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The Crazed Warrior goes to the city of Wizards (solo/travel/training)

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So the 6 armed warrior was currently planning on making a trip to thw wizard country of Magnostadt. The reason was because of his trip to the dungeon. There He had discovered that his friend Noir was a magician and saw how much stronger her and the other magician he met in thw dungeon were. After seeing how much steonger they were he decided that a country full of magic users was probably the strongest country there was. So he was going to go explore the country and maybe even fight the whole country. While that sounds crazy to most people, to the crazed beserker known as Sesshomaru it sounded fun and exciting. To the warrior he believed that the best way to get stronger was through combat and it was going to be fun to fight a whole country of people. That and the family was planning on moving to the magic country anyways so it worked out well for him.

The group was going later so the trio of Sessho, Bayek, and Baba were going together ahead of the group. They were taking one of the wagons that the group of thieves had 'liberated' from a noble recently. They put supplies in the wagon and set everything up for the long journey. Bayek would drive the wagon while the large 9 ft man would have to sit in the back with Baba who was currently braiding the mane of the lion head. They would continue traveling for the next several months like this on a mainly uneventful trip.

Travel 260/400


While he was travelling the warrior would try out some moves that he have thought of and want to try out. Hopefully They would be welcomed additions to his limited Arsenal of techniques he has right now. Over the time he has spent in kou he had found a lot of ideas for techniques that he wanted to try again or use himself. The first technique he was wanting to learn and train was a blade catching move. During his attack against the guards at the gate of the Kou Palace he had tried to catch the blade of a spear that was being thrusted at him. Of course he had failed and got stabbed but he was really wanting to make ot into a practical move that he could use on a regular basis. After a couple of weeks of traveling he decided to start thinking about how to use the blade clap and than practice it.

He began thinking of what he did wrong when he first tried it. For one his timing was totally off which was my He missed the blade and he would have to tume it perfecrly or his hands could be cut off. Although even if his timing was perfect the was the way his hands were when he clapped would probably do more harm to him than good. Both things that could cause him to lose his hands or get stabbed. So now that he figured out probably all he needed to work on so all he needed to do was put it to practical use.

The next time they stopped for the night Sessho explained his plan and was wanting the two's help for it. Bayek chuckled at the thought if the idea and Baba just looked at the fire poking it with a large stick she found. Sessho smiles "thats it! We will use your stick Baba!" He says enthusiastically to the woman who looked pleased that she was doing something good.

Shortly after sessho was standing in front of his friends and comrades who were currently in a unique formation. Since sessho was now 9 FT tall it was difficult to do training for this the normal way so the long haired woman was sitting on top of the large helio man's shoulder geasping her long stick. Sessho was grinning eagerly which still showed that he was a kid warrior wise despite being in his early 20s now. He held his hands half way up ready to grab and stick and said "now Baba!". Baba shouts as she swing the stick down at the boys head smacking him on the middle head before he could even move his hands. He made a loud oomph as he got hit. Baba starts repeatedly hitting sessho in the head before Bayek told her to stop. "Only swing when we says Baba" the man says, the girl nods though the helio man doubted if she would follow what he was saying.

For the next several days the trio kept preaching each night while they had light still.  By the end of the week Sesshomaru's three heads were covered in bruises but he was getting better. Half way through the week he was catching half of the swings and thrusts from the duo. By the end of the week they switched to an actual sword and the warrior was ablr to successfully be able to catch them and stop them from hitting him in head which would have be terrible for the 3 headed man. However now He was able to boast that he could successfully catch blades now.

Ability WC 500+/500

Ability being trained:
center]Thundering, Dragon Fang Clap[/center]
Tier: c
Class: watrior
Type: defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: the weapon of the attacker must be within arms length for him to catch it, and it must be a weapon with a blade of any size on it.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down:2
Cost:20 stamina
Sesshomaru stands unarmed  while a attacker swings any bladed weapon at him. While the blade is coming at him he will clap his hands together on the blade stopping the weapon in its place. He will only be able to stop c tier or below bladed attacks. The attacks that he could catch would have to be 180° in front of him, he won't be able to catch any from behind, and the move only works on one blade leaving him open for a 2nd one while catching the first.


After the training of the new move he has thought of they picked up speed on thier travelling once again. They had only travelled for a month but they still had made a good distance. The travelling had been smooth simce they hadnt come across any troubles such as bandits or dangerous creatures such as hippos. It was still taking them awhile to get to the country of Magnostadt. He had heard that the city itself didnt allow access to non magicians so he was planning to force his way through which worked for him since he planned on fighting the whole country and their armies anyways. He really wondered who he would meet in the heat of the combat, he was really excited. The rest of the 6 months go by quickly as they arrive the surrounding areas of the city where the non magicians were free to roam. The trio cheers as the long trip had finally made it. The magic country didnt realize that the crazed Fighter Sessho had just arrived.

Travelling WC 400+/400

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