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The Miracle Crusades Set Out To Balbadd! [Kou to Balbadd Travel]

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The sky was blue and clear, and winds were blowing only very lightly. It was a perfect morning. The sunlight shined bright all across Kou as Trently were to awake from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes and smiled as a new day was ahead of him to be had! Trently sat up from where he lied down and would get prepared for him and Miracle's great departure. He had come a long way and this was really only the very beginning! If you have thought you have seen great then you have another thing coming for you! Trently would drink some water after getting his belongings together and then head outside and begin to organize his military for the travel to the seafarer nation that is Balbadd. He was estatic to set out once again into the grand world of magic!

Trently were to wear his kimono top hanging from his waist to stay cool in the heat, and walk down the guild hall stairs to see how his men in arms were doing. He had bulked up a lot in terms of muscle in the past months and came to gain a stronger and more durable body cause of it. The young warrior were to greet his guildsmen, and go on to begin to organize his military for departure. His men looked to be in good shape but were just very inexperienced, but that was okay. Trently were to see it that his men learn something while on this first military expedition of theirs. Miracle as a trading company would be taken up by the fiance of Guaiwu for the time being. Trently had great trust in his general's spouse as she often looked over the guild hall when nobody else could or were busy. So with everything ready for departure, Trently and his first ever army would venture forth!

"Let us go, men! We journey to Balbadd!"

And then, Trently and his mercenary military were off! A vigorous and long journey him and his men would have to endure but quite a bonding and strengthening one! Trently and his general would journey with the five hundred man army through the great plains, setting up camps with warm fires in the cold nights. As to travel the lands easier and more effeciently, Trently would use his magic flying carpet and often scout out paths for the army to take for the quickest traveling time. This technique would make Trently and his fellow men in arms' journey far less strenuous and time consuming. After a little more than two months of travel through the great plains, Trently and his men were to come to arrive in Balbadd.

"We are here, men! The Miracle Crusades arrive in Balbadd!"


The Miracle Crusades Set Out To Balbadd! [Kou to Balbadd Travel] BQdy5Kr

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