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Run to the Sea: Travel Magnostadt to Balbadd

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I decide to take my horse and carriage to the border of Magnostadt and Balbadd. I walked to the edge of town. As the clouds roll in, I make my way across the plains I wasn’t that far from home yet but I still had so long to go. I paid my thoughts no attention and I kept pushing forward, trying to keep moving. As I try to study some more spells, my mind keeps running through that story that she told me. She seemed dismissive about it, but there must be some grain of truth to it right? My entire family has pretty good grasp of magic and are largely classified as competent magicians. But she isn’t that powerful not compared to my brothers or my sister. That’s why we got along so well, we’re the least magically gifted in the family. Though, mind you, we would probably be above average in any other family especially considering the training we’ve had. In about two weeks, I’m back where I started, the roads that lead to so many places, going south would take me to Balbadd, going east would take me back to Kou and going west would take me to Riem again…I look around as the sun begins to set and I begin to set up camp. I could go anywhere flee and not have to deal with any of these problems again. I know that my family would miss me but I’ve been gone for two weeks already. I still have such a long way to go and she might not be there anymore when I get there. All of this for a story, it seems so stupid that people would go through all that trouble for just a story. But what if it was real? What if she had all this potential sleeping inside of her and that’s why my dad was protecting her… that’s ridiculous! I shake my head as I begin to settle in for sleep putting such silly thoughts out of my head. It would be good if I could just find my sister and then that would be the end of it. Then I can go home and put this whole thing behind me. I can work on my magic and begin to finish my dad’s research. With my sisters in tow, we are the best poised to finish Dad’s research on celestial magic. I focus on that before I fall asleep. It’s the one thing that I think about as I slowly get out of the more temperate plains and hit the humid grasslands. Going further south, I get hit with a wave of salt air and bright warm sun. it was rather refreshing. Finally being in a new place. But it wasn’t a vacation it was time to find Rebecca.

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