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To the Magician's City[Travel| Kou > Magno]

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Tenju Ichidai

Tenju Ichidai
As the sun began to light up the sky while it still hid below the horizon, a modest caravan was turning its wheels as it set out for a journey. At the rear end was a young monk from foreign lands seated peacefully. Tenju had learned his lesson about travelling alone without proper supplies and so he decided to continue his journey west by joining this trade caravan. Being a magician had its perks and the noble looking nature of Tenju's monk robes actually garnered some respect from the caravan leader despite how travel worn and dirty they robes were. He was more than happy to give a magician a ride in exchange for protection.

The caravan was headed through the plains in order to obtain food that would keep for a long time such as pemmican or other dried goods. Considering food shortages within Kou, such things were almost more valuable than gold. Perhaps that was why much of the cargo were trinkets people had once valued as treasures and family heirlooms. Several border towns and villages had gathered up their shiny valuables and entrusted this caravan with finding enough goods to create a stockpile to prepare for winter. They had to act soon or else the tribes of the plains would already begin their own hoarding to survive the scarce months.

Once Tenju knew the purpose behind the caravan he felt even more resolved to act as its bodyguard despite the humble extent of his skills. But the monk was in no rush and followed the teachings of the abbot to remain patient and unrushed. Content that fate had brought him here Tenju shut his eyes and tried to get comfortable as the wagon bumped and shifted along a trail that led west out of Kou territory. After traversing a mountain path the road eventually came to an and as the landscape opened up into a vast ocean of grass. The green blades danced in waves as a cool breeze rushed towards the mountain range they had come from. It almost looked like the great plains were eagerly rushing forward to draw them in.

Tenju accompanied the Caravan for two months before they had to turn around and return with their traded food. From there, Tenju found an equestrian nomadic tribe who sold him a good horse that could carry him the rest of the way. Another month and Tenju could finally begin to see the massive magician's city in the distance as well as a small tower surrounded by earthen walls.

Travel WC 424/400


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