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Artebanos Hyrcania, the Wolf of Sasan

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Artebanos Hyrcania

Artebanos Hyrcania
Artebanos Hyrcania, the Wolf of Sasan MvkXn8C

Name: Artebanos ‘Art’ Hyrcania, titled Zahhak

Country Affiliation: Sasan

Race: Werebeast

Tier: D tier

Class: Ranger

Age + Birthdate: 29 years old/Born 17th February

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Befitting his title as a knight of the people, Art is - on the surface - the very definition of a gentleman. Being so well-versed in proper manners and common respect he often has been described as an ideal knight.

    Due to his rigorous upbringing, Art has become a true knight who respects the law and pays his dues. He will not let down those who are in need of help and will smite down those of evil. However, those who transgress the law and do not pay his dues will be cast aside and left alone even when in need of help. These laws not only refer to national laws but the teachings of his native country, which he does not believe per se, but sees as a necessity to keep their fragile society together.

    Art has always been a listener which along with his studies in body language has allowed him to understand people’s intentions and to figure out if they are lying or not. This has a practical meaning to it as the ability to understand others is one step towards being an effective leader.

    Art is fairly distanced from others and will grant only the base requirements of a gentleman to those who he meets, but will not converse with other people more than needed. He makes exceptions for those elites who are in higher political circles and demand greater respect or with his subordinates who are dependent on his leadership and communication.

    Just as one needs to sharpen their sword to keep it up, Art does this with his mind by analysing and studying various subjects in his spare time which has lead to a habit to assume much more than there is and often overthinks a situation which has a simple solution. It is a lack of focus on the most likely solution which is down to him considering everything at once.

    A completely different individual during battle, his eyes are cold towards his enemies and rarely does he flinch at the sight of brutality or blood. But the advantages allow him to react appropriately without the chaos of fighting clouding his judgement, rather the opposite; he thirsts for the bloodlust of battle. He loses his calm front of a gentleman and turns into a feral beast with no regard for others. One thing is clear that this state of mind can be rather frightening to see when comparing to his actions outside of battle, so much so that it is hard to tell which is his true persona.

Likes: Art truly values the time he has to himself, where he does not have to worry about the thoughts and unwarranted gazes of others, drinking fine wine, eating fresh fruit and red meat, solving mysteries and riddles, acquiring new knowledge and enforcing the law by dealing out justice as a knight.

Dislikes: Art hates those who undermine his duty as a knight in rooting out evil, and so he has a natural hatred of those who sow the seeds of discord, serving those without beliefs, eating sour foods, drinking strong spirits and waiting for nothing worthwhile.

Aspirations: As a knight, his primary goal is to enforce the laws of his native land and of the sovereign nation he journeys through, seeing the law as an integral foundation of society that he must uphold at any cost. For that sake, he will help those in need on his journey - that being to seek out defectors from his native land and have them pay their dues. His secondary goal is to seek out the truth of his country’s teachings and understand the fundamental rules which underlie the nations of the world and their own religions.

Phobias/fears: He has a form of Indikephobia, the natural fear of injustice, which is based on the idea that without a person such as himself, there will be no one to uphold the law. In such a way, he has a fear of being unable to deliver justice, that in some way he would be impeded from delivering aid - be it by his death or capture, or by forgetting himself and losing his reason for existing. He cannot break the rules which make up the law because he believes that they define who he is. For him, being a knight is a way for him to help others, and also to find himself - to realise his purpose.

Face-Claim: Galahad/Fate Series

Hair Color: Poplar-Leaf Silver

Eye Color: Chartreuse Green

Height: 178cm

Weight: 71kg

Appearance: Art has bright green eyes which complement his flowing locks which are the shade of a polished blade, left rough and kept long. His pale skin is much the same colour as with his silver hair and his shining white teeth which are concealed by a thin-lipped smile.

     As his battlegear, he wears a crisp black shirt underneath midnight-blue armour emblazoned with a silver image of their sacred cross while silver pauldrons sit upon his broad shoulders. Below, he wears a pair of black trousers lined with utility belts, along with fur-lined fingerless gloves. Out of this battlegear, he usually wears a leather jerkin-shirt and trousers lined with fur which tend to meld with his lupine transformations.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Features: Art possesses lupine aspects which manifest physically in sharpened nails and vertically-slitted eyes.

History: “A wolf hunts a dog at night. The air is cold
and dry. A dog hangs limp in a wolf’s jaws. The air is hot and wet.”

    My father, strict as he was, made me recite that poem every night. He said that I was the wolf and the dog those who went against me. He said that I was to be the fiercest wolf and would best even the largest dog. He said that I was the best child that he could have had and he would raise me to be a good wolf.

“A lone wolf guards his master’s gate, prowling ‘bout the night. To and fro, the lone wolf goes, guarding his master’s gate.”

    I read this poem when studying to become a knight and asked myself if I, the wolf, must I have a master. I replied to myself, the wolf, that I must find a master. My father said that I should make that king of knights my master.

“The wolf is strong but still does heel. The wolf is fierce but yet does obey.”

    I made this poem mine as I became a knight. My father said that he was proud of the best child he could have. Just as my father said I should , I became a knight and made the king of knights my master. Just as my father said I should, I went to serve my master.

“I am the wolf, the wolf is me. Claws of steel and teeth so sharp. I am the wolf, the wolf is me.”

    I made this poem mine when I became a knight.

Role-Play Sample: Refer to Zubaidah Mansur’s posts:

“The distant stars of the night sky shone as pearls of white sugar spilt over black marble. For the purple-haired woman riding her ebony mare amidst the shade of silvery polars, those distant stars were akin to a kindly guide, shining their stellar lamps onto her darkened path as Day’s light gave way to Night’s embrace. The aches of her arduous journey faded as Dusk draped its cloak upon her weary shoulder, her tired body falling onto her steed. She had travelled for a fortnight through cypress-filled towns and fields of reserved cyclamen, meeting old comrades and finding new companions, into hamlets covered in thorned bougainvillea and meadows of staunch amaranth. Those distant stars had been a sure friend when her surroundings had been in constant change, she found a single thing she could wholeheartedly trust in - that they would return with Dusk’s arrival to accompany her.”

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