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The Red Ogre's Teachings! [Training]

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The first break of dawn lit the side of the land in sunshine, and would awake the young guild leader from his slumber, Trently! A smile he had on his face and an undying will he had in his heart, he were to feel thrill and a great vigor overcome his body! Guaiwu said that he and Trently were to begin to train, and Trently wanted nothing else right now! The warrior sought to be as perfect and strong as can be, and to be that he needed to continuously evolve his mind and body! A twitter of birds outside greeting the demon horned young man, Trently could feel the energy for today rushing through him! He grinned wide, and would stretch every muscle in his body, splaying his arms out in front of him! The sun coming into view more, it shined bright! Joyful waves of energy coming from the sun's rays, Trently were to feel so great and full of life!

-A Day Before...-

Trently had been spending some time back at the first guild hall Trently had made with some of the guild. He was relaxing up on a cliff that looked upon the valley with his hands behind his head as he lied down and tried to rest and take a break for a while. The young man rarely ever was seen just lying down. It was healthy for him to chill out here and there and make sure not to overwork himself too much. The sky was clear and blue and under the shade of a nice oak tree, Trently would smile and think of nothing. He was living good. The tree leaves rustled over his head, the wind blew lightly, and it was a great scenery. Then, it all were to conclude abruptly.

A certain special guild member has returned, coming back to the guild hall from a job where he had fought off wild beasts from a village. He was a strong and reliable member, hence why Trently made him a guild general. The former leader of bandits, he was experienced in leading but was new to a mercenary career. Trently could not just relax and do nothing while Guaiwu was present, he had to train with him! Trently disliked lying down when such an opportunity to train with such a strong person was available. Guaiwu made a promise to Trently to train with him sometime and that time would be now, or well to tomorrow. The young man did not want to pester Guaiwu when he had just come back. He would however remind him about his promise to train together. Trently got up from where he lied down and put his hand over his eyes, staring at the guild hall from afar where he heard the return of Guaiwu. With just a  glimpse of the man, Trently would hop down from the cliff he stood and slid down the mountain side. A bounce in his step, Trently jumped as far as he could with his right leg with great power. He could not jump very far, barely four meters. Trently had to practice his body manipulation and further his power with training.


"I will defeat you, with nothing but my fist!"

Roared the young man, charging Guaiwu with his human fist. The boy had to drop every item and weapon he had when training with Guaiwu, his friend and body manipulator master. He were to have great trouble with keeping up with Guaiwu and his natural speed and strength. Trently relied so much on magic that he was almost nothing without it. His body itself had far more potential than what it currently was at in terms of power. Trently could do so much more, and Guaiwu would help him. The warrior had to improve his technique and power with his body manipulation abilities if he sought to become stronger. Trently could be far stronger with some good body manipulation training. Guaiwu would train Trently's speed first and have him learn how to close short distances very quick like every strong fanalis, then it was onto another natural fanalis ability. However, for now and the time being, Guaiwu would train the human to master the basic natural fanalis abilities first, starting with the notorious fanalis speed.

Sunrise to nightfall, the human and fanalis were to train. Trently tried time and time again to catch Guaiwu at least once but failed every time with his natural speed being far too slow. Trently had to pick up the pace and somehow manipulate the muscles in his leg to propel him forward much faster with more force. It was like trying to catch a lightning bolt. Guaiwu was quick, alert, and never not staying in place for too long. Trently ran and ran, putting the utmost effort and power into his step to try and catch and touch Guaiwu just once but it was no use. Trently only came out tired and exhausted by the end of the day. The red Ogre's student were to improve ever so slightly, being able to travel a meter or two farther than normal but it was tough and taxing on his body. It was time for him to get some rest, and continue again the next day with training. Guaiwu knew humans were not as naturally strong or fast as fanalis were but if anyone had potential to be as physically capable, it was Trently with his body manipulation abilities.

