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Edging towards another Road [Plot/Job/Private]

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Job Name: Edging Toward Another Road
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Setting Foot on Foreign Soil
Job Overview: While conversing with your fellow knights you've met others more fervent in their mission to convert others. Follow them and assist with the task they've assigned.

The morning came too quick, heat bursting through as if the last call of the summer. Grey swept by, like a moving haze of beauty Atash quickly stepped, keeping a pace which made the young Casrare. He didn't want to get caught staring, his eyes focused back onto the path ahead of him. With an invitation from the Dars twins the pair had met in the bustling port, only about an hour ago did their paths cross in the dawn of the salty, tranquil port. Despite traveling they hadn't exchanged many pleasantries on this fine day, however, Casrare hoped to break that trend.

"So what do you think the twins are going to show us? They said there was work but didn't really specify what we'd be doing." He chimed in, hoping to get a response from the ashen boy.

"I'm not really sure. They are a rather strange pair, I've known them before the crusades, their father was a prominent hunter, Darius Dars. They're fanatics, but we're here to do good work for Sasan or so they say. I don't know what that entails but I guess we'll see." he spoke out informatively and slightly sarcastically to express his so-called enthusiasm to help the pair.

"Well don't you seem ecstatic?" chuckled the beastly boy warming the air with his laugh. With a smile, Atash responded "Well don't you remember I said we were idiots for choosing to discuss with them, just stay with me and you'll be fine. They just wanna make Daddy and the king proud!"

Laughter only brought more warmth to the already scorching morning. Their liveliness continued, it seemed as if the fun could continue and they could grow closer with the tension broken but any further conversation would be stopped as the pair of brothers revealed themselves. Stepping forth from around the corner of a fish shop, greeting them with grand almost unnerving smiles.

"Hello, you two! Glad to see you made it here safely" Artadarius greeted with his fire of a voice.

"I see you're ready for our adventure today?" Sars would respond with the same ferocity as his brother.

"Oh, so it's an adventure?" questioned Atash.

"You bet!" Artadarius answered the question while Sars would continue with a passion to explain their duty for the day. "We're gonna go preach!"

"Oh boy! That sounds delightful!"
Atasg would joke with the sarcasm flying over the head of the two brothers. He held back a chuckle but Casrare would respond with a held back grin. "I'll be interested to see where that goes." "I think we'll do fine, but I think the twins here got us beat." He would continue but their misunderstood chatter would get the brothers to respond once again in their odd, energized manner.

"It's okay young ones, we'll show you the way, and show you how to spread the light to them as well."
He would speak, looking over to his brother who was now beginning to lead the lot of them somewhere.

Artadarius would lead the way, despite being the younger he just seemed to be in a hurry to begin their duty. "Time to get a move on, to spread the good faith!" Guiding into the crowds, with the rise of the day the bustling crowds flooded the markets. With so many voices filling the air it would be difficult to gain traction, but they had their ways.

The savory scent of charred meats danced through the air, the laughter of jubilant children heading out to play, and the beginning of barter between shoppers of all rows of life would start the Reiman morning in the markets. Troops in the distance marching could be heard, many coming by to get their first meals before going onto guard duty, others returning from it.

With such a large crowd arriving it seemed intimidating, but the twins put up their stand, and with a high stance would begin to speak to the crowds. Darius stood by, Sars with a higher position would try to garner the crowd's attention. His voice speaking out with a passion burning brighter than his average enthusiastic tone.

"Attention everyone! Can you all give a moment for the glory of God!" The crowd was drawn by his strange warmth but only confusion and annoyance seemed to show from the gazes of the crowd.  While some would gather and others would try to ignore it the Sasanid would continue with his dialogue. "We come from a distant land to spread our good grace, the path to salvation!"

It was obvious he was trying to preach to the crowd, many gaining disinterest at the mention while others, who while not pleased seemed to gather closer to hear what he had to say.  Artadarius scanned the crowd looking at the faces among them while his elder twin effortlessly continued with his well-crafted speech. "Do you ever feel at loss in the world? Do you feel like that despite your efforts things seem to unfold, and unsew themselves at the seems leaving your life a bundled mess of yarn?" Each question placed in their minds, now they had to know what he was going to spout, maybe there was something of value but Casrare could tell many were looking for a cheap laugh. He didn't really understand it, the humor in at least but maybe because he didn't get insulting others besides as playful sarcasm or banter.

