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New News! [Private/Plot]

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1New News! [Private/Plot] Empty New News! [Private/Plot] on 06/08/15, 02:25 am


Finally! It seems as though my work won't be going unheard of- ah damn. They don't know who did it. Well, guess it's better that way, for the time being. Gives me some time.

Zadi dropped out of his eavesdropping and continued his business around the Golden Palace, trying to find what little structural weaknesses it seemed to posses...if any. However, Zadi's limited view may also contribute to his current results as the palace was too well guarded to simply "take a look around" or even "get past the main gates". After all, the Golden Palace was and is home to the Pharaoh and his many subjects and advisers.

I gotta find a way inside...hmmm...nope. Impossible without a rather large "disturbance". It would need to be loud enough to be heard far from the palace to draw in any lingering guards and enforcements while also being big enough to take up about an hour or two. Not just an "in and out" job. Not only that, I can't use magic! Too many friggin' priests! Hmmm...I don't want use these coins if I don't have to...

Zadi left for his quarters for the time being. He'd been walking around the perimeter of what was considered the entirety of the Golden Palace for a few hours and didn't want to draw any unwanted attention. Sleeping on the plan is the best thing that Zadi could do for the time being.

A loud and very big distraction...



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