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Profession System

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Profession System

The Profession System is intended to open up opportunities for people to have other venues for earning Huang and XP as well as offer character development in other areas. You may have up to two professions, a Primary profession that will be related to your specializations and a Secondary profession that can be related to anything your character enjoys. Some examples of Primary professions might include:

  • Strength – Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Farming
  • Dexterity – Trapping, Pottery/molding, Circus Entertainment/Dancing
  • Stealth - poison making, information gathering, private investigator
  • Body manipulation – Dance instructor, acrobat, performer
  • Intelligence – watering crops, growing fields, electroshock therapist
  • Dominance - beast training, animal deterrence, horse whisperer

Secondary professions might include:

  • Cooking
  • Tailoring
  • Babysitting

These lists are not comprehensive and you are welcome to come up with your own ideas. The professions will need to be approved by a staff member and will need to relate to at least one of your specializations for the Primary profession. You may make your own “jobs” around these professions, which will need to be approved by staff.

Some basic guidelines/rules:

  • Tier of profession will be based on the tier of respective spec (or character tier for secondary)
  • Quest chains may be given by NPCs or can be self-created.
  • Heavily RP based
  • Would be rewarded with XP for quests based on tier of job and will be paid by the NPC in exchange for “services.”
  • May only create Profession Assignments up to B-tier.
  • Must establish IC knowledge through either previous posts or through Profession Chains that will allow you to “level up” your profession to the appropriate tier.

If you use your profession to craft your own weapons, you may role-play out creating your weapon. You will still be granted XP, however the normal Huang reward would be instead deducted from the purchase price of the weapon, to pay for supplies and use of equipment (Forge/Smithy/etc).

Professions should be fairly specific. For Primary Professions, you may choose up to three possible social perks that would result from the profession. This profession must be chosen based on one of your Specializations, though it does not have to be your Primary Specialization.

Secondary Professions may have 2 social perks. This profession is not limited to any of your Specializations, and could be something that would normally fall under a different Specialization.

Possible perks could include an actor having a stronger speaking voice, thus being able to be heard in large crowds or a weapon-smith being able to identify the quality of a weapon at a quick glance.

Professions are something your character is doing to make currency. As such, you must establish IC that your character has knowledge of the profession. If no prior evidence is given to support this profession, the player must have a series of Profession Assignments that shows them learning the profession to a certain degree of proficiency. If you have never been in a forge but wish to be a blacksmith, you would not immediately be able to begin producing weapons at B-tier proficiency, thus your character would need to learn to craft a weapon and then work up to learning to make stronger/better items before being able to “sell” these items or services to PCs or NPCs.

As this is a new system and still in the testing phases, each case will be judged on a case-by-case basis until we have a more standardized format for professions.


As part of the profession system, crafting professions are now available that will allow players to create items for others based on their profession. These professions may include:

-Blacksmithing/weapon crafting
-Magic tool creation

Much like the other professions, these crafting professions may not extend beyond B-tier and all normal profession rules will apply. In addition to the normal rules, there are guidelines for anything that involves selling to other players.

  • Selling to players MUST be included as one of the perks.
  • If crafting an item for another player, you must have IC interaction to show the order being placed, as well as the other player accepting the work done and making their payment.
  • A player may carry only 3 player-crafted items, except weapons which take up a weapon slot for the relevant specialization.
  • To achieve each tier of crafting, you must perform a job chain/test to show proficiency in your craft.
  • Minimum prices will be set for selling to other players.
  • You may not craft an item higher than your own tier.

The pricing requirements for selling to players will be based on if it is a single use item (poisons, potions, etc) or permanent items (weapons, tools, etc). These prices are not optional; it must be paid. If the maker still doesn't want to charge for it, they may pay the price themselves.

For single use items, the minimum price requirements are:

  • D-tier: 3,000 Huang
  • C-tier: 10,000 Huang
  • B-tier: 15,000 Huang

For permanent items, the minimum price requirements are:

  • D-tier: 7,000 Huang
  • C-tier: 15,000 Huang
  • B-tier: 40,000 Huang

Reduction Perks

In addition to crafting perks, a player can now choose between a few new perks:

  • Reduction in Job Word Count - Two jobs once a month(activity check) may receive a 25% word count reduction.
  • Reduction in Ability Training Word Count - For one of your specializations, ability training word count is reduced by 25%.
  • Reduction in Weapon Huang Cost - For one of your specializations weapons that take up a weapon slot, the huang cost is reduced by 25%.

Only one reduction perk per profession. These perks do not stack with other items that give reduction bonuses.

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All profession related threads, including approved Job Assignments and Profession threads will be posted here.

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