In the days that were to follow, Trently would keep training with Guaiwu for hours on end. Hard at work training with the fanalis, Trently were to get worse at pursuing and trying to catch Guaiwu. He was fatigued very easily on the second day, pushing his body's limits to no avail. Trently would not give up and quit though! A greater power and technique yet to be learned was dormant in him, he just had to work harder and smarter to unlock it! An undying spirit within him fueling his body, Trently continued to train and practice! However, he had to take a day to let his body recover and come back to training well rested! A day being taken to allow his body to relax, the third day would consist of a lot of sleeping and eating. Trently trained with such vigor and spirit that he tired his body out so much, perhaps almost too much. Guaiwu took this time to rest too, needing a break from constant dashing and dodging so much.

The fourth day is where training begun to get fun! His body rested and recovered, he could train again and this time around with far better abilities. Trently was starting to finally improve again and quicken and lengthen his speed and travel distance, being able to travel further than ever before. This was not good enough however. He would need to keep practicing manipulating his muscles in a variety of ways to achieve the end product he desires out this particular training. Trently were to begin trying out and manipulating the muscles in his right leg to become more spring like, giving his leg more bounce in his step. The ground below him where he stepped would be crushed a small bit by his power and muscle he puts behind his leg. His muscles begun to enlargen with each high effort and power step he made trying to catch the red ogre, Guaiwu. However, his form and ability yet was perfected enough to catch the quick and on guard fanalis. Trently would continue to train his muscle manipulation to allow him to close a large distance faster. It was far too taxing to do all of today however, and so Trently would give it a rest and called it a day. Tomorrow he could resume his training and better perfect his form and ability once well recovered.

The latter end of the day would consist of a lot of looking over the recent guild activities and and guild trade being managed across the region. It all seemed to be doing well, but it were to appear an issue had emerged in the small metal rich mountain region Trently begun mining with a team of hired villagers and some of the guild. People have begun to try and extort the village to work for them instead of Miracle, the multi purpose guild that Trently owns. The extortionists are trying to build a presence large enough to take over mining of Trently's small metal rich region he discovered. If Trently wants to continue business, he will need to drive these people out who are trying to extort his men for their own personal gain. The very next morning, Trently will have to go there instead of training. Trently must secure his holding on the mountain region or else he faces trouble with his trade deal he sealed with the nearby city. It is crucial he holds onto his resources and does not let some gang of extortionists drive him out of the business.


The Red Ogre's Teachings! [Training] 35360610


-After Miracle Side Quest I: Extortionists-

On this stormy night, clouds gathering over the valley, lightning were to strike and it were to thunder violently and mighty. Trently would be returning tonight and Guaiwu would be awaiting the young man within the guild hall. The older man was not up to too much since Trently left. He mostly just helped around the guild hall and trained on his own, though he did do one small job posting. Guaiwu would get back to training with Trently sometime whenever he arrives; he knew Trently was eager to train again. He was eager to train with the young leader yet again too. The red haired guild general knew that Trently had a lot of potential for body manipulation, and was confident in his disciple's abilities being realized. Trently only had a little more training and honing to do in order to perfect his instant step ability he has been working so hard on. Guaiwu would hope his blue haired friend had been training somewhat at least while he was out dealing with the report of extortionists somewhere in this area. The stormy gray clouds were to be raining viciously as Trently arrived back in town. He had came riding his flying carpet in the rain, huddled under a rain blanket. Trently would fly down toward the ground within the valley town, and make a landing at the entryway to the guild hall.

"I see you've returned, Trently!"

The muscle bound man would shout out, coming to greet his young friend who had returned back. Trently would walk into the guild hall as his friend would greet him, taking the rain blanket off himself and taking a seat at a table in the guild hall. The first words in which left Trently's mouth were of course training related, with what he said asking about when him and Guaiwu will train some more. Guaiwu, knowing how much his young disciple wants to train, he said "Anytime". This was great to hear for Trently and he was ecstatic to train again with Guaiwu. Now that Trently is back in the valley, he can train and advance in Guaiwu's body manipulation teachings. The very morning following his return, Trently would begin training again. For tonight however, he and Guaiwu were to rest, as the disciple and master had quite a long day ahead of them tomorrow.

