his second match.

Giving little detail of his first match, but explaining how he used his fist to take down the repetitive gladiator, Rufi. None knew how he would match up against the quick, and robust, Silver fox.  Again back to the commentator speaking.

Commentator: “ With the torches light, and the gates arising soon. We can’t forget the rising star of battles with her swiftness amongst the youngsters with many notable battles! A wild, robust, and beautiful beast herself, SILLLLLLVVEERRRR FOXXXXX~!!!! Retired, but never dulled. Sharper then ever since making her first appearance in Reim, Silver fox has graced the sands with her bladed blades, and steel ball knocking many newcomers out her way as she climbs to face Decimo!!! How will these two favored BEASTS take on one another.

Tatara, rubbed his chin. Spitting off to the side, and wiping his lip to a gloss, he stepped towards the entrance of his gate. Looking off to the side as his mother stared with her natural resting bitch face towards him with her thumb up. Tossling with the bindings of his round shield on his left arm, and touching the hilt of his newly acquired sword on his waist. A quick drawing the blade from its sheath, firmly holding it in his right hand.

Opposite of him, the red and white clothed women stepped out of his gate as well. She had nearly nothing on as most of her curves was revealed, but no one complained against her attire. The metal ball dragged by her feet, and she walked on her toes as she was ready to strike at any moment. Silver fox, had what looked to be one fan in her left hand.

Silver Fox: “ Blue Devil, you look like such a goofy pup. Show your face in my presence so that, I know how I put defeat upon your face.

Tatara: “ . . . unflattering woman. you would be no match to my mother

Tatara kept his words short to the point, and insulting. Silver Fox brow turned as she heard him say those words to her. The commentator had taken his spot up in the crowd overseeing them, raising one hand. They had spoken, he had given them time to speak, and now the commentator was ready to throw his arm down to begin. “ WITH THE SOUNDS OF KINGS ECHOING, WITH THE PASSION OF QUEENS RESONATING, WITH THE PRIDE OF THE PEOPLE, LET THIS NIGHTLY BATTLE OF BEAST COMMENCE!!

Tatara, rolled his shoulders pressing himself forward keeping the shield in front of himself. Eyes peeled over the round corner of his shield, he’d already noticed Silver Fox had closed the distance between them using her ability Brave Fox. In a straight line, she combed her swiftness with Paper-cut aiming to halt his motion in his left leg. Tatara was not going to lag behind in her instances of attacks.

Considering none of his moves he trained would even put a dense in her strong offensive capabilities, he bared his teeth down together and held himself against his shield before being sent back with a slash towards his leg but not losing it. Sliding back with a grunt, Tatara knew he had to regain himself against this woman. His thoughts were focused on seeing her movements once more; Silver Fox was cunning and swift. Her feet touching the sand once more, she would take the chase to brave fox once more to get upon, Tatara.

This was over before it even began pup. “ Silver Fox would say briefly while getting ready to angle her fan down towards the boys chest. Tatara, feet planted firmly in the sand from sliding back and his arms easily within reach, he’d perform No.2 in quick succession towards the quick woman as her feet weren’t in the stand. A fluid motion downward through her clothing, and piercing ashrunes tip into her chest leaving d-tier damage into her. Tatara, knew that was not going to be enough, so he scaled the hits and repeated another three hits leaving a grave mark of b-tier damage on her chest area with the b-tier ashrune.

summit, or succumb… “ Tatara would coldly say, letting her step back dripping blood in front of him. It wasn’t much one-sided, but Tatara held dominance over her. Silver Fox, would spit blood towards the feet of the imuchakk. “ To hell with that pup, finish me or fac-.. “ She’d say, as body spun around viciously flinging blood into his eyes, and initiation Rapid-spin upon him. The metal ball would crash against his shield arm and not the shield knocking Tatara off to his right but him not feeling much due to his imuchakk thick skin

With her blood loss, Silver Fox had one instance of c-tier damage, and Tatara with d-tier and c-tier. He knew she was close to him, and his footing was engraved in the sands from being tossed off to the right. He could feel the stone almost beneath his feet. The sounds of crowd rung in his head, and he wondered how it sounded to Silver fox. No matter, he used No.4 to shake the ground beneath the fox like woman throwing her off balance. “ checkmate. “ He’d grunt, as he’d step forward with ashrune near his ear adjusting it in 90 degree throwing the weapon at the unbalanced woman’s shoulder. With his added bare hand strength, he’d active scaling rising it to b-tier damage.

The onlookers would see as the blood spilled over the woman's body from the cuts to the shoulder piercing. The commentator would speak. “ THE BLUE DEVIL HAS SHOWN US SOME SIGNATURE MOVES JUST AS SILVER FOX HAS!!! LOOKS LIKE THE TURN OF TABLES FLIPPED EASILY AS HIS STRENGTH BESTED HER FANS AND SWIFTNESS! “ He yelled turning up the crowd, Silver fox hung on a sliver of faith, but from the way the sword was thrown into her angling it into the sands below leaving her stuck unless she could muster the strength out of it. Sadly, Tatara was in reach of her and grabbed the ball chain from his ankle. “ Bye bye~ “ He’d grin softly, but with a icy crazed glare into her eyes.

In his hands now was her item. The chain ball felt like nothing in his arms, but his stamina drained and he wanted to end this. Cocking the ball besides his ear at a close range, Tatara threw the c-tier chain ball into the face of Silver Fox up close intending to crush her skull and knock her out. Would it be deemed as overkill was not his concern, but he was concerned with pulling his blade out her shoulder before kicking her bloody body off to the side and stepping away. Waiting for the commentator.


He spoke briefly some more, and medics and what not rushed the opponent off the sands. Tatara was not concerned if she lived, retired, died or whatever as he returned into the darkness of his gate into his mother's arms. Blood stained some of his clothes, and face as he and her walked off with his second debut win.

Word Count: 1773/800(1370)

Stm: 60/150
Magoi: 50/50
No.1 ( Used and scaled for B-tier -40, Used Last for -10)
No.2 ( Used and scaled for 4 hits for C-tier, -30 )
No.4 ( Used no scale for stun, -10)
ability used:

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