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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



Sasan is a small, mountainous nation within the northwestern territories of Reim. A secluded culture recently brought forth to the world they've been open up to new knowledge while shunning the people of the outside world. With their people rebounding from the crusades more and more knights leave the nation, prepping for more conquest and riches for their nation, for themselves.


A cool climate nation deep in the mountains. Existing as one large city-state surrounded by azure iron walls. Its borders containing the city, while mines lay deep within the surrounding mountains. With rocky terrain supporting little life except at the mountains' base where few forests and grasslands can be seeen. Their advancement in metallurgy surpassing that of any other nation.

With most of their technology limited to simple machine innovations from magic tools have provided some convenience in homes of more noble knight families. With their buildings, clothing, and names being familiar with Persian culture blended with German-Franconic. With their technology and fashions matching the world of the 10th century, with their armor being reminiscent of later period 16th & 17th Century crafting.

With this, the people of Sasan seem to be of fair to tan skin, with pink undertones. Their temperaments reserved, and their lifestyles strict the people of Sasan revere the Knight-King. Prayer being apart of daily life they enjoy time with shadow puppetry and training. With the Knight government and its' policies dictating the social norm of the nation. Despite this opinions of outsiders are gaining more discussion as more women train for knighthood despite its majority disapproval.


For most of its' history, Sasan kept its' borders closed. Allowing no one to leave, with tales of stray knights being converted into their culture. Over hundreds of years, only whispers would pass their walls. Fear of the world, of its sin, kept the inhabitants of the nation close to their borders, to their mines.

Yet, eventually, the Knight-King Xerxes saw that impurity was meant to be wiped from the world. It was their duty not to fear the world, but to save it. They were told they were the promised ones, the true descendants of their lord, of Solomon. With his name lost to most of them, they crusaded in blind faith. Upon their king's command, they crusaded.

Now over a year ago, after painful failure to conquer the world, to conquer a dungeon they've become aware of the other nation's prowess. With the proud King of Sasan arming himself and his men he prepared for a second march as darkness now looms over the nation.

The word of Solomon dictates the path of those there as all with the rukh's blessing can see that his will is absent.

Government and Citizenship


Sasan's government consists of only one governing body known as the knight council. Lead by the Knight-King Xerxes Uriens. It consists of 6 Major Knights who act as commanders of certain city districts with two minor knights serving as their Sheriffs. Minor Knights are picked by Major Knights, and one of the two knights takes their place. The latter, becomes a Paladin, serving as a castle guard and knight guard. Major Knight positions are also controlled and dictated by the King, with current Knights being based on their primary form of combat.

Major Knights:

  • Warrior Knight- Leon Uriens (General of the Castle Disctrict)

  • Ranger Knight- Cardinal Armin Gharagozlou (General of the Church District)

  • Assassin Knight- Marcus Ibnsam (General of Residential District)

  • Magician Knight- Aryan Gui (General of the Wall District)

  • Beast Knight- Charlemagne Shah (General of the Mountains)

  • Body Knight- Neda Zargar (General of the Mining District)

City Services

The Sasan Knights- Acting as the main military body and public workforce the knights of Sasan tackle plenty of tasks. From street patrol, cleaning, and local complaints they handle it all. Connecting to the Knight Council and lead under their rule they protect and maintain the peace in Sasan. All Sasanids are capable of enlisting at the age of 13.


Links the news page, we should also link events in here when going on. The reason for this is so new players upon reading about a country can see what may be affecting it.


In Sasan to become a citizen, there are only two paths, birth, and rebirth. One must take an identity under Sasan culture either being born into it or adopted into it. Outsiders are rare but in acts of purification or salvation sometimes people join.

Being a citizen in Sasan means dedicating your life to the cause of protecting and crusading for the nation. Finding a path to preserve the peace or power of the nation. For this Sasanids are given a special magic weapon at B-tier which upgrades at A-tier and gains another function upon reaching Omega. Sasan magic weapons have the benefit of weapon passive (A supplementary effect naturally from the weapons design or its magic function, cannot be magically in effect unless relying on functions or abilities.)  Upgrades must be earned, however, with a simple thread detailing work in aid of Sasan either a crusade or work in the actual city.

Omega Challenge

Challenge of the Relic: A special Dm'd thread in which the player will hunter for a magical A-tier tool for Sasan, earning Omega Tier Job XP along with their Omega rank. WIll include 3 challenges to test your character.

Challenge of the Knights In order to ascend to a higher rank you must prove your worth and take down two Major Knights in duel before the Knight-King of Sasan.

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