Well we come offering a solution to you! The Lord offers the path to purity, to living a whole life and accepting your place in faith!" Well it seemed like that tipped the crowd over. "The true path of salvation comes forth from sacrifice! Through work, and toil, offering up pleasure and your soul to bring forth the eventual gift of the highest salvation, to be closest to the lord and to dedicate ones worth to cultivating the earth and spreading forth his name!" His fervent voice rang out, he was almost rabid with faith, his crazed eyes only viewable to the onlookers.

"Why don't you bug off!" A Remain would respond. Another chiming in with "Why would we give our fun for that?" and another crudely saying Why would we respond to you, we don't know you, or where you're from, Kou soldiers are more reliable!" The criticisms flung forth along with a rock that struck the skull of the speaking Sars, who would fall with the assault.

It came from a redhead with gold armor, Artadarius noticed that was the man that left such a large gash across his brothers head. No one hurt the brothers, no one was allowed to, not in their book especially when they were on a divine mission. They had to retreat still, members of the mob pushing them out now that they were in a weakened state, a majority laughing at their failed attempts. It was cruel almost but it seemed as if Atash was aloof from it all.

"Come on let's get away from here." He would say, trying to lead Casrare and the others away from the crowd. "Mhm"

Panting in a back alley wasn't how they thought their evening would be spent, but they'd been chased for some time. They couldn't be found but the red-head was looming in the area, he was rough but now the warrior moved onto his daily patrol duty. "Get him, lead him here. He commanded, hoping to gain some peace for his brother. "I don't thin-"

"Good, don't, just bring him by and leave, is that understood?" Casrare was to see this strange tension of intimidation, his magician companion seemed to quiet immediately.

Leading forward Atash would start to wave over with his staff, he seemed to keep it hidden under his coat most of the time. "Should we be doing this?" questioned the boy of brimstone. He was concerned, he only knew him briefly but this was surprising still.

"It's better if we just go along, Trust me, they can be rather aggressive when it comes to one of them being injured." His voice hid his true feelings by an uncanny veil of mundane manner.

"HEY UGLY, YOU WITH THE PUTRID BLOOD HAIR, GET YOUR STINKY BUG-INFESTED MANGY MANE OVER HERE!" He screamed out the insults, which annoyed and bouned around the ears of the troop. His vicious gaze turning towards the pair.

A pouncing lion would normally attack with silence, to take out its prey without risk, but this red-haired beast was raging through the crowd. "I'M GONNA RIP THAT SLY TONGUE RIGHT OF THAT DIRTY MAW OF YOURS!" It was clear that they had pissed him off, but they both would need the obstacles from around to escape him, both would feel the ensuing pressure of his insane speed.  He charged forth like a sprinting horse, there were normal humans capable of that? There was no way he was human, even manipulators needed to alter themselves to gain such speeds.

Looming like an inescapable fate, reaching out for their coattails they raced from the coming threat. The few turns in between to arrive at safety seemed like it 100 miles long. In all reality, as he came upon them, capable of yanking them down by the angles they would slide into the alley where their allies would await. Holy Shit, Shit Shit, thank god I can stay light. He thought to himself, ash-haired Atash would float slightly off the ground, it was clear that worry was covering his face. "Now leave!" Normally the commands would irk them both but each of them only wanted to be safe at the moment. So heading the twins' command both would continue to run from the alley.

Hfff hff hfff huuuffff! It was exasperating to keep up such a pace. They wanted to escape, the possible pain, the Image of Sars being thrown back by the red-haired warrior. The collective "Haaghh!" and "Aggghuah!" that came forth from the twins. They especially wished to escape as they heard the strange rage-filled scream that was neither of them, it seemed pained "AAAAAAhhhAhhh!"

Casrare kept looking on ahead, he just wanted to get away from it with his friend. He was unaware, he ignored it all. He wouldn't see the image of the twins covered in blood exiting the alley, Atash had, Atash would make sure that the black-haired boy would keep his gaze fixed straight ahead. "I know where we can run to, follow me, I have a place where we can stay for the moment."

He sped ahead, Casrare just guessed he'd just have to follow the charging forth friend of his. It was something nice in this moment of oddness, they'd likely just roughed up the man. That heckler was strange, his power and speed seemed otherworldly. He just wanted to move past, there would be more work for them likely to do during the next meeting, they'd have to try preaching again. I guess there's not much fun to come huh?


Word count: 1,883/500

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