The sun would rise, and a brand new day would dawn. Light peeking into his guild hall windows, Trently were to wake up. His eyes slowly opening, he sat up from where he lied and would stretch, yawning. Nature was calling out for him to go outside and so he were to get ready for training. It is unlikely Guaiwu was yet awake but he could be, Trently had to go see. Bringing nothing but his body to training this sunny morning, he would walk outside of his office room from the guild hall and come to see Guaiwu still asleep. Trently were to exit the guild hall as he decided that he may as well train and practice somewhat his footwork and instant step ability. He took to the valley plains just right by the town and would start training. Trently would manipulate the muscles in his right leg to be more spring like and larger, enabling him to push off from the ground faster and travel much farther than usual with a regular step. To his surprise, he basically had gotten it downpacked. Trently would practice for a couple hours, and he were to see that he had finally begun to do it the way he wanted. It took a little bit of honing for some few hours but he did it, and was now manipulating the muscles in his leg pretty much perfectly. However, it was just a tiresome ability that took a lot of his stamina, but that was okay. Guaiwu would have awoken from his sleep a while ago, coming to find Trently practicing and training alone. It had appeared Trently did not need his help with this one anymore now that he mastered the ability. The fanalis man would approach his disciple impressed and glad he mastered the first of the fanalis abilities. However, now it was onto the second ability for Guaiwu to teach the young man and for him to master.

-Denki No Ho Training Ends-

-Denki No Himei Training Begins-

Out loud with great power, Trently were to start screaming and yelling like a maniac upon orders of Guaiwu whom gave him instructions to begin trying to practice the fanalis roar, a key ability of the fanalis. Trently went deep into the forest to do this for as nobody heard him trying to scream as loud as he can, like some weirdo. For hours until nightfall were to arrive, Trently would scream over and over with no end's rest. He was trying to manipulate his vocals and the loudness of his voice to be able to scream loud enough to stun opponents momentarily. Trently put his all behind the altering of his vocal chords and volume but it seemed he would have little to no progress this first day and were to have to give it a break and try some more tomorrow. He would eat dinner and go to bed, sleeping like a baby in the night.

A new day would arrive, with a stormy sky and loads of rain. The morning thunder and rain would be a quite pleasant surprise for Trently, as he liked a nice and quaint stormy day once in awhile. He would awake in his office where he frequently slept, and get up to fetch breakfast. Trently were to eat his food quickly, and then stand up to get ready for body manipulation training. He were to go out to the depths of the mountains with Guaiwu and practice altering their vocal chords and upping the volume of their voice for the first few hours of the morning. It was a very exhausting training, and difficult to keep up for long, so Trently would take a break after five hours of pure training. He were to sit perched on a rock looking over the valley, taking in the beauty of the town and guild hall within the great valley. Trently's voice had begun to get somewhat raspy from training with it and constant screaming. If his voice were to continue to get worse with training, then he may have to limit training to every other day or perhaps once every two days. Trently did not want to kill his voice, but if he could learn how to make his voice more durable so that it does not get strained so easily, then he won't have to worry about his voice getting killed from all the intense training. Trently would have to try and give his voice a rest for a little while. For three hours, Trently were to just relax in the depths of the forest and not use his voice. Once his break had to an end, he would notice his voice would feel a little better but not quite. Trently came to the conclusion that he may just have to train his voice not as hard and go easier on it. He were to experiment with a smaller base volume and trying to get that volume to a louder one with body manipulation.

Trently were to train for some more hours until night fell but with small breaks here and there to give his voice somewhat of a rest. He were to leave the second day of training with a bit of progress but very little. The young man was improving and getting closer to his intended ability, but he had some more work to do. The night's dark shadows descending upon Kou, Trently were to go back to his guild hall with Guaiwu to get some well deserved sleep. They ate some dinner and prepared for night's rest. Before the guild leader went to sleep though, his general would come to tell him that if he sought to test himself and his body manipulation abilities, he should use them in a battle against some enemies. Trently were to take what his general said to him into consideration.

