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Love[D-tier Beast]

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1Love[D-tier Beast] Empty Love[D-tier Beast] on 26/11/16, 06:51 pm


I don't have beast tamer yet, but I want to get my idea for my first beast approved before I go doing my training for the class.

Love[D-tier Beast] EnAq7Y1
Name: Love
Tier: D
Type: Parasite
Species: Slave Worm {Master Mutation}
Appearance: A tiny creature measureing a mere 5mm in length, the Slave Worm is a blue parasitic worm which finds the host's brain stem and attatches itself with crude hooks that are directly linked to its own nervous system.
Drawback: The creature thrives on cortisol, the stress hormone. As a result, it causes its host to seek out self injury of at least D-tier damage at least once every thread.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Nervous Link
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Parasite Type Beast
Trait Description: The Slave Worm creates a link between its own nervous system and the host. This allows the worm to control the host, shutting down cognition in the brain temporarily. It also allows the host to give commands to other slave worms through their own parasite if it is a Master Mutation variation.
Trait Effect: For three posts per thread, the worm can take over the user's body. In this state, illusions that affect the host's brain are no longer effective and their sense of smell and hearing become powerful enough to navigate their surroundings without sight. When the worm is in control, the host also becomes violent and unable to distinguish friend from foe. They are able to ignore all pain in favor of lashing out at nearby prey, but are unable to use any advanced tactics or thought out plans.

Trait Name: Nervous Hivemind
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Parasite Type Beast | Nervous Link
Trait Description: The Nervous Link of the Master Mutation variation of a slave worm allows the user to give commands to the worm. These commands can then be transferred to creatures that have received the Slave Worm's brood.
Trait Effect: This allows the host to control other Slave Worm infected victims like puppets by forcing their Nervous Link to activate, only the Master Mutation worm's host is in control instead of the worm. This control only lasts for 1 post per thread. Victims have no memory of being controlled.

Trait Name: Brood Propagation
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Parasite Type Beast | User must inform the target IC that they've been infected.
Trait Description: The Slave Worm regularly produces eggs which are marked with the host's unique DNA. The eggs are spread throughout the bloodstream and can be found in the host's saliva or bodily waste as well. When the eggs detect that they have entered a foreign body without familiar DNA they hatch and begin racing toward the new host's brainstem. The worm that arrives first then commands the host's immune system to attack all other surviving worms until it is the only one remaining.
Trait Effect: If Zafar's blood, saliva, or bodily waste enters the body of another person or creature, they become infected with Slave Worms. There are no symptoms during the thread they were infected in. In their next thread, the victim suffers from a high fever. During this time they can remove the parasites by using any poison purging abilities that involve purging blood. Alternatively, the worms can be killed by lowering one's body temperature to just a step away from hypothermia. After 10 posts or at the start of the victim's next thread(whichever comes first) the slave worms hatch and one makes the victim into it's new host.

Victim hosts suffer from the slave worm Drawback and also can be affected by the Nervous Hivemind of a Master Mutation slave worm host.

Receiving a great deal of pain while infected(5 A-tier attacks) the slave worm will mutate into a Master Mutation variation. Once this happens, the host is immune to Nervous Hivemind and can kill their slave worm parasite at any time with a mere thought.


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2Love[D-tier Beast] Empty Re: Love[D-tier Beast] on 26/11/16, 11:25 pm

Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus
I'll go ahead and approve this since it's fine. :)

Priced at 10k. Bump when you're ready to purchase. <3


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((My huang has been deducted))


Thank you all, for everything.

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