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Ever since the Primate Invasion, the world of Magi has been flooded with new diseases. So dubbed Socially-Transmitted-Diseases, it has spread to every corner of the world. No Human, Fanalis, Magician, Imuchakk, or other is safe. There is no immediate cure and all that is known about these mysterious diseases is that they spread through any contact.

There is a multitude of different diseases, but so far only a handful has been documented. Each is different and unique in its own right, with different effects and different “cool-downs”. So far no medicine or Life Magic has been found capable of removing it, so those affected live with an STD until it naturally disappears on its own. Due to its recent discovery, it is unsure if there are further ramifications due to contracting an STD. Questions such as the side-effects of having two, if those who caught it are carriers, and if there ever will be a disease has gone unanswered.

The STD system only operates on random days. Characters committing any form of social contact will be subject to a randomizer that will determine whether or not all parties get an STD. If they do, then another randomizer will choose the type of disease. They’ll naturally disappear over time, but the character must note the effects of the disease while they have it. Failure to do so could result in a hilarious consequence, so be forewarned.

There are multiple different diseases classified as an STD with different effects. As long as they’re active, they can be passed. Once caught, they can be spread to other pcs, NPCs, enemies, or beasts through any form of contact (hugging, breathing on them, holding hands, handling their stuff) due to it being a social disease. Be careful around those who have an STD or on STD-system days.
Primate Mutation SyndromeThis disease specifically targets the hormones of those afflicted. They will grow hair all over their body, become more aggressive, and get the urge to climb tall structures and eat bananas.This disease will naturally disappear at the end of the thread/event unless specifically wanted for plot-reasons.
Baboon Butt MutationCaused by the spread of lice, this disease will swell the butt to the point it looks similar to that of a baboon. While it’s not painful, it’s harder to move with the larger butt and special pants that let’s the butt breath must be worn.This disease will naturally disappear at the end of the thread/event unless specifically wanted for plot-reasons.
Gorilla ScabiesThis disease turns the face, hands, feet, and stomach wrinkly and physically changes the structure of their face. Those afflicted look similar to a gorilla.This disease will naturally disappear at the end of the thread/event unless specifically wanted for plot-reasons.
K.I.D.SAn extremely unique STD in which it causes those afflicted to go to the nearest mate and have a child (2 if both are PCs). The child(ren) is/are born after a month ic and is/are [an] actual primate(s).Due to the nature of this STD, those with it will always have the child (within the thread/event). They will get a special template gifting them their primate child. It grows with the character and always seems to find its way back to its parent.

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