Come the morning, Trently were to sit up from where he lied and rub his eyes. The warrior stood up and would equip himself with his tools today, as he had decided to set out on a job to go and test his body manipulator abilities as his general had recommended. Trently would only take his tools with him in the case the job he goes on gets dangerous. The blue haired mercenary knew what job he wanted to go on. Walking over to his guild hall's job board, he would pick out a job fighting against a monster bear that has been attacking travelers along a mountain path several miles from here. Trently could use some battle practice using his body manipulation abilities. He would eat and get ready, and then depart for the mountain path with some meat to lure the monster bear in. It was said that the bear came from a deadly forest much farther in the mountains and ever since, has been attacking caravans and travelers for food. Trently would decide to just defeat the bear and drop him back into his natural habitat.

Trently were to travel to the mountain path listed in the job post and use the meat he brought with him to lure out the bear from the forest. He would not have much luck luring it out within the first hour but by the second, it were to have finally come out, having smelt the meat. Trently would see it come out from the forest foliage and begin to charge him. With a loud roar, Trently performed the ability he has been training for the past two days and startle the charging bear enough to stop in its path. Noticing it hesitate to charge any further, he would step forward and manipulate the muscles in his legs to boost him 10m far. Trently were to appear before the monster bear in a flash, striking it with his metal arm and making it fly back. The bear were to faint as it hit against a nearby tree, giving Trently some time to take it back from which it came. Trently were to heal it as it was unconcious and return it back to its home, where it will be reunited with other bears of its kind.

The sun coming down, night would begin to set in very slowly but surely. Trently would return to his guild hall where he were to see Guaiwu, and tell him of how well his ability did in the job but how it still is not perfect nor yet mastered. The red haired man would nod at what his disciple said, and smile. He would train some more with Trently this week to help him hone the ability. The ability was good, but Trently could feel it can be furthered with training. With night falling upon Kou, it was time to get some rest for the intense training coming for Trently starting at break of dawn. The young man's training was only getting started.

The morning begining, Trently would quickly get up and fetch some breakfast. He would eat fast, and run out to the mountains to meet his general in the for a new training regimine that would push him to his limits. The burly red maned man were to look Trently in his eyes upon his arrival, and begin to attack him. The young man had faced off a wild beast and done well, but can he best an even stronger wild beast!? Guaiwu were to push Trently onward with the utmost intensity, trying to help him improve his body manipulation. Trently would train like this for the following week nonstop, fighting the ogre sized man. Guaiwu would use his fanalis roar against Trently's and challenge him, trying to get his disciple to do his very best and surpass his limits. Trently were to get beat out a lot by his body manipulation teacher's strong roar but with time and great focus, he had begun to equal his master's roar halfway into the week. It would take him so much effort, but he were to get better. Trently's roar had started to become distinct from his master's though, and sounding more akin to an ear scratching screech of electricity. Trently could still roar like his master but his most effective sound was that of a screeching lightning sound. With more practice, his roar begun to improve and take a form of its own. The last day of his week of training were to end with his defeat of his proud body manipulatuon teacher, Guaiwu. With a loud and an ears scratching screech like no other, Trently stunned his master, literally and figuratively. The man stun for a second, Trently were to step with his right foot forward and burst through the air quick like an arrow. His metal arm cocked back, Trently would slap the shoulder of Guaiwu with great power and smile. He did it! He finally caught Guaiwu. Sweat ran down his face, dripping from his face to the stone ground beneath him. Trently was exhausted from the two abilities he used together, and would faint right after use. Guaiwu were to catch his disciple in awe, astonished at his work ethic and how far he had come.


The Red Ogre's Teachings! [Training] 35360610

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