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Zadi's Travels: Magnostadt to Balbadd [Travel;Closed]

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Well, it was time to go back home and take normal missions again…the boring ones. Not like Zadi was super excited or anything, so calm down and wait until he actually takes the missions to start complaining, alright reader? Well, either which way, you can’t communicate with Zadi, hahaha! Unless you have a character of your own and wish to voice your opinion on why Zadi should stay in Magnostadt to take missions. All the same, again, Zadi needs to get more Huang in order to get more things. He will have to find a completely new living area for the time being, but that was no trouble. He wasn’t gone for too long, so he could probably hijack his parents’ old house…that they died in…anyway, Zadi was going to go by boat, but the cheaper way, like last time with Yaku…but without Yaku to pay for, ha! Zadi just needed to find the docks of Magnostadt and he was free to go back home, with payment, and temporarily live in Balbadd before things got too boring for Zadi in either of the two grand…but inevitably dull countries. Eventually, Zadi found a whole ship that was taking several people to Balbadd for some odd reason, and Zadi decided to take this easy chance.

Zadi got onto the ship with several other passengers on it that wished to go to Balbadd, too. It was strange that so many wanted to go, but Zadi didn’t care about how strange it was…unless the ship would suddenly be hijacked by all the passengers or even get plundered and abandoned by the crew OF the ship. Yeah, there was too much that could possibly happen, so Zadi left things the way they were until he needed to do otherwise. The ship had its maximum capacity of something like fifty extra people aside from the crew, in turn sailing off towards Balbadd. It would take a couple of days, but Zadi could just sleep it off real quick. Zadi, as stated, just now went to sleep in order to sleep off this boring and long trip to his home country, Balbadd, along with a few other people out of the several fifty or so. They all slept soundly as everybody shuffled around, trying NOT to interact with anybody cause as soon as they all docked, they probably wouldn’t see each other again anyway. The ship arrived and Zaid woke up just in time. He got off and went straight to the mission board to get things going~


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