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Zadi's Travels: Balbadd to Magnostadt [Travel;Closed]

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Zadi has had his fun here, so he thought it would be best to get back with Yaku at the Magnostadt Academy, the last place they met. Maybe just one more mission would do the trick, but who knows? Maybe they really have become best of friends after such a short time together? Well, to Zadi, Yaku was his second friend, second to the strange old man that helped Zadi realize his potential. Anyway, Zadi wanted to head back to Magnostadt. Zadi didn’t need to schedule anything with the old captain due to his reputation for, well, pretty much every open job position that had been closed after Zadi did what he did, hahaha! It wasn’t that Zadi messed up on any of the jobs, but he did them well enough to the point that there didn’t need to be any work done. So then, Zadi got onto the boat, free of charge, and just had to wait it all out…which would take a couple of days in regular weather. Luckily, Zadi was one of a handful that needed to or just wanted to go to Mangostadt. Well, maybe not directly Magnostadt since there was a caravan that picked up Mangostadt people, but rather that some people wanted to stay close to feel protected. That did not make any sense just now. Sorry about that reader.

After a couple more people were added to the handful of other passengers that wanted to head for an ambiguous region that was centered on Mangostadt, the ship sailed off in to the sunset! Well, it was dawn, so more like…sailing into the sunrise? Yeah, that sounds just as lame as I had imagined it. Zadi decided to go to sleep for the rest of the journey to Mangostadt. He didn’t want to feel the swaying of the waves, so he went underneath the poop-deck, as they call it these days, and centered himself in the storage facility where the effects of the waves weren’t as terrible, but terrible all the same. It was a long trip though, so the swaying was slowly felt, more and more, louder and louder! Not that anything changed about the waves, but rather that Zadi couldn’t fall asleep like he usually could and so he felt things with a greater sensitively. However, Zadi eventually made it land and got picked up by the specified caravan, paying this time due to Zadi’s reputation only spreading out to the docks of Balbadd.


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