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Tatara vs Rufi

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Tatara vs Rufi BNhIskI
Enemy Name: Rufi
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 3 C-tier
Abilities: This swift fighter moves at a base speed of 7m/s and 10m/s when sprinting. He carries an old but reliable sword loaned out by the coliseum capable of dealing C-tier cutting damage each blow. He is known for being an evasive counter fighter and can anticipate incoming attack trajectories with his years of skill and experience.

Steadfast Hold ~ A firm defensive stance followed by a striking movement made with the user's shield at 15m/s. This strike aims to clash with an incoming attack before batting it away parrying its trajectory safely away from the user. Capable of blocking up to 1 B-tier ability within a 3m range.

Sliding Board ~ The user anticipates an incoming attack and raises their shield to block it. The user then turns the shield and moves behind it as they allow the attack to slide off the shield harmlessly. The movement to position the shield occurs at a speed of 10m/s and it can be used within a 3m range blocking up to 1 C-tier ability.

Forward Cleave ~ The user leaps forwards up to 10m away from his starting position and slashes violently with his sword in a dowards blow. The slash moves at a speed of 15m/s and the leap 10m/s. If the strike succeeds it will do B-tier cutting damage.

Item brought:

Tatara vs Rufi 7afOyLum
Name: Reverb  
Tier: D-tier
Type: Shield
Material: Steel
Appearance: A regular round shield, small in size and black in color. 35cm in diameter, at the center marks the face of demon with it’s mouth open. Just a common shield with cracks filled in by illuminating blue crystals that look lite up.

        The coliseum shook with excitement. Every-time it shook, more times his bottles would click between each other. Sitting down in the barracks awaiting the announcements to begin from the commentator, the boy would reach for one of the six bottles. “ Noisy ass people. Wish they all shut up before my hunt. “ He would say to himself, as his mother would place her hand on his shoulder. Gentle rubbing the tension away from her son, as he would soon drip milk. Dripping from the corner of his mouth, and gone off his chin down to the stone below. Tatara, would knock his mother’s hand away from his shoulder, as well as grabbing another bottle to quickly drink in succession. “ My babe. This is for you, please enjoy yourself. Take in everything you experience with your body. ABSOLUTELY do not kill your opponent. “ She would say, rubbing her hand then placing it close to her heart. “ My only son, don’t lose your life. “ She would add knowing how cruel the coliseum could be.  

          Tatara, stood up reaching for his shield. “ Fine. pfft~ “ He’d reply to his mother, sort of arrogant in his demeanor. Closing his eyes, beginning to imagine the cold peaks of the mountain him and his mother stayed on, revisiting his history. Briefly remembering all the times the ox would ram against his body, and how he would receive every single one, driving to slam them down into the snow. The small scars left across his torso, the small indentations all marks of the beast leaving their imprint before death. Reminding him of home, Tatara would open up his eyes blinking twice, looking forward as his side of the arena would open.

                “ This is what you have been waaaaaiiiiiIIIIITTTTTT FOORRRRR!!!!” The commentator would announce loudly, as he stood in the center. Raising his hands up into the air to riley up the crowd. “ Standing over here in the left side of the coliseum, first time competitor!!!!! Going by the name of BLUE DEVIL OX!!!! “ He would say aloud, following up to introduce the opponent. “ In the right side we have returner, RUFI THE COUNTER!!!!! ” Waving his hands up towards both sides, waiting for both of the gladiators to enter and soon begin. The crowd was excitedly hungry to witness another debut fighter. It was always a new scene once someone new entered to obtain glory. However, fame and glory was not, Tatara’s goal or his mothers. They were purely there for training purposes weather it was to gain glory, or not.

        The shadows soon turning from darkness and cold pavement, turning into hot sand like stone, and bright light. Tatara, was towering over his opponent from what he could from far away, and what he could make out from his mask. His face hidden away by an ox mask. Pointing his shield forward, then punching up into the air to entice the crowd, causing a large uproar. After punching the air, he would drop his hand down like a hammer with his thumb downward in the direction of Rufi to taunt his opponent, as well as announce his victory. “ Let us get this underway! FIGHTERS LETS HAVE A BLOODY DISPLAY!!!!!!!! “ The commentator would scream, before the words fight would leave his mouth.

     Rufi, pulled his shield in close to his chest, while keeping his sword low. Moving forward to close the distance, standing about 10 meters away. He had quite the experience on him so, he knew he had to take quick ignitive, making way for a forward cleave at, Tatara. However the boy was quick witted, and brought up his shield to basic block guarding in front of himself, while placing one foot forward, and the other back; Giving himself some grip upon the ground. The cleave, would leave a crack in, Tatara’s shield. Rufi, wouldn’t exactly let himself up, and aim another swift slash towards the boy.

  Tatara, would have such a remorseful gaze from behind his mask. The man, Rufi attacks felt like pebbles hitting the floor against his shield. Raising it once more for a basic block, leaving quite another crack to form on his weak shield, Tatara also lunged himself forward 4m to get into, Rufi space. Rufi, being swift would bring his sword down, and shield forward ignition-ing his own move sliding board, as Tatara would turn his body leaning into a straight punch to deal B-tier damage towards the risen shield. Rufi, being able to hold back a certain amount of strength would be pushed back 3m, due to the strength of the straight cracking his shield, and stopping his follow up.

Boy, you pack quite a punch! But you are still a cub in this large field “ Rufi, would yell getting in his own stance, but Tatara wouldn’t hear him. Sending another basic punch from his free hand at the man’s opening as he skid. Rufi, haven’t already having his shield up would go in to block once more, being pushed back as the Ox like boy would push him back further. Tatara would take notice how he overpowered him. Leaning in more to step on the man's foot trapping him in close counters. “ AGHHHH! “ Rufi would scream as the bones in his feet would break from the pressure, also causing him to lose his composure briefly.

Tatara, would interlock his hands as, Rufi was anguished in pain. Slamming the combined knuckles down into the swift counter face, for B-tier damage to render him unconscious. “ Is that it? “ The commentator would say, but Rufi held on, barely in a daze. Rufi, slashing his sword into the side of Tatara’s open stomach only for it to be rendered useless due to whale-like skin snapping the blade like a twig. “ Pathetic “ Tatara would say from beyond his mask, before crushing his elbow into Rufi’s neck dislocating his shoulder and knocking him out with the final B-tier attack ending the match.

Uh.. Look like that has come to a close in nearly fifteen minutes!!! The BLUE DEVIL OX has claimed victory against RUFI THE COUNTERRR!!! “ As he called the match, the crowd would roar in excitement, but not as loud as the beginning of the match. With less blood actually coming out of this, this only quenched a little of their thirst for bloody matches. Tatara, would kick Rufi’s unconscious body off towards the wall, cracking it before taking his own leave.

Word Count: 1093/800

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