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A tough decision [Travel Magno - Helio]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
The boat ride had been very quiet and calm, just missing the seasonal storms that often made travel by sea uncomfortable and dangerous. Upon landing in the port in Heliohapt, Ari took a moment to simply take in all of the sights and culture in the area. The docks were a motley assortment of the different trading areas and Ari immediately remembered the one down-side to Heliohapt – slavery was still not only legal, but a thriving business that served as the backbone to the country. Rumor was that the newest Pharaoh, a son believed to have gone missing, had went through great strides to make it a less nasty profession to be involved in, but Ari was still not comfortable with the entire concept of slavery.

The rukh wasted no time in swirling and nudging at her, letting her know her journey was not yet complete, but the rukh would have to learn a tiny bit of patience. She had already figured out she would be raising a dungeon here, but certainly it could wait a day or so while she explored the land her grandmother had come from. And if not, well – too bad, she was going to do it any ways. She wanted to return to her father and brother as quickly as she could and this was already taking months out of their study of the information she had given them. But no matter, the information would be there when she got back, she was sure of it. Once she had regained her land legs, Ari rented a camel and began her slow trip across the sand, admiring the pyramids as her mount kept steady footing in the tiny grains that made up the landscape. It would certainly be interesting.



A tough decision [Travel Magno - Helio] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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